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I had never really felt the passion of real love until I met Monique. Even now as I ponder our short and passionate interlude together in that summer of 1987 I cannot yet fathom the depth of that meeting.

It is beyond my comprehension of how or why the powers brought us into the same sphere. It was not just mere happenstance, and for me she will remain in my every waking moment, a symbol of a truly beautiful and adoring relationship.

As I write these words a great sense of longing comes over me and I cannot stem the tears as they flow from eyes. I am unable to break away from the pain I feel. There is a torture from within which has remained with me.

Monique became a part of my soul, my heart and my body. I miss her with my every breath.

 Our affair lasted but a brief few days, but the memory will sustain me for a lifetime. I can recount every moment from the very second that I laid my eyes upon her, the feeling of suffocation as I beheld her beauty. I can visualise every movement of her body. I awaken with the thought of her love and I fall asleep clutching my pillow with my last thoughts of her before slumber.

That I, who was long past my prime and for whom love affairs were never sought, it was beyond my wildest imagination. Monique was different than any person I had come in contact with in my lifetime. She was the essence of sexuality and, of feminism. She possessed a sense of humour that even comics don't have. Her timing was absolutely perfect. She could carry me from joy to the sublime. She was a celestial human being that unless we are very lucky, we meet maybe only once in our lives. My chance meeting with her changed my existence and my persona forever. I could have searched all of mydays and never have met this beautiful, charming woman if it had not been because of a rather stupid management error.





My name is Barry Wilson, and at the time I met Monique I was 46 years old and twice divorced. I worked for the CBC Radio in their technical department in Ottawa. I was a trouble-shooter. The companysent me out to inspect and report on corporation owned equipment located in the various radio stations across Canada. If an electronic breakdown occurred I was sent out to fix it or make temporary repairs.  Often I had to make quick trips across the country.

It wasn't very interesting because the repairs were so repetitive. I could fix almost all of the ageing equipment generally in my sleep. Most of the radio sending equipment was useless and had not been updated for years, but usually my boss Geoff Plante never listened to anything I would say and just said "doit mon amis" a sort of half English and French bastardised way of saying stop whining.


The summer of '87 was really a corker in Ottawa, sweaty warm even in air conditioning. I usually went on vacation in July and took two weeks at some God forsaken remote location in the British Columbia interior near Williams Lake. It was great for fishing, golfing and trekking. I didn’t do any of those things, I just got a cabin without a phone and bought 5 cases of beer and every kind of snack food on the planet and vegetated for two weeks watching movies on a video player I bought for 10.00 at a flea market. I only surfaced when I ran out of hot dogs and buns. Most of the time I just fell into a kind of stupor after 8-10 beers. Life was like that for people like me, I had little ambition and I absolutely didn’t care a hoot for anyone other than myself. Men are selfish, I have been told, but I owed nothing to anyone.

I called the craggy woman who owned the cabins in Williams Lake a week before my vacation began preparing by calling Air Canada for a return trip to Vancouver and ordered a rental car. I passed Geoff seventeen times in the corridor on my way to doing nothing and he said what he always said, "Vacanse Vacance everysummabitch wants a Vacanse" Geoff was not a workaholic , he was a alcoholic who hated work.

On my last day in the office I spoke to some co workers about my vacation and sat at my desk staring out the window when suddenly my phone rang. Now in most offices this would not be too serious but my phone never rang. I was convinced it was Geoff and by experience I did not answer. While it was still ringing, Geoff burst into the room, and said "You gotta change your vacanse, I sent Mike to Winnypeg and he was supposed to go to Germany and now dey is raising the shit"

"Hey calm down Geoff he can fly out of Winnipeg to Calgary and there is a direct flight to Frankfurt"

"Non, non he is doin Winnypeg job for a month"

You mean that crappy little Forces radio station in Lahr needs immediate repairs".

"Dey is off the hair don you hunderstand" he said.

Translation- they can't broadcast because their 1950's equipment is all fucked up.

'Look Geoff I am booked to go to BC and I have so much overtime and vacation time doing these backups for you it will never be made up and I am walking out that door and heading to the airport right now"

He then did what he always did when he needed a favour, he shrivelled up his face in a pained look like you do when you have gas and started  doing what any employer would do when faced with a major problem. He began to smile … and beg


"Barry I gives you extra time in Europe and not against your vacance" Howse that hokay we go…. Yes"

I knew I was beat, it was impossible to discuss anything with him and I just gave up again with my usual resigned frustration.

"Look Geoff, I need a car and a decent room and a meal card at the officer's mess, I'm not living in the barrack block again and depending on the military to pick me up when I need to do some work and eating in the men's mess with a bunch of 18 year old kids"



His face was now totally contorted and he opened his mouth as if to say no, and said "obi"

He started walking to the door and before his hand gripped the handle I ran over in front of him.

He was startled for a minute and looked up as if he felt I was going to hit him.

"I'm not finished Geoff I want 2 weeks over in Europe after I complete the job and to be on full expenses".


"You are blackballing me" he said, as he pushed by to the door.

"It’s not blackballing”

"Den what is it, if it’s not blackballing?" he said as he pushed into the hallway

And so with the entire office force making their way to lunch down the corridor I shouted after him "It's called blackmail" and I screamed with laughter.



Travelling to Europe on military business in 1987 meant you had to fly on a military aircraft when a seat was available. Since fixing the radio equipment was a high priority, within 24 hours my flight was arranged and I was advised to be at the Uplands airport the following night for the overnight flight on an airforce 707 to Canadian Forces Base Lahr West Germany.

I packed lightly as I always did and wore a rumpled summer suit which was necessary on a military flight. Within 20 minutes of taking off from Ottawa I was asleep.

Arrival was at 10:00 am and as usual I was ushered quickly to the arrivals VIP lounge and met by Angie Larounde. I could hardly believe how she had begun to live up to her name; she had gone from a size regular to a full figure in six months.  She was very chirpy and mentioned her new love a German Luftwaffe pilot who was doing a stint with the Canadians on F18's. We walked out of the terminal and over to her car which was a 10 year old BMW.

Angie put my bag in the car and we headed off to my quarters. It was only then that I asked her about a car and my room.

“I’m detailed to drive this time wherever you are needed" she said in her French-English dialect. "That is what the message said."

"Okay Angie when is the next flight out of here" I said turning around and looking back at the terminal

"Wednesday, why?" she said glancing at me with a fearful look on her face.

"Because I was promised a car and a room at the Europahoff Lodge and a dining card at the officer's mess, that was the deal, and that is what I want or I am out of here and you guys can fix the equipment yourselves".

There was a kind of momentary silence as she weighed her options and then as usual a big smile came over her face.

"You can borrow my car every day" she said

"Angie, I am working on my annual vacation and I am taking my vacation here in Europe and frankly I want full use of a car and all the other stuff as well I want an advance on my daily allowance.  You are station manager and you can do it all in a few moments with the finance people"

As she mulled this over I turned down the window and turned to glance out to the Base Exchange store and noticed a very glamorous and well proportioned woman walking with several bags in her hands she was, even at the distance, gorgeous and extremely well dressed and groomed. I followed her movements until she disappeared.

Angie was still thinking about my declaration, and finally as we neared the Europahoff Lodge she turned off and headed over to what I had become to know as the Headquarters building. Vince Lombardi the famous football coach said once 'Winning is not everything -- but making an effort to win is'. So I eventually won completely and was loaded down with several hundred German Marks as well.






I picked up the car at the auto dealership in Lahr that afternoon and lazed around in my single room at the Europahoff Lodge until dinner. I had been given a special parking spot near the Lodge, but decided to walk to the officer's mess for dinner, I was truly starved. We had spent the entire lunch hour doing what Angie should have done before I arrived. Everyone was very co-operative. The pay officer was an old friend and he just said yes to every one of my requests and even got me a driver to take me out to the auto dealership for a Ford Taurus.

When we finished we met the Base Administration officer on the stairs outside the headquarters building. He came over and spoke in French to Angie, and I was introduced.

