Chapter 1: Chapter I

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: ATR Book Club

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“How can we be sure he’s here?” a high pitched and feminine voice said through the darkness.


“We won’t be until we find out for ourselves,” a young man holding a candle said.


“Lyric, you’re like ten, you don’t know much,” a slightly younger man responded.


The girl huffed and replied with her arms crossed, “I’m thirteen, not ten!”


The girl, named Lyric, slowly mumbled under her breath. She had been the first one to agree to go on the quest. While it was true she didn’t know much, she knew one thing. Leaving her homeland would result in serious consequences, even deadly.


The entire land was heavily guarded. So if the one they were searching for managed to get past, it’d be serious. It was true that the government couldn’t track him outside the borders, but he’d never be allowed back in again. A forcefield would forever keep him out.


In the front of the line was the oldest of them all. With eighteen years, Red stood proudly as he held the flame to the walls of the cave. He was the first one to take action, a natural leader in some ways. In other ways, well not so much. He was good enough for the time being.


Then in the middle, Stick stood. He was sixteen years old and too sassy for his own good, so Lyric and just about everyone he knew thought. He reluctantly agreed to go on the quest. Everyone else from their original house was gone as it was.


The three of them lived in a boarding house along with Tushie, the one who they were searching for. There were others as well, but some went off on their own quests and one was even working in the city. The city - the place where the government has the most control over you.

Red slouched against the wall and hesitantly said, “I don’t think that he’s here, we’ve been looking for almost an hour.”


Stick made a hmph noise, practically saying, “I told you so.”


“Come on, the sooner we get out of here, the sooner we can find him,” Lyric who was in the back truthfully told the group.


Stick grabbed onto the wall to pick himself up. His eyes scanned the perimeter for a brief moment. He could’ve sworn he just felt something before. Still tense, he nodded at Lyric, agreeing with her for once. Red went to the front with his flame in hand.


“I’m sure he’s somewhere, so I hope,” Lyric mumbled the last part silently under her breath.


The light illuminated the front part of the cave. As they stayed towards the side, the risk of the flame extinguishing from runoff water decreased. In fact, the only reason they were in the cave was because of an old man in a nearby village. He seemed a little off anyway.


“Just try it, children commonly play hide and seek in that cave. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s hiding there,” the old man told Red.


Lyric’s eyes shifted to the area behind her. She could feel a temperature difference in the cave, a significant one at that. Stick appeared to be on guard more than usual. Red continued walking, not worrying about the temperature difference.


“Red, maybe we should stop for a moment,” Lyric said.


“Why? We’re making such good timing.” he simply stated, unaware of the situation.


Red noticed that Lyric’s eyes were looking somewhere else. He quickly followed them until he noticed a malicious beast which stood at eight feet tall. Its arms were the size of two vertically stacked refrigerators. The red eyes glew through the black darkness, pure black like its fur. White spikes on the back were visible.


Red immediately pulled his sword out of formation. Red sparkles surrounded it, his sword he named Glistening Ruby. The sword was a foot tall and a little skinnier than the average sword. The ruby red colour was its most prominent feature.


Stick drew his weapon out of formation too. Three black claws formed on each of his hands, green fire (which miraculously didn’t burn him) ignited. Lyric stumbled back a bit, not having a weapon on her own. She didn’t know where the monster came from nor did she know what to do.


The beast roared, its roar echoed throughout the cave. Stick barely managed to prevent himself from tumbling back. The wind of its breath died down. Stick leapt into the air, claws in the front of him, he dove right towards the beast with pure determination.


The beast copied Stick’s movement. Its left leg twirled around, stomping right on Stick. Stick could feel immense pressure burning through his body. He was knocked right back onto the cave wall, which gave Red time to swoosh right towards it.


A large red sword buried itself in the foot of the beast. It yelled and called out in pain. Its foot stomped onto the ground, it made a growling noise and a motion like a bull would do before charging at its enemy. At an unseen speed, it charged towards Red.


Red ducked under it, barely managing to do so. His sword almost fell from his hand. Stick surprised the monster and counter attacked it. Their claws were tangoing with one another, both pushing each other with an equal force. Stick pulled his left claws back a bit.

