Daisy And The Destino Star

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Submitted: February 18, 2017

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Submitted: February 18, 2017



Daisy and the Destino Star


In a seemingly far dystopian future, we have devolved into a caveman like society. Whilst we still have the remnants of our distant pass, they are shackled through barely read books and unplayable VHS tapes. Their ancestors past are still visible through the Island of Trashish, 34 kilometres of the western coast of Zanzibar. All of our trash is sent there and added onto the island. Whilst uninhabitable, it is rumoured that people from the far away land of Uranquinty inhabitant the island, living lives and scavengers, feeding of seagulls and the recently unextincted Dodo.

Speaking of Zanzibar, there is an angst riddled women living on the island named Daisy. Yearning for a more civilised society, she often clashes with the residents of the island about their animalistic ways. A liberated woman in a conservative society is never a recipe for success. Wanting to rebel from the sociopathic, dictoral tsar named Callum Azra, She one day to simply walk away from her tribe, why? Well…

Her tribe was known as the Gibbledacks. They were particularly known for their chicken farming abilities, breeding fat, juicy chickens that would bring a tear to the eye and a rumble in the stomach. After The Tsar Azra visited their tribe to announce that each parent had to sacrifice one child to attain the Azra Star (Certification for existence), she knew that she no longer needed to be oppressed. During the tribal commune, she escaped through the Zanzibarian forest. Running dangerously, yet aimlessly, she ran for what seemed like hours, through the rough, humid, gruelling forest.

After several hours of wandering, she came across a strange foreign object. It was one that she had seen in ancient articles, and magazines. A large, yellow, cylindrical object, almost religious in its shape and mythical in its presents, as if she was Icarus and Daedalus had bestowed upon her his wings. With little knowledge of what this machine actually was, she entered the machine. Inside were plenty of spider webs, old magazines labelled ‘Playboy’, and disregarded cups, half smashed, half worn.

As she fiddled with the buttons, she presses a large yellow button caused the machine to catapult into the sky. Flying back, she knocks herself out on the back of the head. As the machine enters space, Daisy awakens to find herself short of breath. Choking, she accidently opens the hatch the door of the machine, in a desperate attempt to escape. She is pulled into the vacuum of space, expanding, then popping like a balloon.


As the machine reaches what is referred on earth as the ‘Destino star.’ The Machine crashes into the planet’s largest lake, Lake Dsicquo. A homeless man, with little more than the cardigan on his back, watches the machine on the embankment, half submerged into water. He wanders over and enters the machine. As he forages around, he sees a small note, which reads,

‘We need help, Human civilisation is on the brink of collapse, please, send help!’  The homeless man, believing this to be a joke, throws the note into the river, in which we see it being consumed by a fish like creature. A dystopian earth has had its chance of contact with an advanced society distinguished, like a smouldering flame in a large rainforest.




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