"Good to see you, are you being looked after" he said as he turned to walk away and then with the rejoinder" The Base Commander is on the war path Angie we need the station on the air quickly" he emphasised this with a wave of his hand like he was some kind of wizard.


I walked over to dinner and as I neared the mess which was a fair walk from my room I again noticed the same lovely woman I had seen earlier walking quite quickly in front of me. I became spellbound by the sway of her hips, she had a lovely backside and she seemed to walk with the flair of a model, her hips were back and her body very tall, quite sensual as she made her way along the walkway. I wasn’t the only one watching her as she darted towards the entrance to the mess. Almost every eye heading for the mess was on her behind.

It was quite amazing, and as I reached the door realized that I was aroused. I headed immediately to the washroom to help return to my natural state. Finally I made my way to the dining room. I placed my order from the menu and produced my card and saw a few people that I recognized, who waved to me and as I began to turn and  work on my salad  when the woman I had seen outside the mess sat down right across from me. I nodded to her but she seemed rather angry, about something. I continued eating daring only some veiled glances at her. The waitress came and the woman across from me finally spoke, her English was impeccable but was with a cultured French accent, one which I associated with Montreal private schooling. Her voice had a kind of lilt which was very soothing as she ordered her dinner.

When the waitress moved away she glanced at me and without a change in her demeanour she addressed me "You were looking at my ass when you were outside"

She scowled at me 

"Yes I was” I admitted

I then interjected another statement before she could speak "and so was everyone else who were coming in here".


More silence

I carried on eating my salad and eventually the main course arrived and I dug in, being careful to look at the food and around the room.

Suddenly she spoke again and with a smile said "The veal is very good here, the cooks are German, and I like the variety they have at the mess"

I agreed saying I had been at the mess several times.

She lapsed into a silence picking away at her food.

I now had an opportunity to look at her features. She was absolutely captivating in every way. Her skin was like porcelain, without one blemish. She wore just the right mixture of lipstick and cosmetics on her face to outline her beauty. Her hair which was streaked was I thought both reddish and brown. It lay slightly across her forehead and shone in the dim light of the mess. I noticed she wore tiny earrings which glistened in the darkened atmosphere. Her teeth sparkled and were no doubt was capped. Her sweater was as I found out later a Paris fashion creation.

She seemed considerably brightened and a bit more relaxed.

"What is your rank" she said, looking directly at me and with a very wide smile.

'Oh ah... I stammered, "I work for Radio Canada you know the CBC and I am a technician"

"But" she rejoined “there is no radio it is off the air “her voice level raising slightly.

"Well that’s why I am here to repair the link" I said trying to retain my matter-of-fact tone and glancing at her hands.

She wasn't wearing a wedding ring, or any ring for that matter on either hand, but her hands were soft and clearly massaged daily with skin crèmes and regularly manicured .She had placed one of her hands on the table top , as she reached for the sugar substitute to pour into her coffee cup. I did notice she had eaten quite meagrely I decided to venture on with our dinner chat. "May I ask what you are doing in Lahr?"

She did not reply immediately as she had elegantly removed the cup from the saucer and taken a very tiny sip of coffee, and then extracting the napkin she had daintily touched her moistened lips. It was perhaps just a brief shift on her part of a hand to her lips but I felt shivers run down my back, the gesture brought forth another reaction from me. I couldn’t avoid it she was indeed absolutely feminine in every movement of her body.

"My husband" she began "he is in Cyprus, and I am here to meet him before returning to Canada. But he is delayed for at least two more weeks, and I am left without a car, I don't know anyone and I spend my days shopping, walking and just farting around"

I laughed at her last remark, and she seemed surprised.

"You find this funny" she said

"No no I found your expression about farting around quite humorous" I said smiling and showing my palm in the stop sign fashion.

"Oh did I say something wrong" she said screwing up her face

Well, it’s probably not a common expression we hear from women, but its sure does describe an uninteresting existence.

'Well anyway" she went on "my husband is a Colonel and he has a lot of responsibility. As a result I am often left on my own."

I had quickly glanced at my watch and I noticed that she was preoccupied in describing her dilemma. I listened without really hearing because my mind was going a mile a minute.

"And then I walked all the way to the BX in Lahr and back and stopped at the Red Shield for coffee" she continued

I had to go and I was anxious to get on with the work so I could finish quickly and head out on a vacation. But I was more than mildly interested in this woman.


Suddenly she arose and began walking from the table. I was however determined to find out more about her. I also push the chair and inadvertently knocked it over with a clatter. She chuckled at this and as we walked out of the mess, she glanced over at the bar which adjourned the dining room.

"I am not permitted in there" she said with disdain.

"Well, I am and I have to go to work but I will be back at about 10:00 if you would not be offended we could meet for a drink" I said as I opened the front entrance for her.

She glanced back at me with a rather curious and questionable glance and shrugging her shoulders she said

"Why would I be offended, it’s only a drink and yes I will meet you at 10:00" she said with a broad smile.

I mumbled my thanks and made my way back to the Lodge

She had walked slowly but arrived a few minutes after and she saw I was just starting the rental car and I waved as I drive off through the main gate.




I made my way to the radio station knowing that the problem was probably with the relay which was about 3 KS outside of town. But sometimes I found I could repair the outage by a simple act of checking the cables.

The staff was as usual happy and delighted to see me. Most were volunteers, and so the idea of missing a moment off the air was to them a catastrophe.

I went the storage closet and got my on site tool box and began to make a random check of the electronics. There was no doubt it was a some kind of power outage. But experience had proven that it was something really minor and that I could find the source fairly quickly. In this case it took less than 10 minutes. I won't go into technical details but it was improper connection. A was suppose to go to B and instead it went to C and the transmitter was toast. Tubes were melted and the entire 1950’s electronics were useless.

The station had two spare transmitters for just this possibility. I questioned a few staffers and they remarked the spare equipment had been tried and it didn’t work. I knew immediately why the spares wouldn’t work, to generate radio sounds with pre digital equipment you needed to allow the old type tubes and condensers at least two hours for warmup. Several of the tubes needed replacement and other parts were also needed to get the equipment up and running.

I ditched the original panels, hooked up the spares and waited.

Now I'm relating all this because I want to describe what a devious character I really can be. It would take an hour to fix the problem with the right replacements and word would get back to Geoff in a flash. But if I said that the job is going to take 3-4 days, not one of the staffers or volunteers would bat an eyelash. So I told them a great pile of nonsense and shut down without allowing a broadcast saying numerous parts had to be replaced and that I would have to drive into Baden-Baden to search for them the next day.




I raced back to my room at the Lodge glancing at my watch as it had just hit 9:30. I quickly showered and changed and decided to drive over to the officer's mess arriving shortly before ten... I had dressed casually but I had also taken care to put on my best duds. I made a mental note to pick up some new clothes the next day in Baden.

I quickly sat at table in the corner of a poorly lit part of the bar which was almost deserted by 10:00 pm. I decided to wait before ordering a drink and the bar tender continued his discussion with a German flying officer who was dressed in a tweed jacket and wore a white scarf around his neck. I nearly burst into tearful laughter when I noticed that the outfit very much reminded me of Snoopy the peanuts character.

I wasn't really concerned that she hadn't appeared by 10:30. And finally did order a beer.  Frequently I walked to the entrance way looking for her, but by 11:00 I realised that there was a possibility that I had been stood up.

I downed my beer and made my way outside to my car and began to back out of the parking lot to return to my quarters. It was then that I noticed that she was walking swiftly towards the mess. I again parked the car and intercepted her and she seemed surprised.

Am I late "she said waving towards the building?"

I just couldn't answer because I began to sense the aroma of her perfume. It was so overwhelming that I became mesmerised by the total control it had taken over me. My response was incoherent.

As matter of fact it was a babble.

"I said" she repeated "Am I late, is the mess closed" raising her voice slightly.

I rather thought thatshe would stamp he foot and put her hand on hip in dismay.

I recovered and quickly said. "The mess closes at 11:00 but we could head over to the lounge its open till 1:00 and they serve both drinks and food".

She agreed and I opened the door on the car and she settled by strapping herself in with the seat belt.

I was unprepared for her next move as I started the car.

