Just Another Night in the Band

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Chapter 65 (v.1) - Chapter 65

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



"Oh my god, Nicky, what happened to you?!"

Fru-Fru wouldn't quit staring at me. Or shouting at me. I growled, not caring when I ripped the towel twisted in my paws. It hadn't been the shittiest night of my life, but it had still sucked a whole lot of ass. I dropped on the bed, leaned over and spit blood into the trash can.

"I found out my girlfriend's a lying slut," I couldn't keep the growl from my voice. I reached up and brushed the scars on my neck. It'd been six years since those damn collars were outlawed, but I still expected a shock whenever I got pissed. Now that I thought about it, that collar was probably the only reason some mammals I knew were still alive. Getting shocked until I blacked out was a great way for them to keep their guts where they belonged. Fru walked over and sat on my paw, brushing my fur like she always did when she wanted to calm me down.

"I know I'm not great at keeping secrets," she started. Wasn't that the truth? "But you know I'll always be here for you, our whole family will always have your back."

I smiled down at her, or at least tried to.

"Thanks, Fru," I sighed, rubbing the towel over my head. "But you guys don't need to waste your time getting involved in this, I already took care of it."

She shook her head, pulled out her phone and shot out a text.

"It's never a waste of time where you're concerned," she smiled. "Like I said, you're family, and you've already done so much to help us."

I couldn't help but laugh. Their idea of 'helping the family' pretty much added up to kicking the ass of any rival street surfers sent our way, or roughing up the 'tough guys' that wouldn't pay back their loans. I also helped with the books once in a while, but that was more of a 'summer job' than anything else; I was good with math as long as the alphabet wasn't involved. She brushed my paw again, tugging at the piece of old t-shirt I'd tied around it.

"I asked for the doctor just now," she said. "We should get these taken care of the right way."

She looked up at me, and I didn't try to hide. As bad as I looked: the black eyes, the broken nose, a busted lip that had me drooling blood, I knew the other guys were even worse. I'd made sure of it.

"It's not like you to get in fights for no reason, Nicky," she was still going on. "What exactly happened with-Eeek!"

I slashed a paw in her face.

"Don't even say her fucking name," I snapped at her, my teeth bared. "Not only has that bitch been screwing three guys behind my back, I find out tonight she's been stealing from me, from the band!"

Her mouth dropped open.

"W-What? Nicky, I know she can be a little high maintenance, but do you really think she'd-"

"I fucking saw her do it!" I grabbed the trash can and spit again. I'd almost completely lost it tonight, the only thing keeping me back the smug look on that bitch's face. Mauling the piles of shit she'd been with had done enough to prove her right, so I'd forced myself to calm down enough to spit out the tail I'd been about to rip off. I hadn't even bothered to look at her again when I'd grabbed their backpacks and taken off, using every back alley I knew to get back to the Big mansion, where Fru had already been waiting for me.

I pulled myself out of it when I felt her climb on my shoulder, my ears heating up when she hugged my cheek.

"The doctor's here, Nicky," she nuzzled me. "I'll be right outside if you need me."

She dropped to my lap and went to the ladder hooked to my bed, smiling at me before climbing down and scurrying past the gnu in a lab coat standing in the doorway. Doctor Augustine, one of the only prey animals Big and his family trusted.

"Well, Nicky," he shut the door behind him. "Looks like you got yourself in trouble again…"

I couldn't hold back a growl, my claws digging into the seat as my fists clenched. That had been almost ten years ago, and just the thought of that bitch still made me ready to kill. Carrots and I had been sitting in the waiting room at All Saints so long I'd completely zoned out; I forced myself to chill when I caught Astelle, and about half the other mammals there, glaring at me. I flashed a weak smile and sank into my seat, wrapping my tail around me to keep it from thumping against the seat. I glanced up when a small gray paw touched my arm, my ears flicking down when I saw the worry in Carrots' big purple eyes. Her ankle had healed to the point where she could go without the crutches, as long as she didn't overdo it. I took her paw and kissed it, ignoring the sneers and glowers sent our way. I thanked god that was all we'd been getting lately.

"They should be waking up any minute now," she whispered. "Right?"

I could only shrug. The savage attacks had just kind of…stopped after Rocco, Ed and Paul had been hit, and it had already been about two months since then. I glanced over at Astelle, Yumiko curled up and asleep in her lap. It was the first time I'd been near either of them since Zariah had accidentally taken that drug. I'd never figured out if she actually liked me or not, but after all this, I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up hating me until the day she died, I know I would.

