thy listening dark

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....why should we fear graveyards at night???!

Submitted: February 18, 2017

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Submitted: February 18, 2017



Thy Listening Dark


"Never venture there by night!"

And who are you to speak this?

Is it solely lack of light

That should evoke such weakness?


Are they not thy same trees

That whisper there in the breeze

Thy same broken track?

Only now painted black


Thy climbing spire with cresting cross

Though light is scarce, does not bare loss

For still he stands like every tomb

Except watched not by Sun, but Moon


Is not thy grass and earth that lay

Thy same as what it was by day?

What if I should like to roam

Thy grounds so many now call 'Home'?


Thy stars that shroud your 'perilous' night

Can not be dreamt upon by light

And so, thy listening Dark, I seek

Narrow minds are for the weak


Safest place in all the world!

Father Time's sure hand, unfurled

So, though not dawn, but dusk instead

Are not however


~  Thy Dead, still dead?



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