Mission: Marble Cove

Mission: Marble Cove

Status: In Progress

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: In Progress

Genre: Action and Adventure



Agent Karissa Lorie is an exceptional young spy who was accepted as one of the few who would train and attempt to be picked for a very important, top-secret mission, Mission: Marble Cove. There will be challenges, drama, and eliminations along the way. How far will Karissa get?
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Agent Karissa Lorie is an exceptional young spy who was accepted as one of the few who would train and attempt to be picked for a very important, top-secret mission, Mission: Marble Cove. There will be challenges, drama, and eliminations along the way. How far will Karissa get?

Chapter1 (v.1) - The very beginning

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 19, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 19, 2017



My heart raced with adrenaline. I knew I was alone because the only sound I could hear were my own two feet pounding on the pavement. I was sprinting toward the Rockhollow Spy Headquarters (or R.S.H. to most). I had almost completed my mission, but I had to make it to the R.S.H. to write my mission report. I really did know I was alone on the asphalt road, but I felt like I was being followed. Like someone was attempting to find the secret location of the R.S.H.  Because it was my mission, if anyone found the location of our headquarters, it would be all my fault. I would get kicked out of the organization, and they would erase my memory of all the things I had ever seen as a spy. I couldn’t let that happen. I could suddenly see the gigantic, gloomy shadow of the R.S.H. in the distance. My lungs were burning, but I pushed myself to run faster out of growing panic. I thought I heard a sound behind me. All of a sudden, my ice cold, shaking hands slammed up against the bulletproof glass door of the R.S.H. I unzipped my leather jacket pocket and pulled out an I.D. Card and scanned it. The lights around the scanner glowed red. I scanned it again. Again. Again, but still no avail. I slammed my hand against handprint scanner. Finally the lights flashed green and I heard the loud click of the door unlocking. I pulled it open and ran inside. I ran into Agent Jaye on the way in and she asked me why I was running. I told her that I thought someone was following me and were planning on breaking into the building. I followed her down the narrow hallway into the camera room. We checked every screen showing images of the entranceways. There was no one.

The next day, I slept in late. I didn’t leave my tiny apartment in the headquarters until around noon. I didn’t get called for a mission, but I got dressed and prepared anyway. I threw on my black tank top and sweatpants. I pulled my long, dark hair back into a neat bun behind my ears. I tugged on my black converse shoes and hung my leather jacket over my shoulder. I opened my apartment door and started making my way over to the cafeteria. When I got there, I began to think about my past. It always made me sad, but it was simply a part of me and I refused to let go of it because it was also one of the most exciting and important parts.

I was a lonely orphan girl. I kept my grades up and had a couple of friends. I was pretty much normal, but I constantly wondered who my parents were, and why they didn’t want me.

Growing up in an orphanage was tough. Whenever my friends asked me if they could come over for the weekend, I told them my parents wouldn’t be home or some other lie. I couldn’t have friends over, but I was embarrassed to say why. So I just never did.

One day, a friend invited me to a karate class. I was allowed to go, and I did (just to get out of the orphanage for a while). They told me I was very good, and I should start taking classes. I did want to, but I just shrugged the idea away. I couldn’t and I knew it. No reason to work myself up. But the thought of taking karate intrigued me. I talked to Mother Marie a few days later, and she said that maybe there would be a way to get me into the classes. I was elated! A couple of weeks later, she came into my room and told the other girls that dinner was ready. “Karissa, you stay back one moment,” she said. I stayed sitting on the edge of my bed, excitement bubbling up inside me. “Karissa, I talked to the karate teachers, and they made a deal with me. They said they’d give me an extremely good deal if you wanted to join…?” I was so excited, all I could do was smile, nod, and give her a hug. I was grateful for having such a great orphanage mistress. I knew other orphans didn’t. But little did I know that Mother Marie knew about the R.S.H. young spies program and she was just trying to get rid of me.

A week later, I showed up to my class early. They spent a few weeks teaching me the basics, and I was doing great. After a year or so, they moved me up to black belt. They told me I would be the first 10 year old black belt in the entire history of Kicks Karate. They even told me I could get higher degrees of black belt if I kept working at it.

Two years later, I was as high up as possible. I had a class on my twelfth birthday, and the entire company brought me gifts and a cake. My teacher got me a lovely pink bike. When I said no one ever taught me to ride, he taught me.

A few weeks later, my karate teacher, Master John, came by the orphanage. He told Mother Marie he wanted to adopt me. He filled out the paperwork as I packed my things in my one and only red duffle bag he had given me as a gift. As I left, I heard Mother Marie saying ‘good riddance’. But I didn’t care. Master John took me home with him, sat me down with a snack, and prepared me to take in the news that I (without my knowing) had been accepted into the R.S.H. young spies program.

And so I became a 12-year-old spy. I had been sent on a few minor missions, but nothing too big yet. I was still taking training classes, but only once a week opposed to every day like when I had first started. I still went on missions with the older spies, but I was slowly becoming more independent.

Finally, my brained skipped ahead to the present time, to when I had been sitting alone at the white cafeteria table. I pulled five dollars out of my pants pocket and started walking towards the vending machine in the corner of the room. My jacket slung over my shoulder, I inserted a dollar and pressed D5 for an orange juice. After I pulled it out of the compartment near the bottom of the machine, I began walking slowly back to my table. When I arrived there, Jenny Jenkins was sitting in my spot. She was the prettiest spy in the organization, and the sassiest. I personally didn’t like her, but almost everyone else did. She had curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Her makeup was natural, but perfect. She wore sleek leather pants and a tight black long-sleeve shirt. She also wore these extremely stylish black Nike lace-up pumps. Yes, she completed her missions in pumps. But she looked great doing it. And for some reason she felt the need to wear her gigantic gold hoop earrings everyday. At least, today they were gold. Sometimes they were silver, or black, or white, or bronze. It depended on her outfit. I was a little jealous of her amazing fashion sense and hairstyles (and makeup, and everything else about her). The only thing about her that wasn’t perfect was her personality.

“Hey, Jenny,” I said as I slid uncomfortably into the seat next to hers. “Hey, Karissa! Were you sitting here?”

“Um, actually I was-”

“I don’t care! Find another seat, that spot’s saved for Marlene.”

I was angry, but that was just Jenny. There was nothing I could do. If she wanted to steal my table and reserve seats for her other airhead friends, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make her move. So she was obviously going to make me move instead.

After I found a new table, I went to buy myself a ham sandwich. When I arrived back at my table, Master John was sitting there. “Master John?! What are you doing here?”

“Karissa? Oh my goodness! How you’ve grown!”

I threw my arms open in surprise, and we hugged. It felt great. I hadn’t seen him in years!

“Master John, what are you doing here?” I repeated.

“I was looking for you, Karissa. I was informed of a very important mission. The organization requested I return and find my very best students for the job. I came back to suggest that you complete the mission.”

I stepped back in shock. Master John had come back to R.S.H. to tell the organization I’d be best for an important mission?!

“Master John, I’m flattered! I don’t even know what to say!”

“Yes, well, It’s been eight years and you’re still the only name from Kicks Karate in a world record book.”

My eyes widened. I couldn’t believe I was that good at karate!

“Who else did you choose?” I had to ask.

“Jennifer Jenkins, Sally Iyle, Alex Lam, Fleur Monta, a few others. I thought they might be good choices.”

I scowled. If I was going to go on some top secret, important, life-changing mission, Jenny was the last person I wanted to do it with. But I respected Master John, so I was going to respect his decision.

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