Everlasting Embrace

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i am yours

Submitted: February 19, 2017

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Submitted: February 19, 2017



Submerge me into the crystal clear water,

I’m ready to repent for everything I’ve done.

I offer up my soul on the altar,

I hope that’s enough for you.


I’m ready to be born again,

And get a fresh start, a second chance.

I hope this water, can heal my brain,

Cause something isn’t right with it.


Erase my past from existence,

And wash all of my sins, away.

I turn to you, now, cause I need assistance,

I can’t carry on this path, anymore.


If you can heal this broken soul,

I’ll give you everything I have left.

Maybe you’re the piece I need, to make my life whole,

Bring me into your everlasting embrace.


I wanna live in your light,

Now, been in darkness for too, long.

Bowing down, in awe of your might,

Yet your touch is so gentle.


Is this the key to unlocking my potential?

Some say yes, and then some say no.

My crisis is existential,

I’ve got nowhere else to turn.


I feel all the dirt on my skin being washed away,

Untainted by the Earth’s unholy vices.

I promise not to fall victim to hearsay,

Ever again, cause I’ve seen what you can do.


Emerging from the water, I feel an otherworldly presence

Over me, as the sun starts to break through the clouds.

As light shines down on me, I feel a rush of acceptance,

You’re wrapping me into your everlasting embrace.


All of my sins melt right off of my skin,

My past isn’t weighing on my mind.

I feel like a new man, I can’t help but grin,

This must be what divine intervention feels like.


I offered you up my soul on the altar,

And that was enough, for you to forgive me.

Submerged into that crystal clear water,

Was all I needed, to be wrapped in your everlasting embrace.

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