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Chapter 1 (v.1) - #mixed_feelings

Submitted: February 22, 2017

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Submitted: February 22, 2017



Goodbyes are always hard it becomes harder when you have to tell it to your bestest bestiee,and  your soul friend..


Our friendship started when we were at  late teens and by the time  we reached early twenties  
we had already screwed academics and some how we landed in different IT companies,i felt like so called impossible has happened to me #getting_job_with_6_cgpa
Crying and cursing the managers,on shift timings,pay,some how we made the time pass by for one year,then slowly like all indian parents and relatives kept on asking about our #future for them 95% of future lies in getting married and 5% in going for further studies,my friend had decided to do ms and me still trying to figure out what to do next made me  keep on giving excuses to my parents.

After 6 months....


Packed my bag boarded the ksrtc bus to chennai because for her i was the one of those few people whom she wished to see before she left to Newyork

4 years back we were complete strangers but today it seems like we have lived all our 22 years together,The one who was a scream away suddenly moves a time zone away this mere thought made my eyes moist,but life has to move on every takeoff has a new landing,so should be our goals and dreams,with tears rolling over my cheeks i closed my eyes,i could sense hot temperature hit my cheeks i realised i have reached chennai,

Eve 6pm...

After saying good bye to her i reached local train station along with my other buddies,tired and thirsty i had no intrest in doing anything...then came a train going towards guindy,a guy(#mixed feelings :p) in the white tshirt and head phones near the door  stole my glance if i were  the old crazy girl i would have boarded that train and followed him,but i stayed calm and took a bus back to banglore deep in my heart i felt it would be nice if i meet him once again.

Not all authors who describe about a #she_friend is a guy,i am a girl and we too miss our #she_friends

Myself sreejani a btech graduate,an IT employee,and yes i have a story to tell

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