If Our Anointed King Should Fail

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What the US must do to repair itself..

Submitted: February 20, 2017

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Submitted: February 20, 2017




If our anointed king fails us,

Then we ALL shall rise,

High as the blue skies,

Waiving the R,W &B stripes,

Chanting cheers of holy blessing,

Singing our Amazing Graces….


Or we shall fall,

We all fall with a thundering crash;

We smash into a million blood soaked pieces!

We knew of our folly,

We were aware of our evils,

We were conscious of our great sin,

We must begin again….


We must cast aside the clutch of Satan,

Of evil’s advantage o’er good,

Cease in debating;

Only men or women and

That which is clean,

Cast aside the infection in between!


Embrace again the golden rule…

Put education back into school.

Leave all Communism far across the great water,

And say "to hell" with the New World Order!


We must stand strong again under the standard of

God Almighty!

Against all evil we must stand and fight,

Giving battle with steadfast bravery,

Neath the Christian banner of

Jesus Christ!


We must give all support to the state of Israel!

Parade her national emblem

As we resurrect her holy temple,

In the name of Almighty God!


Together we shall stand,

Mighty and strong…

We twain shall NEVER fall..!

In Almighty God's name we must all heed the call,

like Washington and Jefferson,

until the New World beast is done

and the coming conflgration has been finaly won..











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