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Submitted: February 19, 2017

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Submitted: February 19, 2017



Continuing on from the previous part 1 of, Sleeping with the Devil's daughter', followed up by part 2.

"Yes lord!" Jerry said in a slurred tone of voice. Thanking the almighty lord for giving him the focus to drive home safely. Good decision making Jerry made to leave bourbon street on time anyway. Unaware that beating the heavy rain drops that began falling minutes ago. "Jesus take the wheel!"  Jerry said jokingly to himself while smiling. Listening and watching as hard drops of rain Fell and rolled down his Chevy Tahoe windshield.  Jerry continued to smile  while beginning to snap his fingers. "Hahahaaaaa!" Jerry chuckled to him self. Feeling dam good feeling the need to sing a tune. A tune marking the legendary  voice of Eddie Kane. "Nights like this, I wish, rain drops would fall..." Finally stepping out of the SUV staggering up to the front door of his west bank home. Highly intoxicated caring less about the consequences. Which led to hang overs,possibility of awakening late,also meaning another late day at work. Already knocking on the third strike for the month. In Addition with the other three late appearances last month. Skating on thin ice with razor sharp blades. Positioning him self for first class failure. Totally the opposite of  what once was. That being eight employee of the months. Team leader in his work  department. Also, bonuses that followed behind those achievements. After two years of working at his best. Recent past weeks became a work ethic of poor performance.  Bred from the emotional distress his wife brought upon him. Divorce papers! After several years of marriage  and love making. Jerry, whom now was sleeping on the couch in his home. Haven't slept next to his wife in four months. Heather was her name. An 38  year old,Five foot 8 inch, one hundred thirty pound woman. Her high yellow skin tone favored the bright rising sun.
That matched perfectly with her long honey colored hair. ' My Cocoa butter lover' were Jerry favorite words when describing Heather. Moments when the  two were alone feeling  sexual. Heather,on the other hand had her choice of words as well. Seducing Jerry  with sweet Whispers of, ' My tall cup of hot chocolate' hyping up sexual intensity.  Their Compliments defined by one another frame of body. Such as, Jerry Six foot 2 inch, two hundred and ten pound, dark smooth chocolate complexion. Also, to say Jerry was 39 years of age. His well kept, toned up frame he exercised occasionally. Resembled the body of an 21 year old college football player. Plus, their sweet conversations of pleasure were daily exchanges for the married couple. Those complimentary connections that became a day in the past of course. Now a days,  it was more of ' Bitch this and Bitch that' argumentative conversations. Even though Jerry tried his hardest to rebuild their marriage. No matter how much affectionate slick movements he tried committing. Heather had her mind strongly made up. Mentally and physically without questioned. Frustrating Jerry whom contemplated deeply on trying to understand. Hoping to figure out the solution to the problem. An ongoing problem that started out of assumptions and knowing. Basically,from an argument five months ago dealing with a text message. Received by Heather from an unknown guy doing late hours of the night. Vibrations that made her cellular tremble loudly on top of the night stand. Heather, whom remained sound asleep deeply heard not a sound. So much for Jerry being awake at the time. Vibrations that represented a late night booty call from a mystery man. Sunt directly to his wife at 11:30 p.m. Suddenly brought suspicion of cheating and dishonesty. Of course, once confronted about the text messages. Heather denied the allegations with a straight face. Reversing her guilty actions upon Jerry furiously. Complaining about any and every thing she could possibly think of. Washing dishes,vacuuming the rug,hanging with friends to much,drinking to much,not spending enough time with one another. All were topics that created all day arguments. Confusion and misunderstanding times started to become daily for Jerry. Day after day ,after day after day. Lovers stepping over the line of becoming enemies.

"Jerry!Jerry! Get up! Your ass going to be late for work again!" Heather raised her already high pitched voice. Bending her back slightly over to grip the left shirt sleeve of Jerry.  Shaking her head in disgust while yanking his left shirt sleeve. Noticing that Jerry still had every bit of clothing he stumbled inside with five hours ago. " Its six a dam clock!" Heather shouted into the left ear of Jerry.  Jerry, whom slowly began coming out a sleeping snoring marathon. Slightly cracked open his tired eyes,stretching his arms and legs out yawning as well. Not yet focused and aware of what time it was. Barely keeping his blurred vision eyes open. Finally gaining control  of his senses once hearing. " So I guess hanging out at clubs with your friends became a risk you willing to take!" Heather gazed down directly at Jerry. Placing both her hands onto her wide hips. Squinting her light brown eyes showing curious emotions. Continually  standing over Jerry with body stance similar to picture posing. Besides the trying to look cute part. Dressed in an unbuttoned all in to one pink night gown. Exposing her naked body Jerry haven't seen at all lately. Surely catching his undivided attention at this moment.  "What time is it?" Jerry asked Heather. Never taking his fully opening eyes away from the DD cup breast of his wife. Then wandering his fluffy eyes down to her clean shaved pussy. Caught into a daydreaming dazed seconds before snapping out of it. From Heather loud finger snaps helping him regain focus. 
" Hellooo! Are you going to work? " Heather raised her voice once more. Looking down at Jerry whom seemed puzzled at the moment.  Looking upward at Heather, barely keeping his tilting head steady. " Yea, soon when I get my self together,shit!" Jerry mumbled with an confused impression written over his face.
What ever! I guess!" Heather rolled her eyes. Turning away from Jerry slowly making her way back up stairs. Jerry then whispered, " Yea bitch what ever then!" Making sure Heather wouldn't hear what he whispered softly.