The monster was questioning his action, until it was too late. Stick’s left claw built up enough energy to slash its left hand. The monster roared and charged even further. This was Red’s chance, he leapt into the air and stabbed his sword into its back, trying to subsidise the creature.


The monster’s back shook, Red went along for a joyride. He desperately tried to grab on, at least until the monster shook its back into the air. Red and his sword fell right out, the monster’s hindlegs stomped onto Red. Tossing the poor young man and his sword back by feet.


“Red!” Lyric shouted in desperation as she saw him not moving.


Stick did the last thing he could think of. His leg pushed itself into the monster’s claw. The monster seemed unaffected. With its other hand, it grabbed Stick and completely surrounded his body. Stick was stuck in a hold, desperately scratching at the monster to be freed.


“Stick, I think it’s time to use your upgrade…” Lyric said with a hint of worry.

He snapped back, “Don’t tell me what to do!”


Stick huffed, a new glow of green emitted from him. He smirked a bit as his claws became free. He smashed them down onto the monster, it roared and tumbled backwards a tad bit. While one claw focused on the monster, the other focused on freeing Stick.


“I hope you can feel the burn and suffer,” Stick told the monster with no empathy.


Both of Stick’s hands along with their claws propelled themselves into the air. He smashed them down into the creature. He struggled to be free as the claws dug themselves deeper. He leapt above as if it was an exercise to test the arms. Stick hopped in front of Lyric.


The monster was unable to move for a moment, silence filled the air. Until it roared once again, the monster went charging directly at Stick. The warrior’s feet dove right towards the monster, ready to stab it with his claws. As he was a few inches away from the monster’s red eyes, it turned into purple smoke.


Stick caught himself and prevented any further damage. He quickly looked behind to see that the smoke reformed and it was now heading for a defenceless Lyric. The girl couldn’t have defended herself, she thought it was over. With a burst of light, a simple red glyph appeared.


The glyph dragged Lyric underneath the monster, saving her from harm. Out of the corner of her eye, the girl could see Red harnessing the glyph. Sadly, it broke halfway through her journey, causing her to tumble. After getting up, she could see that the monster hit its head on the wall.


Red yelled to Stick, “Let’s finish this, now! You distract it.”


“Finally…” Stick said as he tossed himself right towards the monster.


Whilst he was ten feet in the air, his claw dug itself into the head of the monster. He continued to knock at it, the monster’s short arms couldn’t reach its head. It tried to shake him off, but it did not do so. Lyric moved towards the side when she saw Red charging up his sword.


The sword Glistening Ruby wasn’t named that solely for its colour, but for another reason as well. Red sparkles and a red light formed around the young man. His hands gripped around his sword as if he was praying to an upper power.


Red directed his sword at the monster. Stick could see a flash of red, he freed his claws from the head of the monster. He launched himself off of the monster as he hopped to safety. Red sparkles formed in front of the monster, at first they seemed like they did nothing.


All until a large ruby, half the size of the monster, formed right in front of it. The monster appeared like it was going to tap the ruby. It was too late, the stone bursted open in a flash of light. All the group could hear was a few desperate howls coming from it.


Once the monster turned into dust, Red said, “We should get going,” like nothing happened at all.




A red and yellow train zoomed on its tracks. Inside the train were passengers escaping the busy city. Some were going on vacation, others were visiting family, others were trying to find heaven. One unique group in particular at least.


Three passengers, one girl and two boys. They were sitting in the economy class, travelling on a budget was what suited them. The train passed through peaceful fields. More nature appeared the further away from the city they went.


One of the boys was sitting next to the girl. They were scooched away from one another, barely making eye contact. The other boy, who was the leader, happened to be sitting on the other side. His eyes were staring outside the window.


Luscious meadows with tiny fauna and flora decorated the landscape. A picturesque sky aligned itself above the landscape. Blue covered its domain, filled with less than a dozen grand white clouds that a child could mistake for mashed potatoes.


“It’s getting late,” the girl blatantly said.


The leader looked outside to see stars appearing near the clouds. They twinkled high up in the sky. It made him wonder what heaven looked like even more. He was always a curious boy, more like he was still a curious boy, he did only have fifteen years to his name.

“How long should it be until we reach the outskirts?” the boy sitting next to the girl asked.


