Cruel fate it was

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Can't blame fate for your own mistakes.

Submitted: February 19, 2017

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Submitted: February 19, 2017



Skipping the day; passing the night
Welcoming morning; getting all right

Singing the song; dancing to the beat
Fighting with self hard; tearing the sheet

Clicking the memories; restoring them back
Deleting the complaints; rising on track

Painting his soul; erasing the clash
Kissing the gone; filling the dash

Sighing a whimper; bearing the pain
Leaving the heart; crying in rain

When the day passes, the night comes
My heart cries my soul numbs

Wishing to get more hurt and hurt and hurt
They stay at the door and blurt and blurt and blurt

Getting tired of longing to be pained
They leave the door still poorly stained!

Here our world has changed from "is" to "was"
Was there anything more than flaws?

Now coming up with the lame excuse of Cruel fate it was!
Cruel fate it was; cruel fate it was!

Dearheart! Quirk of fate plays like this
Could not it be the bliss;  if you had tried; Once
That's too Wrong to say cruel fate it was..........

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