Thirty minutes later, Jerry was all set ready to go. Brushing his hair while standing by the bedroom doorway. Staring at Heather whom was now sound asleep. Seeming at peace while stretched on top of the king size bed. Half of her naked body covered under Jerry's favorite blanket. " I never thought this day would come."  Jerry whispered to him self. Shaking his head a second before stepping away. Headed off to work finally. Running twenty minutes late. Switching lanes in and out of early Monday morning traffic. Driving.up to speeds of 85 miles in a  55 mile speed zone. Not only was Jerry speeding. Hard rain from a few hours earlier had the streets still wet. Risky situation for drivers who drove at top speeds " Get the fuck out of the way!" Jerry yelled at slower drivers. Pressing the horn of his silver 2015 Chevy Tahoe. Coming across the west bank express way. "Dam, I need to get my fucking shit together!" Jerry angrily spoke to him self. Regretting his irresponsible moments every time. Minutes later,  Jerry cellular phone began to ring. "who the fuck calling me this early!?" Jerry spoke in agitation. Reaching and grabbing his cellular from the passenger seat. "Oh shit!" Jerry blurted out nervously. Noticing the number of his boss calling. " Hello!" Jerry slowly answered. " Good morning  Mr. Jerry!" The boss spoke in a cheerful tone. Only if the news he was getting ready to deliver Jerry sounded the same. "First and foremost Mr. Jerry! I would definitely like to say, myself and every faculty and staff-" "Hold up, Hold up!" Jerry quickly interrupted the boss sayings. " Yes go ahead" Jerry's boss offered.  Jerry then spoke right away, "Honestly, lets Just  cut the bullshit! Aight! With all that faculty and staff bullshit! Cause once again, here i am late as a mother fucker! Alright! So just be straight forward with me, and just tell me im fired!" Jerry quite knew what the deal was already once receiving the bosses call.  "I'm so sorry Mr.Jerry!So sorry!" Jerry's boss spoke softly in a hurt tone. Jerry became steamed immediately afterwards. It became surprising smoke didn't start coming from his ears and nostrils. "Naw..., bitch! Sorry my dick in your mouth you fucking cracker!" Jerry then hung up in his now use to be boss face. Tossing his cellular back over onto the passenger seat. Exiting South Claiborne  Avenue. Hammering the top of the steering wheel .Causing the front end tires to jerk a little to the left. Loosing control immediately while trying to stay calm. No choice for many anyway when becoming in a state of shock. More  like what represented Jerry's wide open eyes and attitude at this moment. Swerving across the Martin Luther King intersection with ongoing traffic in motion. "Oh Fuck!" Jerry blurted out in a breathless tone of voice. Yanking the steering wheel forcefully towards the left. Having no control of the Chevy Tahoe that went into an uncontrollably hydroplane.At that exact second, Jerry held tightly to the steering wheel. Leaning half of his body towards the passenger seat. Preparing for the worse, feeling the impact of  a tow truck smacking the driver side of his Chevy Tahoe. An impact that could of been heard a mile away. Jerry went into a critical unconsciousness. His body resembling a crash dummy wearing a seatbelt. Flipping the Chevy Tahoe numerous times up the block. Catching the eyes of  onlookers stunned by the fatally accident. Many couldn't believe what had just taken place in front their eyes. One elderly lady whom Sat at the RTA bus stop had  seen all of it. She had  to been in her late sixties, slowly standing up from the bench crossing her heart. " My lord! My lord! be with whoever the person or people may be my lord!" The elderly lady gave a quick prayer.Good civilians began rushing over to see if anyone was alright. Shattered glass filled the street in small bundles. Jerry, right along with the right side of  the Tahoe. Viciously became pushed  towards the passenger side. Heavy clouds of smoke rushed from beneath the hood of the Chevy Tahoe. Frightening other drivers to not even want to drive pass.  Looking as if the Tahoe was getting ready to blow up in flames. Luckily for the black male tow truck driver. Whom had to been no more than 25 years of age. Walked away from the accident with out a scratch. Jerry, on the other hand, received the bad end of the stick. Giving no response of life once paramedics arrived on the scene. One of those paramedics being a middle age white male stating. "Call in the coroner's for this guy. He's not gonna  walk away from this one alive."Minutes before checking Jerry pulses. Pronouncing Jerry dead on the scene.