Get and Emily, the boy and the girl, who Cheney met a mere five weeks ago. It was his first time being away from his small suburb town, besides the large and bustling central city. He mysteriously left his roommates in his boarding house, telling them he was going on a mission.


In all honesty, he needed a break. The whole concept of finding heaven didn’t happen until recently. He was meditating, something which he rarely did, then a vision came to him. One of a place filled with light that existed beyond a gruesome and malicious land.


Cheney said, “According to the travel guide, we should be there in six days by train.”


Emily added on, “When we get there, maybe we can finally have some decent food. That’ll be all appreciated.”


“You just love to eat food, don’t you?” Get questioned her sarcastically.


Cheney sometimes didn’t know how or why Get and Emily became a team. Five weeks ago, he met them together. They weren’t related, so they had no reason to stick around with each other. He couldn’t tell when they were actually fighting or sarcastically fighting.


“A trip to last a lifetime,” Cheney muttered under his breath.


“How do you know something won’t go wrong?” Get, the pessimistic realist asked.


“Don’t be so depressed, nothing is going to go wrong,” Emily stated.


Getily rolled his eyes at her and she said, “Why’d you do that? I was simply stating the truth.”

Their bickering had begun another time. Cheney’s eyes continued to look into the night. It all looked gorgeous, he knew there was a heaven, his entire trip couldn’t have been for nothing. Two months and counting, that’s how long he had been travelling.


“Well, at least I’m being positive about it,” Emily said as a final statement.


“We should start planning our next move. I can just feel that something bad is going to happen soon,” Cheney told his team.


“Is this like the last time you felt something bad was going to happen? The only thing that happened was Emily knocking out a bird and killing it,” Get said in a monologue tone.


“It was an accident,” Emily quietly added to the conversation.


Cheney crossed his arms and replied, “I mean it this time. Back in the olden days, people also had superstitions. Some were true and some weren’t.”


“When were these olden days that you always talk about anyway?” Get asked his leader.


“I don’t know, it’s a figure of speech,” the leader said.


The light above their section flickered. Cheney looked at it and immediately got ready to pull his weapon out of formation. Get and Emily both followed their leader’s action. The train shook, Cheney immediately grabbed onto a table to protect himself.


The engine came to screeching halt. Everyone in the cart began to look at the windows, only to see the meadows becoming more and more visible as it slowed down. No sunlight was left, it was replaced by a mere fragment of moonlight from a crescent moon.


“What do you think it is?” Emily asked.

“Something bad,” Get answered in a brief statement.


“Is that all you have to say? I think I can already figure out…” Emily started to say until she was shutdown by a loud intentional cough from Cheney.


The temperature on the train was rapidly reducing. Cheney stayed close to the chair to protect part of his body from the cool air. One after one, the lights shut off. Darkness gathered over the area. Cheney heard a small growl coming from somewhere nearby.


“Do you hear that?” he whispered to his teammates.

“I don’t hear anything,” Emily said and Get nodded in agreement.


Everyone could feel the suspense building like something would unexpectedly happen. The wall of the train shook for one moment. Cheney didn’t know what was about to occur until it was too late. He quickly pulled his weapon out of formation, then the glass shattered and chaos formed.


A large black shadow pounced onto the three heroes, knocking them completely out of the train. Glass scraped them, all of them, but they didn’t have time to worry about it. With a bit of consciousness left, they tumbled down a hill, trying to protect themselves.


Cheney caught a glimpse of the train before it vanished from his sight. He looked around to see nothing except his two teammates. He was on the bottom of the hill and one large monster was right in front of him. It must’ve been ten feet tall.


He pressed his hands onto the ground, desperately rising. A bit of blood bled through his clothes, but he didn’t have time to care. No matter how much it hurt. The monster swung right at him, his oversized hammer tangoed with its claws. His feet were slowly being pushed back.


The monster’s remaining claw sent an uppercut right at Cheney. He was knocked off balance and launched into the air, his hammer being sent into a separate direction. Get was now dueling with the beast with his two swords. Each one had a slightly curved tip along with katana blades that were light green.


