Just Another Night in the Band

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Chapter 10

Submitted: February 20, 2017

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Submitted: February 20, 2017




I dropped my backpack on the kitchen table, heading to the fridge for a Pupsi. I was used to the house being quiet when I got home, but this time something was just…off. I popped the tab and I headed upstairs, freezing just before I took a sip. I hadn't just smelled that, I-I couldn't have…

I dropped the can and followed the smell, choking when I reached where it came from.

"Mom?" I peeked in the room. I couldn't move. "Mom…"

Someone grabbed me from behind. I fought, gave it everything I had, but they wouldn't let go.

"Mom, no!"

I couldn't stop crying. That was just one of a thousand memories that clawed at me every night, forced me to relive it all over and over again. I heard someone calling me, still felt their claws digging in to me. I didn't fight anymore, I didn't have any left in me…

"Oh, Nick…"

I gasped. That wasn't the voice I always heard, not even close. I blinked, looked up to see Carrots staring at me. Paul's claws dug into me from behind; he was just as scared as she was. I swallowed.

"I-I did it again…didn't I?"

"Yeah," Paul let go. He climbed out of the car and went to the driver's seat. "You were pretty much half-frozen when we found you. You were just sitting in a snow drift staring off into space."

"You were also holding on to this," Carrots pulled the bag from her pocket. I turned away. I couldn't look at it anymore. "Nick, who are these mammals?"

I froze, a growl slipping out as my claws sank into the seat.

"It's my…" I clinched my eyes shut. It had been years since I'd last said this. "My…family."

"Oh…" her ears dropped. I waited for her to start asking questions, but she didn't, just tucked it back in her pocket. She brought out her notebook. "L-Let's just chase down the next lead…"


That lead ended up bringing us to the Canal District. Carrots had sent Paul out to find me while she talked to Jade; according to her the tigers had bragged about some big job they were part of, but all she'd been able to remember had been something about a warehouse on the north side of the district.

"The only problem is half that area is warehouses," Paul glanced at her. "How the heck are we supposed to find the right one?"

She flipped through her notes.

"It's the one closest to the entrance of the Backwater Docks, it's also the only red one in the area. I wonder what-"

"Wait," I snapped forward. "A red warehouse by Backwater Dock? Did I hear that right?"

"Uh," she glanced at the page again. "Yeah, why?"

"That's where that old underground pred park used to be."

"Hey, yeah," Paul pulled into the lot near the docks. This time of day, it was pretty much empty. "Trevor and I used to sneak out and go all the time."

"I remember you guys talking about it," I climbed out, looking around. This close to the water, it was still pretty cool, but a hell of a lot warmer than Tundra Town. "You guys ever find out why it shut down?"

"No," Paul stopped behind me. "One day it was there, and the next it just…wasn't."

Carrots' foot started tapping like crazy. She stomped down to make it stop.

"So, what exactly are we going to be walking in to?"

She started past me. I held out an arm to stop her.

"Hold up, I've got a weird feeling," I looked back at them. "Let me take a look around first."

I darted off before they could stop me. The scent had hit me out of nowhere, and now it wouldn't leave me alone. Something told me I'd smelled it before, but I couldn't place where. I followed it to the other end of the docks, slipping on the loose gravel that led down to the water. That was where the scent stopped, and from the looks of it, whoever it belonged to hadn't been gone long.

Water was still pooled in the ruts left by some kind of trailer, and the prints left by hooves and paws. I pulled out my phone and snapped a few pictures, knowing they wouldn't last long.

'Looks like we just missed someone' I sent them to Carrots. 'What do you think'

It took her a second to get back to me.

'They could be related, but there's really no way to tell. You find that scent you were after?'

'Thats how I found these' I started the walk back. 'I dont know why but that smell just makes me nervous'

I froze when I felt someone watching me, shivering as I glanced around. This dock hadn't been busy in years, that was why they'd built that park here, but I don't remember it ever being this empty. I sped up, sighing in relief when I saw Paul and Carrots where I'd left them. From the look on his face, I knew he was feeling the same thing I was.

"I just told dispatch about the tracks you found," she clipped her radio to her belt. "But they said it wasn't enough to investigate."

"Doesn't matter," I turned to the warehouse. It was still the only red one in the place, still one of the biggest. "Let's just get this search started, this place is freaking me out."

"Same here," Paul stepped closer to us. He scratched the back of his neck. "I can't explain it."

"Me either, but earlier it felt almost like someone was staring at me."

Carrots shuddered.

"Now that you mention it," she rubbed her arm, looking around. "It feels like someone's breathing down my neck…"

I cleared my throat.

"So, I guess we're all in agreement, then? Let's find whatever we can and get the hell outta here."

We started for the warehouse, but then something else made me stop. I grabbed Carrots' arm, pulling her back.

"Actually, I think you'd be better off somewhere else, Carrots," I glanced at her, then her badge. "This area's not exactly prey—or cop—friendly."

She huffed, snatching her arm away.

"We haven't seen anyone else since we got here, Nick," she argued. "And I'm trained to deal with criminals, I think I'll be fine."

I ran a paw over my face. She was even more stubborn than I was.

"Fine, but you're staying close," I took her wrist. "I don't need anyone coming after me because you got hurt, it's not worth the headache."

She rolled her eyes.

"Well, at least you care."

I smirked.

"Something like that."

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