Leaving what was now his lifeless body stretched on the pavement. His body covered by a white sheet with large circle blood spots. Mainly from the blood that continued to leak from his open wounded forehead. "Do this guy  have some kind of identification on him?" One approaching police officer asked the paramedics. Sergeant Jake was his name to be exact. Sergeant Jake stood 6 foot in height, weighing 220 pounds. An 44 year old light skin crooked ass sergeant whom cared about nothing. Actually,he didn't give a fuck about being at the accidental scene right now.  Reason he did show up was recognizingthe familiar Chevy Tahoe while passing through. " Naw we not sure Sergeant",was the response gave back to Sergeant. "Not sure?" Sergeant Jake shook his head at the paramedics with a straight face. " Can one of yall guys uncover his face for a second? Let me see what this guy look like!" Sergeant then folded his arms. " No problem Sergeant."
Suddenly at that moment!A smirk grew up on Sergeant face. "Boy boy boy!" Sergeant couldn't believe the personal he was now staring down at. Trying his best not to show excitement. "Look who the fuck we got here!" Sergeant stated with a slight smile. Turning away from Jerry's body quickly. While  saying to the paramedics. "Alright guys cover him back up!" Sergeant began storming towards his 20 yards away parked patrol car.  Dialing a number into his cellular. " Answer the phone! Answer the phone!" Sergeant softly spoke impatiently. Leaning his back side on the hood of the patrol car "Hello!" Finally  an sleepy tone of an woman answered. "I got some bad news and some good news!" Sergeant spoke in excitement. Catching the lady off guard by how quickly he spoke.  "Hold on,wait a minute, slow down, now repeat that!" Softly spoken by the half sleep lady. "Let me just say this, your husband was involved in a deadly accident!" Sergeant spoke. "What! Come again!" The lady blurted out. That lady being no one other than Heather. Yes! Heather! Her and Sergeant had been sleeping around going on five months now. Both were married and cheating on their spouse. Surely Sergeant was the reason behind Jerry getting divorce by Heather. Now this!"Your husband is dead!" Sergeant spoke, causing heather to jump out of her bed. Finally awakening from where Jerry stared at her a hour ago. " Is you serious!?" Heather Asked shockingly. " Yes! " Sergeant answered. Hoping he and Heather could finally be together now.
" So where was the accident? Where is it?" Heather gave out an worried screamed in to the phone. Rushing in to the bedroom closet to throw on any pair of clothes she could find.  Seargeant hoped for another reaction such as happiness. " Martin Luther king" Sergeant named the street of the accident.  "What the the fuck he was doing over in that area? He was supposed to be at work!" Heather screamed in an out of  rage. Which didn't sit quite well with Sergeant at all. "Im on my way!" Heather added a second before hanging up in Sergeants face.
" Dam! Really!" Sergeant took the cellular away from his ear. His face covered in shame. Shaking his head while staring  ahead at the accident scene. Noticing what seemed to be the coroner van driving up to the scene.. Hand claps were sounding off loudly. Favoring a football game like when ever a player got hurt. Then afterwards, deciding to get up on his own will leaving the field. Sergeant slightly smile,"Dam! When people started celebrating when coroners drove up?" Chuckling to himself. "Boy what is this world coming too. "Sergeant couldn't wait to see through the crowded on lookers. Curious about what the cheering was about. Slowly making his way towards the scene. His attention was caught staring at Jerry whom body remained stretched out. Not exactly at Jerry,but more so the lady whom suddenly kneeled beside Jerry. Surprisingly, the same Puerto Rican Jerry met at the club last night was somehow at the scene. Now Standing back to her feet turning away from Jerry. Walking away from the scene with out anyone acknowledging her. It was more like she wasn't even there. Bypassing through a small group of individuals. Sergeant paid closely attention at the Puerto Rican strutting in her 6 inch pumps.  Seductively rocking her hips approaching his way.He was more than sure crossing paths with her would be ina matter of seconds. "What's going on down there?" Sergeant politely asked the Puerto Rican."A miracle! The guy came back to life! It's a miracle!" The Puerto Rican princess stated with a beautiful smile. Continuing on with her sexy walk. Sergeant quickly spent around now facing her back side. "Hold up mam! I need to talk to you! Who are you?"  Sergeant desperately shouted. Desperately wondering why the hell was she kneeling beside Jerry.  Causing her to slower her foot steps. Slightly looking over her left shoulder,she blurted out, "Seriously!Do you really wanna know who am I?"  Stopping completely while turning her full body around to facing Sergeant."Yes! Actually I Do!" Sergeant stated.  Locking eyes with the Puerto Rican from five yards away. The Puerto Rican gave sergeant a devilish smile and spoke. "Iam most definitely your  worse fucking night mare!"To be continued....

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