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A young teen with a dying dog from a virus goes to sleep and wakes up to no one left but him. will he live? what has happened? But most importantly is he alone?

Submitted: February 20, 2017

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Submitted: February 20, 2017




I can’t believe it. We have to come back here tomorrow, This bloody awful place. they’re going to keep him in a cage tonight. His last night alive, spent in a cage and not with me. However he has changed he isn’t the dog he used to be. He has gotten… More aggressive, last night he bit me and I had to get a shot I can’t remember what it was called at the moment I’m just to sad to think about stuff like that. I just want him back. This isn’t the only case of this I have heard of. Pets in general have been turning weird to say the least. Losing hair, feathers even scales and now it’s happening to my dog the only thing I could talk to and feel like it was listening even if sometimes he would just get up and leave abruptly. But that was ok because he was mine, and I loved him.


We drive home in silence just me, mother, father and my sister and no Milo. I hop out the car and walk inside to an empty house no dog to jump up on my legs and greet me as I walk in the door. I run up the spiral spiral stairs to my room the blank walls not greeting me in any way at all. I start crying on the way up. Even though I’m running I’m pretty sure this is the longest time it has taken for me to reach the top. I can see my mother out the corner of my eyes watching me. She is sad as well but not as much as me. I’m finally at the top now I run down the open space upstairs the soft carpet under my feet reminds me of him and his soft touch and how when I was sitting down with my feet up he would brush past them. But those memories are just memories now. No more Milo. I smash through my door and lock it. The sadness has turned to anger now why me, why now he should have lived so much longer. I jump on to my bed and bury my head in the pillow and try to forget every thing. After a while I’m numb and don’t feel pain any more so I go to sleep hungry, tired and confused as to why I’m not sad.


My alarm starts ringing. I’m in a good mood until I start opening the blinds to my room and I remember its the day Milo is going to get put down. The day is bleak and pale mid-winter day. Grey clouds every where, no rain however. I get dressed in some clothes on the floor from the previous 2 days. A black T-shirt with the outline of a motorbike with someone on it in grey lines from the side and a pair of black sport shorts and a grey woollen jumper I walk down stairs to a bowl of corn flakes on the table but no one around this is the first time this has happened. I’ve always made my own breakfast but im also the last one up and I’m greeted by everyone at the table with “morning” But today, no one. I sit down at the grand, round mahogany table with a gold rimmed bowl. Most would call this life luxury with 150” television screens and a massive house but right now its hell everything is to cheerful for what’s about to happen it brings around a certain anger. I start eating staring at the other end of the room not noticing I’m spilling milk bloody everywhere. I reach for the television remote at the other end of the table but its just outside my reach. So I use my spoon to scrape it into reach because I’m to lazy to get up. I switch the television on and a no signal display comes up. I switch the channel and the same thing happens. Maybe that’s where everyone is maybe the maid. I finally give up and start trying to find them.


Nowhere I can’t find anyone the cars are still here but everyone else has gone. I go to get a ladder buying another antenna or try to fix the one we have. I turn it off trying to shake the thought of Milo out my head. I don’t want to eat any more so I just sit there. Minutes pass I’ve checked my watch 6 or so times now I have now been waiting here for half an hour and nobody has shown up. Not even so I can climb onto the roof and see if they are trying to fix the antenna. I find the ladder lying down parallel to the house. I pick it up I think I’m getting sick because my head feels tight and I had to put a lot of effort to pick up such a light thing. I’m not the strongest 13 year old but id be close I do parkour and you need a lot of strength for that. I lean the ladder up against the gutter roof and start climbing the 27 steps to reach the green guttering. I get to the top and pull myself up onto the roof and stand up. I start walking over the peak of the roof there is the antenna but no one is there. I start wondering if they got a ride to the vet but that would be highly unlikely since we just got a new car and my dad adores it. I walk to the phone and dial in the vets number but no one picks up It’s just sitting there ringing and ringing until it goes to voice mail but the message before the tone is just static.

None of this makes sense I wake up to no one in the house and no one well anywhere. Even the lady that walks her dog down our street is no where to be seen in fact its kinda creepy how she always, ALWAYS passes our house at exactly 8:45 every day. I walk outside trying to fine someone just someone to talk to I start running down every street wondering where every one has gone. Its meant to be bin day as well but no one has there bins out. Rathdowne CRT no one, Cod street no one, Faraday AVE no one. Its like I’m the only alive. I run back to my house and notice a newspaper blowing down the hill we live on. It dances into my way and hits my foot I pick it up and read the front page. There is a garage sale on Queensbury CRT. “maybe that’s were everybody has gone.” I noticed I haven’t spoken for a very long time but only one thing is on my mind I want to spend time with Milo before he has to go and to do that I need to find my parents. I walk down to Queens bury to the eighth house and there sure is a garage sale. But no one is tending to it I walk around all the abandoned house appliances, toys and books but no one was there. What could’ve happened  

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