Jake's Story

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Jake The Dog - Jake The Dog - There's No One Quite Like Jake the Dog

Submitted: February 19, 2017

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Submitted: February 19, 2017



What was all that that noise and what were all those lights ? Every was shouting, people were shouting at my family and they were shouting back. I barked but nobody took any notice. I ran out to see what was happening. There were policemen, there were some nasty looking people. The nasty people were shouting at my family. I was not having that, I ran to the nastiest looking one and barked as fiercely as I could. He kicked me.

"Leave my dog alone you !"

"No need to kick the dog," a lady police officer said, "come here boy."

I ignored her and ran to hide in the hedge.

What ever was going on ?

My family members were throwing things into the caravan and on to the back of the truck. Were we moving again ?  There was nothing strange or unusual in that, we never stayed anywhere for more than two weeks but who were all these people ?  Why was the police here ?  My family used to speak about the police and never had anything nice to say about them.

I was frightened. I was very frightened. It still hurt where I had been kicked. I tried to lick where he had hit me but the pain would not go away.

My family was hitching the caravan to the truck. Yes, we were moving. If moving meant getting away from these people then lets go. Wait for me !  Before I knew what was happening my family was inside the truck and it was driving off.  Driving off without me !

"Wait, wait," I barked but nobody heard me or took any notice. My family was leaving without me.

I ran after the truck but could not catch it. "That's my home," I barked.

The nasty men were leaving as were most of the police. Just two remained, the lady who had had told the bully not to kick me and another policeman.

"Hey look," she said, "they've left their dog behind. Come here boy."

I was frightened, I was lonely, I was afraid.  Could I trust her ?  My family did not trust the police but she sounded nice.

"Come on boy, no need to be afraid. I've got some chocolate here, would you like some ?"

I knew she had, I could smell it in here pocket. Of course I would like some chocolate.

"What's your name then ?"

I took a piece of chocolate from her hand.

"Is it Jake, you look like a Jake to me ?"

I licked her hand to say thank you and could I please have some more ?

She knew what I wanted and kindly gave me another piece of chocolate.

"Time to go."

"What about him ? We can't just leave him here."

"The dog. He's a gypo dog, what does he matter ?  Leave him."

"No, come here boy. Come here Jake, look he's lovely."

"Leave him."

"I can't do that."

"Well you do the paperwork, I'm not."

Could I trust this lady ?  She was nice but my family had taught me to not to trust the police. What choice did I have ?

My family always said not to trust the police, I've said that haven't I ? The policeman was not nice but the lady was. We dogs can sense that sort of thing you know. I could still smell chocolate, she had more in her pocket. I was hungry.

"Come here boy, come here Jake, nice chocolate. Yummy, yummy."

No need to talk to me like a baby, I was four years old which in human terms is twenty-eight.

What is your name ? Are you going to tell me ?  Is it really Jake ?"

I would have told her but I doubt she could speak doggie. I can't speak English but I do know how to make myself understood. I let this nice lady know I would like all of the chocolate she had in her pocket.

"Let me make a quick call," she said to the nasty policeman. "If we get a shout we'll have to take him with us but I'm sure they will come straight away."

Who would come straight away ?  Were they coming for me ?

"What's your name ?" She asked again. "It is Jake isn't it ?  You look like Jake to me.  here Jake have another lump of chocolate."

For chocolate she could call me what ever she liked. My name was not Jake but she called me Jake and Jake I have been ever since. I felt happy with that police lady but I was not happy when she was gone.  I was very unhappy.

Another woman drove up in a white van with writing on the side. I can understand English when it is spoken but I can not read it. She fastened a collar round my neck. I did not like that, I had seen other dogs wearing these things and they did not look good. My situation was not good, I was on my way to prison. I just knew it.

I tried to resist but I could not stop what happened, I had never bitten a person in my life and no matter what was happening I could not bring myself to defend my worsening situation with my teeth. Inside the van there was a cage. I was locked in side it. The woman who put me there spoke to me but while her voice was kind what she was doing was terrible so I did not listen. Inside the van I could smell so many other dogs who had been in there before me, so many I could not count them. I cried. I was on my way to prison.

