Death and all things inbetween 2

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Submitted: February 19, 2017

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Submitted: February 19, 2017



Again, I'm going to warn you tht SPAG probably wont be great but I'm not considering this a 'proper' story anyway, I recoment you read 'Death and all things inbetween' first before reading the second.


Last time I told you about what I think could/should happen after death, it was clearly more about heaven, for someone that lived a good life and who deserved to choose what happened next, this time however, is going to be what i think could happen after you die if you were considered to have lived a bad life.

Imagine this...

You've died, probably a tragic death due to karma, and your soul leaves your body, you may notice that there are less people crying than you thought there would be, or maybe there is no one there at all, maybe you died alone, a staircase opens up for you, but you are suprised to see that its going down, any one that may be around cant see it or you, you reluctantly walk down the stairs, theres something puling you in. You reach the bottom and are welcomed by fire, lava, chains and cryes, you walk further, alone, and there are some scales, the devil or satan, stands behind them, he explains that you have already been judged as a person deserving to be punished but you are going to be judged once more to determin how you shall be punished for all eternity.

These are the possible punishments: (what I consider worst last)

  1. Community service in heaven - for the people the didnt mean to live bad lives or didnt do much wrong in the first place, you will have to see people enjoying their afterlife in heaven, resist the temptation of stealing or comiting other crimes but if you do well you may be able to take your pick from some of Gods afterlife options.
  2. Gosting - simular to one of the options God would have given you, however its a trap, the devil or satan is using you to create terror among humans on earth, one of the holy spirits jobs is to deal with spirits who haunt.
  3. Delt by the devit - only for people who don't deserve a chance at a second chance, or to be in the precence of the holy spirit, if you are unlucky enough to have gotten this punishment, you will spend the rest of enernity being tortured my satan and burning in hell.

Whitch one would you want to get? And which one do you think is the worst?

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