eiffel tower

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this is a story about a girl who accidentally sent a Facebook friend request to a guy and didn't regret it.

Submitted: February 20, 2017

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Submitted: February 20, 2017



This all happened while i was in college, i was sitting in the cafeteria trying to send a friend a facebook request and suddenly i accidentally sent to a guy named Dave MacKinson. I never realized such colosal mistake untill he accepted and said "Have we met" and i replied him by saying " ohh sh*t, i think i sent you a request by mistake! my bad" and then he replied saying its okay, i think you are pretty by the way, i was flattered and replied with an emoji face. He then replied with a laughing emoji face which felt weird and led me to asking him "why are you laughing" and then he said "the emoji you sent me means something else entirely, i got curious and more interested to talk more about what he had meant so i asked him what it had meant and then then was when he dropped the "dirty talk bomb", he said "it means you want an head from me". i was awed by that because i never saw it coming but at the same time i was facinated by what he had said and the fact that he was scared about us being stranger and had never met before but we go to the same school which even exageratted the whole attraction and how sexy what he said had sounded. i replied " wahhh, nahh that was not what i meant, you are so naughty" and he replied "don't you like naughty?" i laughed and brushed him off saying i don't like naughty meanwhile in reality my middle name is naughty (LOL). we talked a lil bit more and then i said goodbye. On the following day, he texted me and we started talking, i got carried away and used the emoji again forgetting the whole talk about what the emoji had really meant (according to him anyways because i find it had to believe). we talked for a while and before i knew it, i found myself having a dirty conversation with him and believe it or not it was going better than i had imagined. he was aking me personal question about my sex life and fantasy. he said " what is my best position and i said "i like an element of surprise" and that i don't like planing ahead. then he asked that "if you should see me in school tomorrow, what do you think would happen", i replied, well i don't know like i said i like an element of surprise and do not like panning ahead. he then asked me "do you want me to tell you what i would do to you though?" i replied "yes" the he continued by saying "i would hold you by your cheek, letting my other hand on your back, then i am going to kiss you so deep that all you think next is the nearrest hid spot i can find because i would be dripping wet by then and the only thing that would going through my head is him pulling down my pants, lifting you on the sink and rubbing my tongue against your clit and then my hand sliding into your viginal while and the other hand grabs your boobs really tight while he sucks your clit dry" i replied to him with a shocked emoji because i deffinately didn't see that coming. then he asked me "do you want me to stop?" i replied "do you want to stop" and then he said "no, tell me your own version of what would happen if we were to meet in school". my whole body was starving by then and all i could think about was the image he had just put in head, i was so wet that all i wished for was a dildo at that moment which i didn't have. i replied "you sure you want to hear my own side of the story?" and he replied "yessss totally". so i said "if i were to see you at school tomorrow, i would kiss you pusshing your back against the wall and then finding the closest empty class i can find and then button your shirt down as i kiss you all over till i get to your belt and then then pull down your pants while i gentle caress your dick as i lick tip and then take a mint right before i deepthroat your dick while you feel the mint and at the same time i would wiggle your balls. i would put one hand on ur nipples and caress it aswell and by the time i am done with you, you would wish the moment was on replay" he then said " wooowww" i felt a lil embarassed and insecured and then i told him i had to go bed. The next morning i woke up to a snappic of his dick harden and trust me i was awwwweeeedddd by it to the point where i named it after the highest tower in a romantic city called Eiffel Tower. 

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