After the War

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This poem was written for my war poetry anthology, on the Second Boer War.

Submitted: February 20, 2017

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Submitted: February 20, 2017



Three years had we fought,

On a foreign land, far from home

Once we had lost, but victory sided us

For all the time we had roamed


With rifles in our filthy hands

Did we prepare to kill

A mankind so similar to us yet different

Did I him through my will


For our only job was to pull the trigger

The trigger, which I had pulled

Took lives away of black and white

Had my soul befouled


The rifles carried on my shoulder

As we marched along

Had I ever felt them so heavy

Were the weight of lives now gone.

As I have seen too much. Too far

Beyond control as mankind

Will my mind explode with shelling sounds

As I read on my couch tonight


To my fellow young soldiers, I tell you

For I am over with this thing

A killing is no victory

No more do I want to see.  

© Copyright 2018 Elaine Kitty . All rights reserved.

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