Wicked: The Story

Wicked: The Story

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Darkness defeated....
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Darkness defeated....


Submitted: February 20, 2017

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Submitted: February 20, 2017



Storm clouds moved across the sky. A pale face looked out at the sea..lips like a blood red rose - a beautiful, yet tragic face, framed by raven hair, falling in waves on lilac gown.

The spires of the Gothic castle peeked from the mist - silver like the sea. As the fog rolled over the ocean, she hunted - sent her spirit to find him. Anger and jealousy moved in her mind hungry for revenge. She would regain his love!

The stone steps were cold in her descent to the bedroom. Each room off the hallway was open like the face of a cave - bright candles burning in each stone window. The opulence of silk spreads and canopied beds clashed with ancient architecture of the past - a past her family had occupied for hundreds of years.

It was here, in this very room that she first received the "blood kiss" from a distant cousin - Ranier. Yvette remembered it well, as it had changed her life.

She turned to the dressing table and opened an embroidered silk bag of runes, rudimentary stones in rectangles with inscriptions for reading the future. She closed her eyes and placed the stones:

The Swan - representing her lover...up first

The Egret - representing a blonde woman

The Arrow - Love's true heart.

Yvette slapped the stones, knocking them to the floor.She knew what she had to do to change his destiny, to bring him to her. It was no mystery..the words in memory. She recited the lines as lightning flashed.

In the open window, a raven called, landing. Outside the castle walls the sea crashed against the shore. Dark elements swirled in the wind. She picked up a hooded cloak and left the room. Only a small window of time existed to move between worlds to the place of power, an ancient meadow where the standing stones stood. ....... In another place and space in time, another woman stood watching Yvette's preparations. She knew and felt the danger of dark power in the universe. She was older than Yvette but her face was peach-tinged and long blonde waves framed her face. She too, would make her way to the standing stones.

Yvette reached the meadow, first and touching the stones she stretched her arms in the position of crucifixion.

It was then that the Goddess appeared.

"I cannot let you do this, Child. It creates dissonance in the world."

"Stand back, Woman!" Yvette called and sent a spear of lightning in her direction.

"Upon the Earth

A new rebirth

Creates a joyful sound

Where shadows run

Beyond the sun

When something wicked

This way comes...

The Light has might

Creating right

The balance now rebounds."

And only the Goddess remained within the standing stones. Her words echo through time:

"The balance between good and evil requires constant vigilance and the endless toil of all Light Workers."

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