Witness to a Panic Attack

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To Jonah.

Submitted: February 19, 2017

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Submitted: February 19, 2017



I am shaking.

Does this mark the fact that I’m fading away?

My axis blurs and I disappear.

You, poor you, are the witness.


I don’t think I should talk to you,

But SHE won’t be quiet.

Her heart darkens with the sky.

Our heart?


You, good you, notice the change.

You are worried. So am I.

SHE says she wants to die.

I do not convey the message.


You think I am high.

SHE is enraged.

Or am I?

It doesn’t matter, because it hurts either way.


Do you, O you, truly think

Me capable of such a wrong?

SHE curses you.

I cry.


SHE almost lets me through.

I can reach and touch the curtain

Sense is hiding behind.

But the rope around my waist--and HER neck--pulls me back.


SHE spits her poison and does her routine

Which frightens you.

And then I break through

Sick from the shock of having my body stolen.


You, sweet you, are gone

Off to bed for the night.

I cannot follow.

I shake sickly, and must guard my mind

Or SHE will return.


You won’t forgive me

Because you believe there is nothing to forgive.

But SHE makes me see all the wrongs;

My secret guilt and tormentor.

I am still sorry.

© Copyright 2018 Morgana Minuit. All rights reserved.

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