The Color Of Our Skin

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Submitted: February 19, 2017

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Submitted: February 19, 2017



Why can't we be civil to one another

We are all alike,

Except for the color of our skin

Why must we fight?


Our feelings are challenged

Challenged by words and actions,

Some lives are filled with hatred

And aggressive reactions.


We all live in difficult times

Times of greed and lust,

Our children need a haven

Many lack love and trust.


Think positive thoughts

We inhabit the same world,

Living in close proximity

Rules of kindness, we must uphold.


People live longer today

Than they ever have before,

Our world feels like it’s getting smaller

Much smaller than times of yore.


Yellow, Black, White and Brown

Many colors are found,

Let’s strive to live in harmony

What goes around, comes around.

© Copyright 2019 Mimie Durand. All rights reserved.

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