Ideals To Ash

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Submitted: February 19, 2017

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Submitted: February 19, 2017



Ideals To Ash


The way we’ve come to view the world’s been turned upon it’s head,

where co-operation and friendliness are things we’ve come to dread.


Be suspicious, watch your backs, the world all means you harm;

forget the days when there was trust and some extent of calm.


So many of our concepts, so many humanitarian ideas

have been played upon and warped so as to be made our fears.


Look hard at your neighbours, do they really belong here

Housing and employment are so at risk it’s clear;


Are you certain there’s no exploitation, that they’re really who they say,

or should your new Big Brother step in and send them on their way.


We’re constantly bombarded now with reasons to make us hate

so many groups around us – a conflagration to agitate.


We’re being manipulated by the threats to services, to cash,

And the terror that is being instilled turns our ideals to ash.


Manipulation is rampant, bigotry is the game,

And one thing that I’m sure of – the world won’t be the same!

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