Together Forever

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As the days pass, he still can't forget him, he felt as the world faded slowly from his reach once that one person left him all alone in the dark. What a cruel world was to his eyes. He only wanted to see the person he loved again, and this time it would be forever.

Submitted: February 19, 2017

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Submitted: February 19, 2017




It's been two months since Julian lost the battle with cancer, leaving Henry all alone...

~Henry Point of View~

"He hasn't left me... he is still here." -I murmured to my own reflection in the mirror, anyone who looked at my right now would have ended running away from me but I wouldn't blame them when I would do the same, my hair was a mess due that I haven't brushed in days, my face pale as a ghost decorated with acne and eye bags, I ran out of the bathroom not caring that I left the key open with water still flowing down the drain of the hand washer as I had heard the front door open.-


"Julian!" - I screamed once I reached the living room with a big smile in my lips that quickly faded as I saw my friend Caleb standing in front of the now closed door with both hands filled with plastic bags.-

"Would you mind helping me out?" -He asked referring at the bags; I let out sigh as I walked over to him to take a couple of the bags in my own hand. Once all the grocery was stored in their rightful places I threw myself to the sofa. -

"Agh! So tired..." I murmured as I stretched my arms while watching Caleb threw himself next to me.- "Yeah, sure, I woke up at 5am, went to work to then get Mary at school, drove her home, made her food, went to the supermarket then came here and yet you are the one tired of doing nothing!." -He said with both arms up the air as if giving up, I couldn't help but to smile at him since it was in part funny and true.-


"Finally, you smiled." -Those words made me snapback to reality, I narrowed my eyes to meet his, he was smiling but this time it looked more pitiful and those eyes only hold sorrow.- "It's been quite a time since you smiled... Henry you have to move on." -And that's when my mood changed to sad and angry, he always brings that up and that made me angry, I got up from the sofa and was about to walk up to my room when I felt a hand in my shoulder forcing me to stop.- "Henry, I’m telling you this for your own good, his dead and you have to move on, you can't keep yourself closed in the dark, you ca..." - He couldn't finish his words as I turned around to face him with tears already running down my cheeks.- "Get out..." -I said in a low tone.- "But..." -He tried to speak, but once again I interrupted him.-

"I said: Get the hell out!." -This time I screamed at him, at my best friend, I felt as his hand leaved my shoulder, I saw as he walked towards the door and left, he left like him...


I could feel his breath on my neck while he murmured sweet words to my ear yet so sad that made my heart ache, his smell ran through my nose, it smells like coffee, his touch were soft and delicate, I opened my eyes only to be surrounded with loneliness once again, he left me...


"No! No! This can't be happening!" -I screamed again and again while shaking my head side to side in negation to what obviously was happening around me, still without accepting it I ran out of the apartment, searching for him everywhere we went together, the hours passed by and still nothing, he wasn't here.


I reached the park where we met, there was no one there, but what could I say? It was already late and I was alone, that's when it hit me, everything was real, he already left and he wasn't coming back... I cried in that bench not caring that I was getting soaked by the rain remembering the first time we met, our first date, the first kiss, the first night and all those moments that were unforgivable and full of happiness, those eyes that I would never get to see again, that husky voice that I would never hear again, those hands that I would never touch again, those lips that I would never kiss again. I couldn't do nothing else than shed tears but still invisible cause of the rain, it was so painful missing someone who wasn't there, missing someone who you know that can't come back to you, every time that I open my eyes I find myself alone being blinded by an illusion...



Six months has passed since his death, Caleb had just left saying something about getting some movies for us to watch, I was now looking at the mirror for one last time, I opened the key to the bathtub and I leave the water running as I sat on it not caring that I still had my cloth on or that the water was cold, I opened the little vial that I hold in my hand then took a hand full of pills and throw them at my mouth to swallow them, I let the vial fall to the bathroom floor then took the knife that was next to it and started to draw words on my arm with a small smile decorating my lips, I saw as the drops of blood ran through my arms and then fell to the water making the once crystal like liquid turn into a reddish color, I closed my eyes slowly letting the knife slip from my hands and crash onto the floor …


-I narrowed my eyes to my side finding sitting next to me, he looked beautiful as always even with his beanie on, even if he has lost weight making his skin look pale, he still looked like the most beautiful man in front of me, he looked at me with a smile then back at the sun set, we were in the park bench cuddling onto each other to keep ourselves warm.-


"I love you." -He said in a low tone, I only smiled feeling as the cold snow fell on top of us, I rested my head on his who was in my shoulder, the sensation of tiredness started to fill up my whole body obligating myself to close my eyes.- "I love you too..." -I mumbled before drifting to sleep where I saw a white light with him at the end of it holding his hand towards me so that I can hold it tight, we both gave a smile then walked towards the light.-


"Henry I'm back!" -Screamed Caleb as he closed the door and leaves two CDs in the living room coffee table to walk around the house looking for the younger one. "Henry, where are you?"-He calls his name once again but still no sign of the brunette, then he stops in front of the bathroom door hesitating to open it not know why he was feeling scared at the moment, with slight hesitation he turned the door knob and push it until it was wide open, his jaw dropped open with tears slowly flowing down his cheeks. -

"Henry... Henry!" -He ran towards his friend that was laying in the floor of the tub all trench in the reddish water same as the floor, he gently slaps the cheeks of Henry trying to wake him up but it was no use, he then checked for any pulse or heartbeat, but nothing, he was dead...


He saw the vial next to him and with his shaking hands he managed to take it and read it with his blurry vision, sleeping pills, Caleb couldn't do anything else but cry and cry nonstop with his friend on his lap, he opened his eyes to wipe a little of his soaked face only to now notice that he had red liquid on his hands, he searches with his eyes where did it come from, when he found the source of the red liquid he only managed to cry harder, it came from Henry’s arm, there was a spelling written on his skin-

"Together Forever."

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