She reached over gently rubbing and caressing my shoulder and placing her fingers gently on the back of my neck massaging the area with her thumb and forefinger.

"I know I am late, I lost track of time and also I guess I did have second thoughts. I have had other invitations and I haven't bothered very much" she remarked as she continued the kneading of the area

I drove very slowly over to the Lounge which was located on the far side of the base and housed both a restaurant and a large and very well lighted lounge. It was open top all ranks and usually featured a small band for dancing.

The place was pretty well deserted, but a dance combo on the stage was honking out some good danceable tunes. As we took a small table close to the dance floor I noticed that the three musicians were quite portly. She glanced up at them and smiled at me whispering "those guys have never missed a meal in their lives"

I laughed quite uncontrollably and she seemed genuinely proud of her remark.

The waiter came over and took our order, I had local wine and she ordered an imported Hungarian wine. The band struck up and a few patrons began to dance. The music was very danceable; the sax playerwas quite soft and mellow. Our order arrived and we sipped watching the dance floor. By now I realized she wanted to dance because she began to tap her fingers lightly on the table.

I asked her to dance and we waited for a slow tune which was from a show and she waited until we had begun to get in time with the rhythm to snuggle closer to me. I clearly could smell her perfume which was overpowering and almost made I light headed. She wrapped her body around me and held I held her closely around her middle and she moved flawlessly I could feel her breasts softly pushed against my chest and it was a glorious voluptuous feeling.

"Hey" I remarked "you are a great dancer"

She smiled and pressed her hand on my shoulder to show she appreciated the compliment. We danced three or four dances and she seemed to be turned on by the music. She sang along to one of the tunes and whispered in my ear that she loved the song.

I was of course quite aroused by her closeness and her enchanting sexuality.

We sat down and continued enjoying the music and the musicians played a very long set because most of the dancers remained on the floor. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was midnight.

The band took a break and the music became the piped in variety and we tossed back the dregs of our drinks and the waiter returned and she asked for a soft drink and I ordered a small beer.

"Would you like to have a snack?”

She waved her head no and with a smile asked me point out the ladies washroom.

It seemed like an eternity before she returned and carefully smoothing her skirt behind her she sat down on the cushioned chair.

"Pew did I ever have to pee and there was a line-up and it sounded like the local orchestra warming up for a concert in there”. She said taking her fingers casually up to her nose to show her distain.

I burst out laughing which turned into a huge guffaw and suddenly we were both laughing uproariously. We both seemed to be unable to stop and every time she looked at me I burst into another round of lung splitting laughter.

"You are really a good straight man for my bad taste jokes" she said batting her eyelids in a kind of conspirator fashion.

She settled back in her chair and suddenly appeared to be taking a quiet moment as the combo started playing again. The club by now was all but deserted and the musicians played on, demonstrating a constrained boredom. Eventually they stopped and whispered among themselves and left the stage and again the music was of the recorded variety.

She gestured to me, and I thought she wanted to leave, but instead she touched my hand and leaning over to me she said

"Tell me about yourself"

"Well first of all I don’t know your name, is this deliberate, because you are married" I said with uncertainty.

“No, No My name is Monique “she said flipping her hair slightly back to display its lustre and dispel my concern.

 "I am Monique Fox, I apologise that I haven't had to courtesy to tell you" she said again patting my wrist.

"No it’s okay because frankly you don’t know mine either" I motioned by pointing at myself.

She giggled and clapped her hands almost child like and said "we are both anonymous no"

"Yes but just for the record my name is Barry Wilson"

"Well Barry Wilson tell me about Barry Wilson and I will tell you about Monique Fox".




Just as I was beginning my start my backgrounder to her the waiter came over and advised that the club was closing in five minutes but we could move out to the TV room which was off the foyer and which he mentioned was empty.

We took our drinks and made our way to the room and discovered it was well appointed with lots of table’s couches and padded chairs.

She sat down quite carefully, I took a seat on a leather couch, she on a overstuffed leather chair.  After a moment I told her briefly of my marriages and divorces and travels and my real lack of interest in my job and that I was waiting like a soldier for my pension so I could do what I had wanted to do all my life.

"What would you do if you retired", she said with a curious grin on her face.

"Nothing, zero,nada." I replied

As she contemplated my life's ambition she gazed at a painting which she spied in the corner of the room in which we sat, It portrayed horsemen in some kind of 18th century uniform holding sabres high above their heads engaged in a monumental conflict. Their faces mirrored their intensity.

Eventually she pointed at the picture, and said quite loudly

"Their ambition was to die gloriously and from the looks on their faces their death wish was becoming the truth",


"Perhaps they felt that a patriot’s death was their path to heaven" I ventured.

She opened her mouth as if to reply but smiled very broadly, as if to say we are getting off the subject. A silence prevailed as she continued looking at the prints and the general layout of the room.

"My father's study was similar to this room, a man's inter sanctum,  leather chairs, prints of soldiers , lamps that had 60 watt bulbs, books, in a glass book case " she said pointing to a glassed in shelf unit containing a number of  dusty old military manuals.

Abruptly she moved to my side sitting very close to me on the divan.

"My father is a lawyer and my mother is a biologist. My sister Jeanette and I were actually brought up by an English nanny. It was a very strict life; we saw our mother at dinner and our father before bedtime. The nanny spoke French and English and she was a real tight ass. The slightest infraction and you were sent to your room and a report went to our parents. We spoke French to our parents and English to the Nanny. My parents are the most deadpan people I have encountered in my life. They took us on vacations where everything had to be a learning experience. Lectures, seminars, meetings, swimming and exercise were at the top of their list. Our lives were so structured that when we finally did begin attending a private school, we were without life skills. I couldn’t sew a button. We were absolutely devoid of knowledge of sex, yet my mother was a biologist. We could speak read and write two languages but we were incapable of being able to understand the simplest concept of procreation. The private school we attended as day students was St Marys in Montreal. It was operated by nuns who never mentioned anything except the Immaculate Conception. When I asked what it meant I was sent to the principal’s office for a lecture. The answer she told me was in my catechism.  I am sure it must be there but I still can't find it, and unfortunately I threw that nonsense in the garbage”. she said with pride

I leaned back and chuckled as she continued to relate her early life.

"Was Jeanette your older sister" I interjected putting my arm around her shoulder.

She nestled in my arm, stretching out her feet under the coffee table in front of us and continued by saying

“Jeanette and I are twins"


Monique was now very close to me with her head resting on my shoulder, and she began her story again.

"After a the lecture by the Mother superior with a promise I would get my backside warmed if I asked anymore impertinent questions I returned to my life of ignorance and Jeanette and  I began to call the matter the Immaculate Deception. When I was twelve, a schoolmate began to expound to us about her knowledge of sex on the so called playground. Her understanding was limitless to our inexperienced minds. Our lives were not altered however because of the lack of the opposite sex at the school which was a girl's domain".

The doorway was suddenly filled with a monster holding A dust rag. He was what is known as a overtly obese person and on seeing us huddled in the corner of a couch, he advised us in his best imitation of the Gestapo that the club was closed.

Monique glanced at her watch and actually jumped up and began walking towards the exit.

We made our way to the car on a completely empty parking lot.

I drove back to the Europahoff and parked the car and she kissed me very forcibly. I was surprised but felt quite warm by her show of affection. She opened the door before I reacted by reaching for her but she slipped gracefully out of the door.

"Barry can we finish our discussion tomorrow"? She asked through the door.

"Listen Monique I have to go to Lahr and Baden-Baden tomorrow for business, but if you would like to go with me we can take a ride and grab some lunch at a restaurant which I know about 15 clicks from Baden going south on the autobahn.

"Yes that should be fun, what time?"

We agreed to meet at ten.




I was agreeably surprised to see her waiting by the rental car the next morning. I had quickly downed a cup of coffee, taken two phone calls from the station asking when I was going for parts and on the same subject from the administration officer again he deplored the lack of Base radio and that the Base Commander wanted a report momentarily. I confirmed I was on the look out for radio parts and he almost begged me to get on with the job.

