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this short story is kinda unstructured but i could care less, just thought i would write something.

Submitted: February 19, 2017

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Submitted: February 19, 2017




Usually on a Sunday you wake up, get ready, get on your Sunday best. Most of the time you have already prepared yourself for the couple hours of church that morning. Most of the time you find yourself dreading to go and spend three hours of your day sitting, listening and learning.

But often you find once your there and your spending your time listening and feeling that warm comfort only church can offer on a Sunday, you realize its not so bad after all. You start to set goals in your mind you want to accomplish. Then often find yourself day dreaming in Sunday school while the teacher lectures on something you have herd enough times you could teach a lesson on it with out having to prepare in advance.

Obviously everyone day dreams about something different, but I often find myself day dreaming about the weather oddly enough. For some reason it effects my mood and how I think on a day to day basis. If the weather is pretty good “suns out and blue sky’s” I’m usually in a good mood. But on the other hand when its even just cloudy if often find myself depressed and feeling down…

But on Sunday something special happens, it seems as though that a darkness is lifted. As though all your negative thoughts and feelings dissolve like cool-aid mix in water. You start out with your “cool-aid mix”. On its own its basically useless and unappealing. But when you add something as simple as water it makes something that lightens your mood and seems to make you feel better! 

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