Give Us Liberty!

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The theme song of America's majority...

Submitted: February 20, 2017

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Submitted: February 20, 2017



Give us liberty,

we need freedom,

Like food and water,

Both we need ‘em.


Autonomy to repair our own cars,

In exemption to raise livestock,

A choice to retain our funds,

To take pleasure in the good life that we have won,

And to unfurl our Stars and Bars.


I want the immunity to use my own resources,

To generate wealth for my own benefit,

With real men as leaders who are honored to endorse it,

With citizens who are proud to be real winners!


We want liberty,

We want our freedom,

Just like air and water,

Both we need ‘em!


I may then take a walk across the northern square,

Without the police all in my hair.

I may again feel satisfied  of who I am;

Of those choices made by the rest of the world out there,

We then would  no longer have to give a damn!


We need independence to go to the east,

The license to go west,

Please give us the constitutional opportunity

to live life on our own terms,

Or just give us death!


We have won the right by both blood and toil,

To trade out products and turn our soil,

To retain our profits,

For our own limitless progress.

We swear our oath so loud and clear,

We yell our praises with great hosanna and cheer.

When tyranny shall approach ever so near,

We shall all then stand tall and bear no fear!












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