The edges were also spiked, with the tiny spikes doing increased damage. Get dodged the monster charging straight towards him. He clapped his swords together, sending a small wave of green fire at the monster. It smashed itself right into the fire, causing little damage.


The monster grabbed one of Get’s swords. The hero desperately grabbed onto it, before being sent into the air, the sword still in the possession of the monster. Whilst in the air, with his last bit of energy, Get threw his remaining sword at the monster.


The large beast did not expect this. The sword plunged itself into the beast’s head. The beast bent its head down and moved its claws up, struggling to get the weapon out. That was one of the things Emily saw when she began to get up, another was Get falling onto the ground.


She could barely see Cheney, only a glimpse of him. In a moment’s notice, she took her weapon out of formation and readied herself to attack the monster. Her staff met up at a spherical point, a small wick was on top of the metallic sphere. The wick was forever burning with purple fire.


Out of the sphere, two well designed purple angel wings were visible. One on each side. The staff was more than just a fiery decoration. The monster finally got the sword out of its head. The bloody sword fell onto the ground. Emily charged towards it.


It tried to swing at her, but with some physical ability and a bit of luck, she dodged it. Emily clicked a button on her staff, a beam of purple lightning shot out at the monster. It could not dodge, the paralysis began to affect it. It collapsed onto the ground.

“Don’t mess with me!” Emily shouted.


A familiar hammer wielder smashed his hammer into the monster. A red, white, and blue glow surrounded the hammer. Cheney stood, ready to fight after falling. Emily turned her staff over (with the fire being extinguished before), the bottom part of her staff morphed into a small bladed sword.


Cheney spun and clicked a button on his hammer, a patriotic blast hit the slowly recovering monster. The beast struggled to get up, it sent its claw flying right at Emily. The girl tried to stab it, little did she know, her small sword was no match for it.


“Emily!” Cheney shouted as he saw her fall onto the ground.


The monster roared, completely taking Cheney by surprise. It knocked his hammer out of his hand, he jumped away from it. He retrieved his hammer, quickly pressing the button and sending another patriotic blast at the monster. But, the creature was no fool.


A purple beam came from its mouth, it destroyed the patriotic blast and flew towards Cheney. He held onto his hammer and pressed the button yet again. The blast from his hammer sent him out of harm’s way. He rode away from the explosion.


The beast was getting ready to charge up for another attack, but Cheney yelled, “Do it now!”


A blast of purple lightning combined with green fire came towards the monster. The blasts hit it right in its back. Cheney spun around and aimed numerous patriotic blasts. Get threw his sword into the air, like a boomerang, it stabbed the monster’s head and returned to him.


Cheney knew what he had to do. He jumped into the air, with his hammer ready to pound down on whatever happened to be in his way. In this case, it was a monster’s bleeding head. A patriotic blast surrounded the head of the hammer, which crashed right down on the beast.


It roared a bit before finally collapsing. Cheney almost fell to the ground and sighed in relief. It soon faded away like a black cloud of dust, never to be seen again. Get and Emily were using their weapons as a support system. Cheney was exhausted, everyone was.


“Let’s find somewhere to sleep before continuing,” the leader said.




“Do you really think that Hannah went beyond the forcefield?” a male asked.


His female leader responded, “I do, where else would she go?”


“Maybe she went to the clouds,” the youngest girl of the group said.


The three trudged through the unknown forest. They didn’t have the luxury of a fancy car ride. The group was actually going to go on a train, but it was delayed by three hours due to an explosion. With those odds, Madison wouldn’t let her group go on a train.


Madison’s only goal was to find her friend, she vanished about a year ago. She gave hints to her leaving, but neither Madison nor anyone else picked up on them. She was too naive, she had to find her friend. She could potentially be in danger out in the unknown.


She brought Pills, a girl who was like her little sister. They lived in the same boarding house awhile back along with other friends. Four of those friends went on their own quests, another one went to work in the big city. Since they all had the courage to go on quests, she should as well.


There was also Wustard, he was the last person to see her before she left. He was the only other person who rushed to her home in the middle of the night. Madison remembered knocking on her door. Madison, Wustard, and sometimes, Pills hung out with Hannah frequently.


“How long is this forest?” Wustard asked.


“It’s not long at all, we’ll just need to keep-” Madison began to say until she almost tripped.