Monique and I touched lips and we began our journey. She was dressed very casually with neatly pressed designer jeans and tie back blouse, her makeup and her hair were absolutely immaculate. I had dressed again in chinos and a golf shirt with a CBC crest on the pocket.

We discussed the cars and the speed of drivers for a few moments and then both of us lapsed into a silence. She was enjoying this outing and I felt a closeness to her despite our lack of conversation.

She placed her arm around my shoulder and her scent was enchanting. I found the store I was looking for and we parked nearby.

"Barry, why don’t I look around, and I will wait on that bench over there" she said pointing to a lawn-seat located near the stores.

She slipped out of the car and I made my way to the Parts store and eventually an English speaking salesman arrived and we discussed the parts I was looking for. He mentioned that the parts were among those which were in a basement storeroom and he would have to search through several bins. I asked him if I could help with the search and he happily made the usual thumb and fingers the A okay sign and we proceeded to the lower storeroom.

The place was in the very bowels of the building, and stunk of urine and other terrible musty odours.

We began our search and although their numbering system was beyond my expertise I knew I could recognise the parts as well as the tubes immediately.

He was very knowledgeable and after twenty minutes of walking around the bins and checking the numbers he concluded that the tubes were not in the mountain of old radio material.

I kept up my search as he began a double check. It was while I was looking at the lighting in the room that I noticed a row of shelving with various packaged radio materials in what appeared to be sets. I asked him what they were as the identifiers were in German.

"These are for short wave and radio transmitters"

The packages were covered in brown paper and he pulled one down from the shelf and opened it to show several tubes and other radio parts in a set.

"How are they numbered, by sequence or by size or for a specific type of transmitter?

"I don't know possibly the number is in reference to a model"

"Supposing we check on the package to see if there is a clue"

He nodded his agreement and we began to check the packages.

"This one mentions only a date "he said placing it back on the shelf.

"He appeared stumped for a few minutes and then walked to very back of the crowded room, and came back holding a very dusty and well used ledger of some kind.

"This is the book that was used to control the inventory and may have some clue as you say to the packages".

He began to run his finger down the closely written entries, stopping occasionally to analyse the entry, suddenly his demeanour brightened and with a beaming face he pointed to a entry about half way down the page.

"This says Canadian Forces Base radio Station and the item number".

He reached up into the corner of the shelf and pulled down a very bulky package and proffered it to me.

"This is what you are seeking" he said

I quickly opened the box and there to my amazement was a complete set of replacement tubes and parts for a Canadian made radio transmitter.

I patted him on the back and asked him to give me the entire stock remaining on the shelf, which amounted to six complete sets. I wasn't in a mood to find out why the parts were in the store and not on the base but I figured there had be good reason and left the matter at that.

We returned to the store and a stockman brought up the parts and I arranged for payment through the base and he had the man carry the boxes to the car.

Monique was not being seen anywhere and I realized I had been in the store for about an hour and waited in the car.

Eventually I got up and walked to the bench and unexpectedly she was there at my back with her arms around my neck and her hands over my eyes

“Who ever you are, you are very playful but unless you are Monique, I will be standing on this street corner every day from eleven to one"

She laughed deeply and when I turned she cuddled up to me by bringing me close to her, kissing me very lightly and taking her free  hand she  rubbed my bottom.


I opened the car door urging her inside and we began a very torrid spate of kissing. She nestled in my arms, and I kissed her very affectionately on her neck and ears and then we brought our lips together in a long and passionate kiss that lasted what seemed a burning eternity. I could feel the heat emanating from her body, the fact that she suddenly began to grind her pelvis against me was more than I could bear and I finally reached down and began to gently stroke her breasts as I could feel her nipples had become quite large under her blouse.


By now passer byes had begun to notice our tryst and I pulled away from her, and Monique slightly reddened at noticing we were in fact drawing a crowd.

I immediately drove away, and she settled back on her seat.

We did not speak until I had located the ring road which accessed the autobahn.

"I think we will have lunch someplace near Friebourg, and then perhaps we can discuss our state of affairs". I said, rather hoarsely gently patting her on the knee.

"I behaved horribly she said tilting her head towards me so that I noticed she was grinning.


We drove on in silence until I recognized a highway sign which indicated a restaurant nearby named Der Hirsch Jäger.

We drove up to the parking lot and eventually were seated at a table which faced out on some gardens backed by a small pond.

Monique settled in for a moment and then whispered she was heading to the Ladies room and asked if I could order a glass of wine for her.

The waiter came and I asked for a bottle of Blue Nun and he left the menus on the table. He had spoken very little English but seemed to understand what I was after, as he understood French quite well when I had opted to try my French on him.

A wine waiter arrived and opened the bottle and sloshed some into a high stemmed wine glass. The taste was excellent and I gave him the usual thumbs up at he which he appeared to understand.

Monique took a very long bathroom break and when she returned she was absolutely ravishing.

She had applied a soft rouge to her cheeks and a lip gloss that accented her wonderful mouth.

Monique glanced at the menu and raised her eye lashes to indicate she was not able to read the contents.

I did see some items which were known to me but otherwise I also was in the dark.

The waiter returned and Monique eyed him and sensed he was possibly French and she rapidly fired some questions at him which he answered in perfect French. Their conversation was too fast for me, but she translated and I ordered a salad with a small luncheon steak, and she ordered a salad with a veal cutlet. 

The wine waiter returned and poured her wine and she actually smacked her lips in delight

We discussed the wine which she drank in small sips and the restaurant which was quite busy and finally our lunch arrived and we delighted in a wonderful meal.

Monique mentioned she was famished and ate the lunch with a fair gusto, often remarking at the taste.

My steak was perfect and the fries delicious.

"We had wonderful French cuisine in Montreal" she began

"I loved the Sunday evening restaurant excursions with my parents, my father was quite expert in his selection, and he enjoyed the surprise as we ate at some of Montreal’s great eating establishments. "

"When Jeanette  and I were eighteen we were invited to attend a military ball at the Military College in St Jean., my father was dubious and my mother totally against the outing. I had learned very early that to plead with my mother was fruitless. My father agreed to our attendance by setting some restrictions. We were to be chaperoned by a junior in his law office who was a Army reserve Officer and we were to be home by eleven."

Frankly I didn’t really care at the time because I was a terrible shy and a lousy dancer and I really didn’t have any idea what a military ball meant. We were sent to Eaton's to buy ball gowns and had our hair done at our usual hair dresser. Two times we had to dress for our father who inspected us like we were two mannequins and told how to behave at dinner and to be polite when asked to dance".

She stopped suddenly in recounting the events and reached into her purse to extract a package of mints and offering me one, continued her narrative.

"A limousine with our chaperone took us to the ball. The escort was a man in his 50's who had a been a police officer in the Quebec City Police and had studied law while with the police and eventually he had quit the police to article at my father's firm. He had also been a long time member of the Militia in the Volteguers de Quebec. He was very kind and told us he expected to try and fade into the wood work so we could have a good time. He was true to his word and when we decided we had had enough of the music we had to dig him out of the bar where he was quite … pissed" she laughed

"Jeanette and I sat on either side of a cadet at dinner. One of whom spoke really lousy French and the other who looked like he had been smoking something before dinner. Across the table was a very handsome young man who kept  eyeing me when I was not looking in his direction. He proved to be Steve Fox, who as I told you became my husband in 1978. He kept coming  to me  for a dance as did several of the other young cadets but eventually he alone danced with me, and I enjoyed the opportunity to dance and especially since the dance band played numerous rock songs which we were not permitted to play at home.. Finally near the end of the evening he asked if he could see me again and I was quite flattered, but I warned him my family were very strict about my dating and that he would have to go through my father."

Monique now sat silently gathering her thoughts and taking a longer sip of wine, and the wine waiter appeared like an apparition to fill her glass.

"Some weeks passed and he called, it was near Christmas of 1976 and he asked for me, my mother and father were away at work and our maid called me to the phone. After a few pleasantries he wanted to know if we could have lunch on the following Saturday and go to a movie. I was both ecstatic and afraid because I was sure my parents would not approve. I waited until after dinner to discuss the matter knowing the answer would be no. My mother was adamant, that I absolutely had to finish my pre college courses at McGill before dating or even thinking about a young man. My father echoed her sentiments. But he said why not invite the young man to lunch and then they could meet him and we could rent a video. Father was wondering if we  would like the Michael Caine movie called ZULU.

