torn apart

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Just two weeks to Uganda certificate examinations, Agnes( religious, disciplined and favored) finds herself pregnant! She decides to keep it a secret from everyone but it worsens when the senior woman announces that every girl must be tested for pregnancy before the examinations season.....Is her secret revealed? Find out more in TORN APART!

Submitted: February 19, 2017

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Submitted: February 19, 2017



" I am so proud of you daughter. I know you will never bring shame upon this home," mother said as I had breakfast on Tuesday morning. Her words fueled the guilty within me. I got up right away and raced to school. It was the first time I did not say good bye to her. During the History briefing, the senior woman came into the room. She asked to speak to the head prefect so I moved out. She told me to organise girls for pregnancy testing. My blood boiled. I melted like butter on fire. I was not myself when I told girls to slope to the sick bay. I usually went first but, that time round, I did not feel my legs. I sat trembling at the back seat in the main hall. All girls were tested except me so the senior woman sent the assistant headprefect to call me. If the security was not tight, I would have escaped. At a snail' s pace, I went to her office. She was a tough lady but ever calm on deeply responsible students like me. She asked why I delayed for the test. I lied to her that I heard serious menstrual cramps. She let me go home due to the much trust she had in me. She also wrote my name on the list of those not pregnant. Mother nursed me like a baby when I reached home. My heart went at the back each moment I recalled that it was only two weeks to the uganda certificate examinations. These were the exams to determine whether I was fit to join the advanced level. For the following days,I fell sick. My temperature was high. I had severe headache. I lost appetite and vomited everything I tried to eat. My parents wanted to take me to the hospital but I convinced them I was to get well soon. It was not too long when I fainted in the shower room.

By the time I gained consciousness, I was in the hospital. My parents were sleeping on the benches besides the bed. When I tried to get up, I kicked a flask. Father woke up. " Father, I did not intend to wake you up," I said. " Shut up!" he snapped out, " just tell me who impregnated you!" I trembled. At last my secret was exposed. I cried a river. Mother pressured me to tell them or else she would regret the day she conceived me. " Tom. My boyfriend since year one in high school, " I cried. I was forced to give them his address. He was arrested for defilement. Father pursued me to give false evidence in court. " Tom did not rape me. I gave in willingly to him. Arrest me too. I am also responsible," I said when I got to court. Father jumped from his seat and slapped me. I brought shame upon my family. I saw mother weeping as they walked out of the court room. I stayed outside the police station building day and night. I neither ate nor drank. I wanted Tom to be released. I pleaded to father to withdrew the charges against Tom. " I will only do so on a condition that you are no longer my fresh and blood!" he said. I agreed. Tom was released. I lived with him since he was earning enough money at his job to support a pregnant woman. He loved me so much that I forgot all about family. I was his princess and he was my prince charming. We lived in a home of peace, joy and love. God blessed us with wealth. We built a mansion, bought cars and bought plots of land around Kampala City. I gave birth to twins after our first born, Pritchard.

All was well until one Sunday evening when Tom came home drank. He got mad over nothing and beat me so bad. Since then, he was no longer the Tom I knew. He started coming home late. He became a monster to our children. He denied us food. He sold everything we had. As if all that was not enough, he married another woman. He dumped us in a rental house and ran far with his newly wedded wife. Life bacame so hard that I ended up cleaning public toilets to earn a living. END

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