Pills and Wustard quickly grabbed onto her arms. She sighed in relief, if she fell any further, she would’ve fell into a giant hole. A hole that was at least fifteen feet deep presented itself in front of them. Madison didn’t know where it came from nor did she want to, it was called the unknown for a reason.


“Please help!” Madison could mentally hear.


She looked around as she thought she heard Hannah’s voice, but it was nothing. There was no voice whatsoever, it was her imagination once again. It hadn’t been as bad as the nightmares she was having. The ones that would keep her up on the journey.


“Maybe we could shoot our way out,” Pills suggested.


Madison responded, “I don’t think that’ll work, but we just need to keep going. It shouldn’t be very far.”


“Uh, maybe we can just keep walking, it’ll do,” Wustard stated.


“Think about it, we’re wandering in the forest late at night. A great horror movie!” Pills positively claimed.


“I don’t want a horror movie to happen though,” Madison said.


The darkness filled the sky, no more sunlight was visible. The crescent moon had a perfect position in the night, watching over everyone and everything below its domain. The moonlight was their only light, as they ran out of matches awhile ago.


The air suddenly started to get colder. Pills shivered a bit, Wustard ignored it, and Madison felt something suspicious. She ignored it for the time being, as their goal was to leave the forest, not be distracted. The ground shook, Madison turned.


She did not notice a single thing, but it wasn’t just her. She could see Wustard’s eyes staring at the darkness as well. Something must’ve occurred, Madison had to find out what exactly. A breeze swept through the area, the entire team looked behind them.


A small girl was there. Pills stared in awe and stepped a bit closer. Madison did the same until Wustard held her back. The two called out to Pills, but she couldn’t hear them. Her eyes were glazed over, stuck in a trance she was. The girl tugged on her grey dress.


“PILLS, COME BACK!” Madison yelled with all of her might.


The girl smirked, she slowly morphed into a monster. Her hands became long claws. Her hair turned into white spikes. Her back became hunched over, her claws bent themselves onto the ground. A purple light emitted from the monster before finally completing its transformation.


The monster raised a claw at the hypnotised Pills. Madison was outraged, she was ready to pull her weapon out of formation. But before she had the chance to, Wustard did. His purple and blue gloves launched themselves with a mighty blue light towards the beast.


The beast was hit in the stomach and growled. Wustard’s gloves automatically reappeared on his hands. Madison took her weapon out of formation too. Her crimson crossbow was ready to make some damage. She carefully launched a bow at the monster.


The monster grabbed the bow, it fell for the trap. Madison realised what she had done. She jumped in front of the still hypnotised Pills. The arrow exploded, causing both Madison and Pills to fly back. The two tumbled past some trees, Madison coughed a bit.


A string shot out of Wustard’s gloves, tying the monster’s right claw to a tree. The monster began to shake the tree in hopes of escaping. That’s all Madison saw before she looked to Pills. Her eyes were no longer glazed, had the spell been broken?


“Pills, are you alright?” Madison frantically asked.


“Wow, that’s a cool looking monster,” she said as she completely ignored Madison’s question.


“Take your weapon out of formation, we need to attack this beast,” Madison told her.


Pills did as she was told. Her weapon was summoned in less than a second. Her large sword possessed the power of ice. The blue blade was long and capable of freezing. Right in front of them, the beast started swinging around the tree its hand was tied to.


The tree was ready to hit a certain somebody who was already knocked to the ground. Pills rushed over, the monster didn’t even notice her. Her sword stabbed its left hind leg. The beast roared out in pain as it struggled to get its leg free. Pills quickly left the area.


“Wustard, let’s attack!” Madison shouted.


She pulled back the string on her loaded crossbow. Wustard himself was ready to aim his gloves at the monster’s exposed stomach. The two of them fired at it, the crossbow wedged itself into the monster’s stomach. The two gloves hit it, then the monster exploded.


“Well, that was something,” Madison said.

She looked over to see Pills rushing back. Wustard went to Madison’s side, the three of them watched as the monster vanished into a black cloud of darkness. They looked at the crescent moon and all wondered the same thing, what the heck was that?

Submitted: February 20, 2017

© Copyright 2021 81cheney. All rights reserved.


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