And so Steve came to lunch and underwent a interrogatory of sorts, but within the afternoon time frame both my mother and father were absolutely overwhelmed by Steve's bullshit".

This outburst which she had said without flinching made me roar with laughter and I realized she was really quite witty and intelligent.

She continued her soliloquy" I was entranced and my parents were charmed completely by Steve and before long we had become a couple, . My father had complete faith in Steve's honour and my mother was vicariously feigning her faith as well, based on my father's assumptions.

In 1977 Steve graduated from St Jean and had to spend a year at the Royal Military College in Kingston to obtain his Science degree. We attended several parties and dances, met each weekend mostly at my home and took in a round of shows and various movies. Steve was always flush with cash and I asked him about it on one occasion and he was quite put out. My father had asked what his father's occupation was and Steve just said he was a business man.

On grad day we attended the parades and the convocation and we finally were able to meet his parents  who were extremely well dressed . It was then we learned that his father was a partner in the Steinberg chain of Grocery stores in Quebec and as we had suspected Steve was Jewish.

Jeanette was very vocal in her condemnation of Jews in Quebec , but my father remarked that many of his colleges and clients were Jews. My mother said nothing but when we arrived home took me to one side and spoke highly of the Jewish people saying that they were terrible victims in the war and that many of her friends at college were Jewish and that some of the best scientists in Quebec were Jewish. She was surprisingly very positive. It was then that I made up my mind to marry Steve if he asked me".

We decided to walk in the gardens and have our coffee by the pond and I paid our bill , not without Monique insisting to pay her half, and she also left the waiters a good tip.

It had turned into a very beautiful sunshiny day and we walked for a while until we noticed our waiter holding a tray with coffee and a coffee warmer motion to us that he was putting the coffee on an outdoor table next to the pond on a simulated dock . The area was busy but the conversations were quite restrained. You could hear a spattering of both English and German as well as French. We were close to the French border as the area was  a  mere day trip from the French city  of Strasbourg.


She began her narration again, in a arcane style  by pulling her chair quite close to mine.

"We were married in 1978 when he graduated from the College in Kingston, my mother insisted on a big wedding which was non secular and we went to the city hall where the room was packed with family members. Afterwards we had a massive wedding reception and dinner party at the Sheraton .He had taken two weeks leave and we settled on going to Jamaica to an all inclusive place in Monte go Bay for our honeymoon".


Suddenly tears welled up into her eyes and she looked away towards a flower bed nearby. I just casually drew my arm around her to console her. As quickly as it had started it stopped and she dried her face with a bright white handkerchief she had removed from her purse.

I had also reached into my pocket only to remove a red bandanna, which I used when I worked in small spaces.

Monique brightened as she glanced at my attempt to dry her eyes.

"Ah a cowboy to the rescue" she said muffling her laughter with her hand.

"You okay "

She nodded to me and pressed my hand affectionately.

"The honeymoon was terrible, the food was gross , the place was filled with a zillion kids all crying at once  and the pool was teeming day and night with large mouthy Quebecois. The bed in our room was supposed to be a queen size but it was more like an oversize twin bed. You could hear constant loud talking from  the other rooms, and  love making from up above that sounded like two elephants copulating. Steve's idea of love making was entirely unacceptable. He said nothing and his idea of foreplay was to use some four letter words and then pounce on me. His conversation was entirely about the military and on the second day he met some American Army officers on the beach and spent hours talking to them in the bar while I sat by  as a spectator. We went shopping and he selfishly bought several items for himself and his family while I stood by and shook my blonde head like some kind of puppet. It was a honeymoon from hell, and I thought he would go wild when during the second week I got my period and the so called consummation of our marriage was stalled"

This time the tears came very slowly and she gasped, as if she were about weep out loud.

"He even had the nerve to say I was a lousy lay" she said with a wild eye facial distortion, and again began to cry..

I whispered for her to stop beating herself  up and we  walked back to the car, she then turned back and headed in the restaurant saying she needed the washroom.

Several minutes elapsed and she returned having repaired her beautiful face, lips and eyes.

"Wow, you must think I am real cry baby" she said as I opened the car door for her

I responded by taking in my arms and kissing her in a long and loving way tasting her lips and running my hand over her back . She cuddled up to me, and we became locked in an embrace that lasted several minutes. Her hands slipped down to discover me and she cupped my erection and I gently placed my hand on her breasts. She  ran her hand up and down the length of my clothed penis. I knew at that instant that we were building towards  anxious moments  in our relationship.




I had to get back to Lahr and fix the radio transmitter and I headed back on the autobahn, with Monique strangely quiet but nestled against me. I dropped her off at the BX , but not before she asked me to come to her room at the Lodge later that evening.


I felt drained, by my experience with her, but I had a job at hand and the radio station called.

The place was deserted and the manager  Angie was also no where to be seen. I found some coveralls in the a storage closet , spoke with a volunteer for a few moments and then headed back to the car with a cart in tow to transfer the parts.

Within an hour the equipment was up and working. The volunteer announced that the station would be back on the air by 4:00 pm local time, and I began working on links to CBC international.

This always took the longest when stations were off the air, telephone calls had to be made, and long distance operators had to be contacted.

I had completely lost track of time, and it was well after dinner when I returned to my quarters. I was exhausted and peeled down to my underwear and fell on the bed. I fell into a very deep sleep. When I awoke , I noted that it was 10:00 pm and I showered and began to dress, but I noticed a envelope under the door and I quickly tore it open to reveal a card with Monique's monogram in gold leaf saying a 'message from Monique Fox"

She has penned me a note in her copperplate hand and I sat down on the bed to read the contents


My Dear Barry

Bad news for us, my husband is coming back tomorrow. I can't thank you enough for your hospitality and your affection. Another time.  Another place but I can't say when - to meet again in some forgotten space…






I read the note twice and lay back  on the bed covering my eyes with my arm. I suppose I should have recognized the futility and a inescapable finale to this short affair of the heart. I just wanted to prolong the genuine love I was developing for Monique. I really had not ever been so happy to be with a someone in my entire life. I suddenly wept and it came from my soul. A deep and longing anguish that I had never encountered before. I could not understand how I had arrived at this juncture  in my life without once ever having experienced such sorrow.






Later I went to the lounge and had a burger and a beer and was just beginning to decide whether I should have more than one beer when, I was tapped on the shoulder by Angie. She introduced her boyfriend a rotund guy wearing a moth eaten sweater and with the worst imitation of a moustache I had ever seen. He spoke English like an American with a German accent, and kept calling me man and using American colloquial expressions like right on man and cool man. Angie was obviously smitten by this guy. I had to get away from them.

"Station's up and working and thanks for all the work," she said patting my shoulder.


I acknowledged the work and told her I would be leaving the next day on vacation and she nodded her head and I left shaking the guy's hand which proved to be a mistake as he had a grip like a wrestler.

"By the way what time does the 707 arrive from Cyprus tomorrow" I said as I stood up to leave.

The guy thought about my question for a minute and shook his head back and forth.

"No skeds tomorrow, the Squadron is on an exercise with the Americans, Fighters  will be using the air field until Thursday, man".

It was getting late and I headed back to my room and began to plan out my vacation. I didn’t want to think anymore about the short lived affair but I was curious to know how Monique's husband was returning to  the base the next day.

I had grabbed a newspaper from the lounge and I was just beginning to open the  first page when I heard a short and very mild knock on the door.

It was Monique and  her face was covered in tears and she pushed her way into my room

"I lied " she said throwing her arms around me and kissing me with on each side of my face.

She repeated herself several times, "I lied, I lied, why did I lie?"


"I know you lied, and I know why you lied but who cares as long as you are here.




Monique had left the door open and I quickly shut it and I held  her in a long and sensual kiss on her gorgeous lips. She now began tearing at my clothes, and I had to slow her down, but I was also becoming quite heated and I ran my hands over her most erotic places. Before long we had shed our clothes and began a vertical inspection of our bodies.