"Mrs. Savanna?"

We all turned to a white tigress in pink scrubs, her gray eyes narrowing at me and Carrots before she focused on Astelle.

"Your daughter, husband and brother-in-law are awake and asking for you," she glared at me and Carrots again before turning her back on us, motioning for Astelle to follow her. She didn't even glance at us before getting up, shifting Yumiko to her shoulder before catching up to the tigress. Carrots' paw tightened on mine.

"W-What about Paul?" her voice cracked a bit. "And Trevor and Mercy?"

The tigress didn't even bother to answer, letting the door next to the reception desk shut behind her.


'any word yet?'

I'd been staring at the text since I got it. It had already been two hours since that tigress had led Astelle back.

'Rocco Ed and Zariah are back but nothing about Paul Trevor or Mercy'

I sat back after I'd sent it off, running a paw along Carrots' ear. She'd fallen asleep against my shoulder, eventually slumping down to my lap. Most of the waiting room had emptied out by now, the other victims leaving with their families after talking to one of the cops that had filed back there when they'd first announced the antidote was ready.

I'd made the mistake of telling Leo the staff seemed to be purposefully ignoring us, and he'd been sending me the same question every five minutes since. I put my phone on silent and dropped it in my vest pocket, scratching behind Carrots' ear as she started waking up. She leaned back into my paw, stretching before pushing herself up. Her ears dropped to her back when she noticed how empty the room was.

"What's going on?" she yawned. "H-Have they not woken up yet?"

I shrugged, taking her paw and pulling her back in my lap.

"I'm starting to think they forgot we're even here," I nuzzled the spot between her ears. "We've been sitting here for hours now."

She groaned, perking up when the door by the desk opened again. That tigress nurse came out, glancing around the room before focusing on us, still looking like she wanted to throw us in the trash.

"Looks like we've got a whole group of degenerates," she looked over her shoulder. "Hey, you two, get your paws off each other so you can finally leave and quit making us all sick!"

"Yeah, yeah, we heard you the first time," his voice was rougher than I'd ever heard it. "If you'd let us go when you were supposed to, we'd already be long out of your fur, Natasha!"

The tigress groaned in disgust before storming off, letting the door drop shut behind her. It opened less than a second later, Carrots shoving off me and running before they'd even stepped into the room.

"Mercy! Paul!" she jumped, Mercy catching her and laughing as she hugged her. "I'm so glad you're both okay!"

"Of course we are," Paul chuckled when Carrots hopped to him, tears in his eyes as he almost crushed the little bunny. "Thanks to you guys!"

I shook my head, sliding off the seat and shoving my paws in my pockets.

"Was starting to think I was invisible or something," I glanced at the door Natasha had slipped through. "She didn't even seem to know we were here!"

"She's just got a pole up her butt," Mercy swept me up, almost making me go deaf she was squealing so loud. "Thank you, Nick, for absolutely everything!"

I gasped when she put me down, grabbing the ribs I was sure she'd smashed.

"Almost forgot you could do that," I panted, smiling when Paul came over, still holding Carrots, their excited smiles both completely gone.

"I heard a few of the nurses talking after I woke up," his ears went flat. "I'm sorry you guys had to go through all that."

I shrugged, taking Carrots' paw when he put her down next to me.

"We found out who was making the drug and how, and we managed to find what they needed to finish the cure," I looked over at Carrots, tugged her closer, and kissed her. I couldn't help but smile at her dazed expression when I pulled away. "So I'd say it was all worth it."

I turned back to see them both staring at us, Mercy in complete disbelief.

"Okay, it looks like I missed a lot while I was under that stuff, so I need details!"

Carrots giggled.

"Don't worry, you'll get them," she looked over at me, a bit of pain in her eyes as she leaned against my side. "But right now, I could really use a nap."

I laughed.

"You were just asleep for an hour, Fluff," I stroked her paw with my thumb. "How can you still be tired?"

She wrapped her arms around mine, looking up at me with that 'kicked baby' expression.

"It wasn't long enough," her lip quivered a bit, her eyes getting even wider. "Please, Nick?"

I could only face it for a few seconds before I had to look away.

"Fine, but I'll be blinding myself later just so you can't use that look on me again," I turned back to her. "Are you trying to kill me, Fluff?"

Smirking, she grabbed my shirt, pulled me down, and kissed me. Hard.

"Maybe I am, Slick," she bit my bottom lip. "Maybe I am."

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