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Chapter 2 (v.1) - #follow_your_heart??!!

Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017



#Follow_your_heart the most heard statement and the most  unsupported statement i have known so far...... being tired of the bus journey and absolutely not in a mood to get up i continued my nap then suddenly woke up to my phone ringtone cursing the other person on the phone i opend my eyes and its from my home...with no other choice i attended the call Call lasted for 35 min,so many emotions and tears rolled down my eyes,my eyes turned red and teary with both anger and frustration After the call i felt pity for myself for not being clear on what i actually wanted to be... people say follow your heart but when you wanted to follow it you either get lessons of failure or discouragement. As far as i know 80% of the parents in my neighbourhood know only two streams either engineering or medicine i dont blame them it is we who were not clear of what we wanted to become.One of the most discouraging part is #comparision not only with the friends of you but with your mere siblings.I always came across two words from my parents one #what_will_ppl_say second #y_cant_u_be_like_ur_sibiling on hearing those two words my mind voice wanted to tell out only one thing why do you care about others,the other why do u want two people of same qualities/qualifications in same home like do you buy two shirts of same color,two refrigerators??? Absolutely no then why you want your kids to follow same path???WHY??? I thought all this will never ending  till i achieve some thing,wiped off my tears and made myself to attend office. I felt numb inside my heart,everything in my life seemed to be mechanical the way i think,work everything... Deep inside i knew well that its a war between my heart and my mind,i am also aware that they both cant be the winners one should loose,if my heart wins i am not sure i might be sucessfull but if my mind wins i know the rest of my life is mechanical What my mind says nd heart wants is.......feeling tired my eyes felt heavy  slowly sleep coqured my thoughts

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