She was perfectly formed. She had sensational breasts which stood as two wonderful pointed plateaus, firm and soft. Her stomach was flat and  her behind beautifully rounded into two fine globes. I gently ran my hand up her centre near her vaginal area and she moaned like a wounded animal. She reached down a took hold of my erection and began to sway it back and forth and I soon also moaned but mine came from  my throat and sounded more like a grunt.

We began muzzling each other in a round of kisses and hugs and finally, we were swept away in the ecstasy of passion and fell onto the bed in a frenzy of motion and rapture.

I was mesmerised by the astounding and frantic escalation of her sensual body movement.  Within a very short time I succumbed to her wild and uninhibited responses. She cried out, shrieking from the power of her lust. My body shook from the release of tension and the joy that I felt. Monique sobbed uncontrollably and I began to kiss her lovingly with a sense of great affection.

Later we lay in each others arms. The smell of our sex was

 overpowering. She clutched my body rubbing her hands in every direction  calling out to me with  her touch  without speaking. chest.

She looked at me with her lovely blue eyes and whispered

"I was truly and marvellously fucked it was a resounding success".


 I said nothing except I began  grinning from ear to ear and drawing her to me and kissing her lightly on the cheek.

She lay on her stomach with her head on the pillow occasionally looking up at him up at me or  drowsily gazing about the room with her eyelids fluttering. We lay very still for several minutes, as I sensed she had thoughts and history to relay.

She began in a very shallow voice to speak relaying her pleasure and her apprehension.

"I have been thinking about doing this for ages, I knew it had to be better than what I was experiencing. My own sister was completely filled with joy when she began having sex, but I was left cold and unfulfilled. Opportunities unfolded but I shrinked from doing this, and you Mr Man were suddenly there in front of me"

She stopped and reached up to kiss me and to caress my face. I ran my hand over her flanks and suddenly noticed she had a small tattoo penned to the left cheek of her behind.

I let the matter rest but I was curious about what it represented. It seemed to be a some kind of scroll. I leaned down and rubbed my finger on the softness of her backside and she glanced up me, timidly smiling.

""What is this tattoo for" I remarked.

"Jeanette and I each have one, we went to Toronto for our 20th birthday with our mother and she spent two days at some big meetings and we walked up and down Yonge Street and finally we found a tattoo shop. The guy was very polite and asked what we were looking for. Jeanette said if our parents ever found out we would be toast. He suggested a small name tag on our butts. It has our names on it and it is on a tiny scroll that says twins Monique and Jeanette".

I lay back glancing at the marker and slowly I became quite stimulated and placed my hand on the spot sliding my hand along the smooth moon like globe. She placed her hand on my hard organ and Ibecome very passionate and within moments we were joined in the total bliss of love making. She took the upper position and began to undulate with such force that I came within minutes of her plunging rapid strokes.

We lay back both exhausted. I suddenly and without warning fell into a very deep sleep.

It must have been well past midnight when I felt her gently massaging my back. I came awake suddenly and noticed she had turned off all of the lights.

"Got to go Barry" she whispered into my ear and I then notice she was dressed again and she kissed me on the lobe of my ear and I turned facing her and we kissed swallowing each others lips in a long and extremely sexual kiss.

"Do you want to go to Strasbourg for a few days tomorrow?" 

She pressed my hand in agreement without hesitation and she kissed me again very vigorously.

"Pack a bag and have breakfast and meet me at the car about 9:00"

She opened the door and peeked out and the light from the hallway shone on her as she slipped out and waved.


After she left I lay awake for a long time dissecting my feelings and my complete and utter amazement at my good fortune. I had admitted also that I was falling hopelessly in love with her.





I was late getting up and ran around gathering up my shaving kit some summer shirts and trousers and through everything in an overnight bag I had stuck in my suitcase.


I grabbed a coffee at the snack bar in the lobby of the Lodge and then noticed I was running late by fifteen minutes.

True to form she was nowhere to be seen.

Nearly a half hour went by and like an apparition she settled in the front seat of the car holding a fair size suitcase and at least three plastic bags.

"I bought you some clothes" she said holding the bags up and then tossing the whole lot into the back seat.

"Why ' I responded

"Never have you minded" she said with her cute little smirk on her face.

"Okay my darling let's hit the road" I said heading out the front gate of the base.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that shebristled at my remark.

"What’s up Monique did I say something out of line"

Barry please don't call me any of those terms of endearment like darling, dear, honey, beautiful. That’s what that asshole I'm married to uses when he's fucking me!

I was flustered and I could feel the back of my neck redden at her virulent outburst.

The border to France from Lahr is only forty-five minutes and we drove in stony silence up to the guard house which was a tiny building with a sliding glass door and I slowed with my passport at the ready, the French boarder guard leaned out and waved us on through the barrier.

I drove through the outskirts and Monique continued to gaze quite sullenly out of the side window, I watched her from the corner of my eye and I noticed in the reflection of the window that she was crying, as tears flooded onto her face. I noticed a rest stop which was close by and I headed there as quickly as I could.

Without too much fanfare I stopped and taking hold of the door handle I slipped out of the car remarking to her without facing her that I was heading to the wash room.

I walked quickly and did not look back at her.

I used the facilities and wandered around for several minutes. It began to rain, and I moved under an overhang of a building, the rain continued and when it began to subside, I ran to the car, I been gone for at least twenty minutes.

I opened the car door and she meekly smiled at me through her tear stained face and without any words she cuddled up to me clutching at arm and holding me like a child.

"I'm such a baby' she said rubbing her face into my chest.

"Monique if you feel guilt or shame tells me now, I will just turn around and we can stop for lunch and we will back in Lahr by mid afternoon".

For a very long time she sat motionless with her body completely wrapped onto my arms and chest. Finally she sat up and with her finger pointed to the exit.

I started up and we completed our journey.



I had booked a hotel on the outskirts of town, near some good restaurants and I pulled into the driveway leading to the hotel and parked in front. I asked Monique if she wanted to come in as I registered but she waved me away and I went to the reception desk and registered and went up quickly to the room which had a nice view and was the usual tiny hotel accommodation that was prevalent in Europe. I checked out the bathroom and put our bags on the bed and headed out to the car. Monique had closed her eyes and she was lying down on the seat when I opened the door. She straightened up and slumped against the door

"The room is okay” I said getting behind the wheel.

'Do you want to rest up before we venture into town" I inquired

She remained motionless, finally she opening her eyes and blinking into the light of the sun which had suddenly appeared.

"No its early lets go into town and have a look around I want to shop and eat in Strasbourg".

We drove in silence for a few minutes and finally entered the city centre which was teeming with cars. After driving around the town square for several minutes, I discovered a parking place.  As we began to walk away I noticed a sudden movement which I realized was a French Policeman racing across the square waving his hand in an unquestionable order for us to stop.

"Can't you read the signs, no parking without a permit” he screamed in French pointing to a sign which I had missed on the entrance to the square.

"You must have a permit or be an official otherwise you must park at a parking lot. There are numerous signs everywhere" he said forcefully.

We waited until his truculent outburst was over.

Monique was quite red in the face, I thought at first it was due to her embarrassment. I just looked down at the pavement as he continued unabated with our inattention to the law.

Monique stopped him in mid sentence and began to speak loudly and viciously in French, most of which I couldn't even understand.

She opened her purse and withdrew a red passport and holding it aloft shouted several times in French "You are insulting diplomats on official business to France"

That part I understood. She was now shoving the passport right into his face as close to his nose as she could without actually striking him.

My passport was also red so I pulled it out and got into the act by shoving it as well right in the Gendarmes face.

By now people had begun to gather around

Many were now shouting at the cop saying things akin to shameful, disgusting, and revolting.

Another Gendarme had seen the gathering and joined the verbal melee

He was as I guessed the senior of the two policemen.

Monique was now going full throttle, speaking so quickly that I again missed most of what she said. Her beautiful hair was bobbing up and down and her entire body was shaking in a frenzy of motion.

It was astonishing how she had made a transition from a sleepy girl to a Joan of Arc in an instant.