Prison was a line of cells with one dog to each. All were barking, many were crying. The floor was stone and cold. I had a bed and a bowl of water but nothing to eat.

"Where am I ?"  I called out.

The dog in the next cell to me barked back. "This is a rescue centre."

"I don't want to be rescued, there was nothing bad about where I was. Not until this morning. If I can get back to my family everything will be alright again. I do not need to be rescued."

"Too bad, you are here now."

I cried. I know it is not a manly thing to do but I was so unhappy I could not stop myself.

The woman who had taken me in the van returned. She had a man with her. They unlocked the wire door and came into my cell.

"This is Jake," she said. "The police brought him in. He was left behind when the bailiffs moved a group of travellers on."

The man smiled but I did not trust him.  I thought I could trust that police lady but she had given me chocolate to tease me into liking her. She had sent me to prison. Where was my family ?  Were they now in human prison ? I hoped they were alright. I hoped they were not as sad as I was.

The man started pulling at me, he looked in my ears, put this round thing on the end of a tube on to my chest then pulled back my lips and started touching my teeth.

"I'd say he's about four years old, in quite good condition for a gypsy dog. You'll have little problem finding him a new home."

I didn't want a home, I had a home.

"Right Jake," the woman said, "let's find you something to eat."

MY NAME IS NOT JAKE I wanted to scream but she would not have understood me.

The food I was given was revolting, it had no taste but I was so hungry I did not care. When I had eaten someone else, someone I had not seen before, came along. This was a young man. He fastened a dog lead to my collar and said, "Let's go for a walk Jake."

My name is NOT Jake. I do not wear a collar and a lead, don't you people understand. But now I was a prisoner I would wear a collar, I would wear a collar until I was able to escape. I started to make a plan.

That night when all the human people had left I spoke with the poor soul in the cell next to me.

"They've started calling me Jake,"  I said, "the people running this prison have."

"That's not a bad name. They called me Bouncer and that is a stupid name. Who is going to adopt me and give me somewhere to live if they think I will bounce all over their house ?"

"I've never lived in a house."

"If you are lucky you will.  Some of us have been here for months and nobody has offered us a home."

I found out how it all worked. It wasn't actually a prison but for the whole time I was there it felt like that my family used to speak of. My family, I knew I would never see them again. How long was I to stay in  this place ? Every day people came and looked at us, they peered through the wire netting of our cells to see if they liked the look of us. Now and then somebody offered a home to one of us and they went away. Nobody offered me a home. Days, weeks and months went by. Was I going to stop in that terrible place for ever ?  I had made plans to escape, lots of plans but nothing happened. Each time someone looked into my cage I would run up to the wire and try to look at them in such a way that they would want to take me home. I learned how to sit up on my bottom and beg, I would open my eyes wide and try to look forlorn and lost. Nobody wanted me. If only I had been left alone, if only I had not been brought to this prison I may have been able to find my family.

One Sunday afternoon in September 2014 a lady walked into the room where our cages were. I saw her walking down the line, she was heading for me, she was not looking at the others. I ran to the edge of the cage and begged.

"Hello Jake," she said.

Please, please, please please take me home.

The door to my cell opened, I was put on a lead and the lady took me outside. There was a man there. "This is Jake," she said. "Shall we ask him if he would like to come and live with us."

The man looked at me. I could see he was thinking. "Yes," he said.

I know you all think of him as Max Robinson, the writer, but his real name is David. I have to use his real name, I can not think of him as Max. the kind lady, his wife, is Maureen. They took me into their home and a new wonderful world opened to me.

So that is how I came to be best friends with David.

I have had some amazing adventures with David and Maureen. Here I am on holiday making sand castles on the beach and below just relaxing after a hard day being happy.

I am going to tell you all about those times as I persuade David, I mean Max, I mean David to write down all I tell him.

At the end of last year David and I started a blog - Jake's Doggie Blog. We are going to pick that up in March and write more for David, Max if you like, to include on his website.

I have so much to tell you. So much to tell you about my wonderful, happy life.


© Copyright 2018 Max Robinson. All rights reserved.

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