Different circles

Different circles

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Piper Daniels was one of the most respected women in her industry, She worked hard and played when she could but everything on the surface may have been perfect, underneath it was far from it...
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Piper Daniels was one of the most respected women in her industry, She worked hard and played when she could but everything on the surface may have been perfect, underneath it was far from it...

Chapter1 (v.1) - Different circles

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 20, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 20, 2017



....... The thud of eighties Hair metal made the walls almost seem to vibrate. I looked out of the window into the darkness and checked my reflection. I had no idea why I had even agreed to come to an eighties themed night. 


"You're out here hiding" I looked over my shoulder and bit my lip as my brother walked over to me 


"You know I can't take you seriously in those pants" I lent back on the window ledge and smiled 


"How men ever managed to have kids when they wore pants this tight is beyond me" he grinned 


"I think I want to throw up" I groaned  


"So why are you out here?" he sat next to me on the ledge 


"I wanted some fresh air " I looked at my boots and took a deep breath 


"Uh-Huh" he tipped his head "YOu're so disconnected and you have been for months" I groaned and pushed off of the ledge 


"My round on the beer" I stepped away  


"Piper" he caught my wrist. I jumped and pulled sharply away from him "Pipes?" He frowned  


"Come on you wanted to come here" I smiled weakly at him 


"Hey" he got up and came over 


"Chase just leave it" I straightened the biker jacket I was wearing 


"I’m your big brother" 


"I know you are and I'm fine" I pulled open the door leading back into the bar and walked back inside. I moved through the crowd of people on the dance floor as Motely Crue sang about Girls Girls Girls. I lent on the bar and ordered a drink 


"Is it work?" Chase asked leaning next to me 


"What?" I shook my head 


"This whole distant jumpy deal" he took my beer as the bartender put it down 


"Get out of my head Doc" I took the beer back and rested my arm on the bar 


"Hey, I know when my sister and you have a high pressure job  and..." I looked at him  


"So do you and so does Brady" I took a long hard drink  


"Piper where is Michael?" Okay I wasn’t' expecting that question 


"He... he had to work" I signaled for another beer "he will be home when her get there" 


"When did we grow so far apart?" I shook my head 


"We haven't" I took a deep breath 


"You didn't come home at Christmas" 


"I was away with work and I told Mom that I wasn't going to be there and we Skyped" 


"Where was it again?" He tipped his head and rank while he looked at me 


"I was in Madrid... and..." 




"Yes alone, Michael couldn't get off of work" I snapped  


"Pipe we're all worried about you" 


"Chase back off. I thought we were here for a fun night. I'm dressed like some Bon Jovi groupie because you thought it would be a good idea" I put my drink down "I'm going home, I have work in  the morning" 


I moved around my brother and headed out into the parking lot. I stepped off the sidewalk and caught my heel in the drain grate 


"God Damnit" I moaned out loud as I tugged at my leg 


"Need a hand?" I looked around as a guy walked toward me in skin tight spandex pants and a wife beater with biker jacket over the top and long blond hair teased out within an inch of it's life. I felt my eyebrows rise at the amount of eyeliner he had one. 


"Damn grates are the bane of every stiletto wearing woman"I sighed as I tugged at my leg again 


"Those look like some pretty expensive boot" he bent down and put his hand on my ankle "I think you should take off the boot and then I can get it out for you" he offered me a smile that made two dimples appear on his cheeks. I moved my hand to the zipper of the boot and unzipped it "I don't mind if you lean on me" he laughed 


"Thanks" I put my hand on his shoulder and eased my leg free. 


"These really are some impressive boots" he chuckled as he wiggled the heel 


"They are pretty fun if you like walking around dressed like this" I watched as he pulled the heel free 


"I think you look really good" he glanced at me as he held my boot out to me 


"Thanks and thank you for..." 


"Pipes, where are... well hello" Chase walked out and stopped grinning at the two of us 


"My heel got stuck and..." I found myself flustered at the goofy expression on my brothers face 


"I saw that she needed help" the guy said standing up "You have a good night" he stepped back and around Chase and walked into the bar 


"Who was that?" Chase grinned 


"Some guy that helped me get my boot free of the grate and because my uncool brother decided to be really weird, I never even got his name" I put my boot back on 


"Good job Michael wasn't here" I shook my head at him "Piper" 


"Are you staying or are you getting a cab with me?" 


"I'll get in the cab with you" he put his arm around my shoulder as we waited for the cab.................... 

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