The crowd was now increasing and the policeman were on the receiving end of more verbal abuse. Monique began to speak directly to the gathering holding her passport up high.

It was scene worthy of any movie I had ever seen. She was no doubt in an academy award mode.

Finally the policeman walked over to the car and placed a pink card on the front window in the wind shield casing and shaking his head,

You are guests of France" he said and the two Gendarmes melted into the crowd. The throng began clapping and Monique bent over at the waist bowing and we made our way across the square, she holding her blonde head very high in her best pose of royalty.

I followed her as she rounded the corner unto a completely empty back street.

"We are bad, really bad" she snorted and began to roar with laughter. It was funny but I was so caught up in her play acting that I really wasn't amused until she began to laugh. We fell into each others arms and she held onto me with absolutely uncontrollable laughter.

Suddenly she leaned over and lifted up her backside and shouted "WOW I'm bad, bad I need a licking"

I reached over and swatted her backside and this set her off on another tangent of laughter.

She had to hold onto me to steady her and I held her as she frantically roared with joyous laughter. Her antics had turned her sour disposition into a joyous rebellion.

She held onto me and began to pull me onto the darkest part of the narrow street. Not one pedestrian had walked near the area and she had stopped laughing and began to kiss me intimately, when she came up for air after the kiss her eyes darted around our area. There were some houses with large steel gates, probably a garage enclosure, which is quite common in France, We walked further until we came to a doorway of an empty store which had housed a kosher butcher shop but it looked abandoned. She pulled on me to move into the doorway.

We were now kissing in an unrestrained way, clutching each other and moving our hand over each others bodies.  Her hand had found my erection and she motioned me to unzip my pants which I did. Within seconds she had pulled down her slacks and I helped her with her panties. I turned her around with her back to me and she bent over slightly. Without waiting a second I entered her, plunging back and forth as she cried out wantonly for me to keep going. She shuddered as she had a violent orgasm crying out my name.  Within a few seconds the movement of her behind caused me to climax which was for me ecstasy.


We fell back against the shop window; I anxiously looked back to the entrance. She had closed her eyes and continued to hold me inside of her. She was breathing very heavily and I had to restrain myself from withdrawing. Monique hung unto me. But she appeared detached and unable to let go of me. I abruptly became aroused again. She eyes leaped open and she reached down and removed me from her.

"Oh no you don’t, too much sex will make you a weak" she whispered as she turned to face me.

I smiled and zipped up as she straightened her slacks.

"Shall we eat, I am famished 'she said. And placing her arm around me waist she glided me out of the doorway and we began searching for a bistro.



We eventually found a self serve buffet with great mounds of indistinguishable vegetables and cold meats and several hot plates. We ate ravenously, and washed it all down with two bottles of white wine which were quite mellow.

Afterwards we walked around the square and noticed that the car was untouched. She spent several minutes lingering in several of the small shops which adjoined the square, buying small items, and I followed along at a safe distance, but she often looked back broadly smiling as she pointed her direction to me.

As she made her purchase I would gather them up and eventually I walked back to the car and deposited them in the trunk.

Finally her shopping was at an end she joined me and we kissed passionately. Passer byes smiled and noticed how closely we were engaged.

We drove back to the hotel and Monique was in an upbeat mood and clicked on the radio. A new rock ballad she appeared to know hit the airwaves and she gently wiggled around in her seat suddenly throwing her arms around my neck as I drove kissing me on my neck and ears. I could hardly hold onto the wheel.  But just managed to reach the parking lot of the hotel and parked in a spot far removed from the other cars.

We gradually nibbled at each other. Kissing each other softly and deeply. I felt a dramatic shift in our kisses from the desire we had been experiencing to loving romantic kisses. It was an awakening for me. I gathered her in my arms and began to kiss her cheeks and mouth with fervour. I softly petted her hair and spoke indiscernible whispers to her. We were held in each arm in a vice like grip, both unable to move from the seat.

Abruptly Monique's mood shifted as she looked removed, and choked back a sob. I held on momentarily for she had begun to cry. She turned away and faced the side window but I could see she was very emotional.

"Barry, I am not crying out of shame she said wiping her eyes with a tissue.

"I am not worried of the consequences but you know this a fling, we can't fall in love, we just can't"

"I know, but we are sharing a few moments of happiness why not just be ourselves, give in to our natural instincts". I said as I ran my hand across her breasts, and kissed her gently on her cheek.

She pondered what I had said, but shook her head provoking her hair to fall onto her forehead and eyes. I just could not hold back and I reached over and slowly and gently moved her hair away from her face. and casually took her hand to my lips. Her hands were like porcelain but soft and well manicured. Although the day was beginning to end, the sun was still fairly bright and I looked at her in all her glory. I began to see what I not seen before, as she was absolutely gorgeous. A ravishingly beautiful woman with a refined exterior together with seamless interior of soul and the vitality of youth with the spirit of a Venus.


Just as she began to open her door she reached into the back seatto take a few parcels in her hand I notice her face had become quite alarmed.

"Bianca and her husband aregetting out of their car just behind us." she said with consternation, sliding down in her seat until she was almost crouched against the floorboards.

I also crouched down and hoped we were out of sight.

"Who are they, and why are you so stressed" I whispered

"They are sort of friends of my husband, he is another officer in my husband's unit and she is an asshole"

 "They are both assholes" I said as I kissed her neck

She placed her hand on her mouth to stifle a quiet laugh.

I kissed her again on her ear and she put her hand on my crotch and began to massage me.

They were now walking by and I placed my body over Monique thus covering her as if we were making out in the car.

"The woman known as Bianca spoke first and said "wow Harv that couple are fucking in the front seat."

I couldn’t hear his response, but Monique was unable to control herself and giggled out loud and was then taken by uncontrollable laughter.

I waited until she had subsided and looked through the side window of the car to see them going into the hotel and noticed he was carrying a bag.

"They are staying in the same hotel"

"So we just go to our room" she stated with defiance.

"But what if they see us together"

"Oh Barry I don't give a shit about them, they were at my wedding and gave us a can opener as a gift, even my husband thinks they are two jerkoffs"

I was dubious and I told her, they wouldn’t wait five minutes to relay our tryst to Monique's husband.

She thought about it for several moments

"What are you suggesting we move on"? She said looking at her watch.

"No I'm not" I said slightly raising my voice almost sounding like a small child.

"Laisser les fragments tombent où ils peuvent" she said in French holding her hands out in a sign of hopelessness.

"So you are not worried about the consequences and just let the chips fall… is that it” I said evenly.

"I'm not hightailing back to Lahr if that’s what you want, pal, we came here to make love and shop".

"Okay Monique but where do I come in, is this just some kind of whim, so that in fifteen minutes you will become guilt driven, and suddenly realize that we should be back in Lahr in our own beds?"

"Are you saying Barry that I am not being fair to you?"

"Well this whole thing with making love and meeting you has been marvellous but honestly if you arehaving an affair you don’t want witnesses.

With my latest remark she suddenly began hooting with laughter. Her entire exquisite body shook with riotous shrieking and before long I was right there along with her.

I could see she was trying to speak but was hindered by the laughter but finally she blurted out

"They were witnesses at my wedding"

We laughed until we were almost delirious. And in her final display of vengeance she took her forefinger and uncharacteristically stuck it out the window towards the hotel.




We decided to stay in the hotel and that I would go into the building and check the lobby to see if they were still hanging around and she would follow me when I signalled her.

I would then go up to the room and she would again trail me waiting to slip into the door. It all worked well until she stepped off the elevator and she met Bianca in the hall way.

"Monique what are doing here?" the woman screamed in a shrill astonished declaration.

I could hardly make out the interchange, but it lasted for a few minutes and finally Monique tapped on the door, and looking quite flushed practically ran into the room.


I waited patiently as she paced back and forth in the small enclosure of the room. She was I noticed quite flushed. She reminded me of tiger I had seen at a zoo, pacing relentlessly back and forth around path which encircled pen. Her silence and pacing began to make me quite nervous.

I reached out and took hold of her placing my arms around her in a comforting way.

She was very angry. But at last she looked up at me and placing her arm around my neck she kissed me passionately, a long full lips kiss that I shall remember to my dying day. It was breathless, beyond anything I have ever experienced. She lingered and a very long time, holding me in deathlike grip. She smiled up at me her eyelids flickering and the fullness of her beauty shone and her hand effortlessly massaged my neck and she kissed me again several times. I returned her kisses and eventually we became lost in the ecstasy of love making. Our bodies now had an understanding of each other and the depth of our passion knew no bounds.

The time passed and the sexual desire subsided and we lay back entrapped in each others arms. Our clothes somehow had been strewn around the room, and we lay coupled in our nakedness.

I was in a languid state and Monique continued to manipulate me, her eyes shut and her body still quivering.

She had not spoken since entering the room and her untimely meeting with Bianca.

“I told her to mind her own business” she blurted out

“You mean Bianca”

Oh Barry stop acting dumb” she giggled



We stretched out on the bed both quite naked and Monique covered herself with a sheet up to her breasts. We lay silently looking into each others eyes.

“I made up mind to have an affair with you when I first saw you walking behind me “she said placing her hand on my shoulder.

“You had a look of a tortured man. It was pathetic to look into your eyes and see so much pain. We hardly spoke but I just knew you needed someone. It was as if two stars of the heaven were spinning out of control and suddenly entered each others sphere and the force of gravity slowed their decent.”

She continued snuggling closer to me.

“Life with my husband has been extremely unhappy. His view of women could be described as Stone Age. He is constantly in debt and will not tell me what he earns or what he spends his money on. His father bails him out several times each year. I have my own income from a trust fund my father started and I would never dare to give him a sou, I hate him with a vengeance. He is such a terrible asshole. He is so impersonal; he lacks the ability to show affection except for his stupid job. He has no soul. He eats like a pig and farts in bed and at the dinner table. I still cannot believe I married him. When I told my mother she said not all marriages are made in heaven!!!

She lay back pondering what she had said. I softly massaged her neck and she closed her eyes.

“I needed and wanted this affair as much as you did Barry”

“But” I interjected shortly this will be over and both of us will experience an enormous sense of loss”

She opened her eyes and studied me for a moment. She looked so beautiful and sweet, that I had to lean down and kiss her and gently squeeze her pelvic area.

:”Oh God how gentle you are” she said as she closed her eyes.

“Nothing is forever mon chere Barry”.

She paused and sat up, her hair falling into her eyes which filled with tears, she wept for a few minutes as I held her in my arms, softly speaking in a whispering monotone.

We kissed as she brought her lips close to mine. The tearsended and a smile appeared on her dazzling face. We barely touched each other. The electrical energy, of our bodies gradually brought us together. I was now fully aroused and her body was very hot to my touch.

The power of our embrace was taken over by our lust for each other. Within minutes we had joined together, in a passion that went beyond any that I have ever experienced. She was hungry for every thrust and I held back as long as I could. Finally my course of action was taken over by my need to let go and the explosion was so massive and intense that I felt like I had stepped into another world. She cried out and again began to cry, clutching at me and holding me.

‘Oh Barry she sobbed, I love you I love you, I love you.” Over and over she repeated her love for me, and I responded by speaking only her name

“I have fallen in love with you” she said later. I responded by saying I am already in love with you and I shall never love anyone more than I love you.



We checked out the next morning after breakfast and headed back to Lahr. She was very subdued and spoke very little and seemed troubled. When we crossed the border she asked if we could take a long way back to the Base and I checked the map to find a back road which would take us twenty-five kilometres out of our way.  I stopped for gas and she went to the ladies room. It was some minutes before she returned and she looked more awake, I smiled back knowing that she had resolved her problem in the bathroom.

We drove for several minutes and she noticed that there was a rest area a few K’s down the road.

“Barry can we stop again”?

I nodded my assent and we did stop and she got out the car and wandered around near some trees. There were several campers and Camper Vans parked near the car and suddenly she waved me over and I joined her

She looked around carefully and without another word wrapped her arms around me clutching me to her breasts... I could hardly breathe. She held on tightly and I reciprocated. We remained glued to each other for what seemed an eternity. I was now so aroused that I felt enormous pressure to come.

Monique I am going to blow my load” I spoke into her ear as I nibbled around it.

She remained fastened to me as if she was so hungry for love that by letting go she would lose her connection.

She took her and reached down and with a bit of help unzipped my trousers and reached inside and began to run her hand over my erection and with an instant I came flooding my self and she hung on holding me, and her hand was covered with my wetness.

My body shook with delight and she let go and wiped her hand on the grass. I zipped up, her face was plaintive and with the look of a creature starving for affection. I took hold of her softly kissing her lips.

I seemed to have grasped her meaning without words, and uncovered somehow a new understanding of her secret language.


We got back into the car and began our return journey to the Air base.

She quickly left the car with a brief kiss and headed into the Euroahof while I parked the car.

My room was as I left it and I undressed quickly and began to get ready for a shower when there was very timid knock n the door, I wrapped myself in a towel and opened the door and Monique swept in.

Her face was contorted and her eyes very puffy, She had been crying and suddenly again let out a whimper and began to flood her face with tears,

‘I knew the reason, it was written very boldly on her face.

“Your husband is back from Cyprus”

“No he arrives tonight at 8:30 on a special flight with the Base Commander” she cried out.

“I got a note from the hotel clerk under my door”

She melted into my arms and I kissed her over and over again, and I also could feel myself coming apart .We both wept for some minutes and then she abruptly pulled away.

“Barry I hope there is not going to be a scene or something. He is a very violent man at times”

“Monique when you leave I am checking out and heading away somewhere. I can tell you that this is not over, and wherever you go I will follow you, I will never let you go. You won’t stay with your husband, he is a not for you. You will never forget me because you know I am so deeply in love with you that a day will never pass without you being in my thoughts”.

She fell back again in my arms and we kissed passionately over and over and before I knew it she stepped away and opened the door and walked out my life, but for one fleeting moment 3 years later.




 I returned to Canada after a very short and dismal vacation and returned to work. Within a year I had decided to move on and take my limited pension and retire from the CBC. I decided to return to school and signed up for a college course in the up and coming computer rage.

I went to school three days a week and did some free lance work for Globe TV in their technical department for 2 days. It helped to supplement my pension and I dated a few girls from school who were quite a bit younger. I met a teacher in my second year and we hit it off and eventually she asked if I would like to move in. She wasn’t Monique. She was attractive in a sort of way with nice hair and a sweet kind hearted smile but her love making was not passionate. But at least she was a good cook and very clean. She taught at the College and had a great job. We decided to think about making it legal because she said her clock was ticking and she wanted a child. It was kind of scary for me, but somehow the idea appealed to me.


And then it happened!

I went to have coffee every day at a shopping mall near the college on Merrivale Road in Ottawa. It was not very crowded and I could read the paper or study my notes for class. I got my coffee and a Danish and picked out a deserted area in the food court when I felt tap on my shoulder.

There she was in all her dazzling beauty and holding the hand of a little toddler. He smiled at me and she said nothing. I was overwhelmed by her sensational good looks. But I kept staring at the little fellow and he kept smiling back. It was like we were transfixed. There was something so familiar about his face. He was happy bit not jabbering like other small children. Suddenly I knew what made him continue gazing at me.

“Barry this is Bevan” she said sending him over my way. He came over and reached his face up for a hug and I hugged him and kissed him.

“Bevan is three and …. “

She stopped in in sentence and also came over and I picked up the child and hugged them both kissing Monique on her cheeks and then both of began to sob.

“He is yours Barry, your son and he was conceived in love, and that is why my lovely little boy is such a wonderful gift.

With that she took his hand and began to walk away before I had a chance to speak. I thought better of it. A chance meeting, and no recriminations, no hatred for her husband, just a very fleeting and beautiful moment and for which I would remember all my life.

She spoke to him and he waved to me and then she raised her hand in a way which spoke volumes because it was goodbye but to me it said “Another time.  Another place but I can't say when - to meet again in some forgotten space…
















































Submitted: February 18, 2017

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