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Submitted: February 20, 2017

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Submitted: February 20, 2017



  The child was small and young, yet looked too old to be in the stroller he was in. he  wasn't crying anymore, although he had been earlier.
I had been watching the stroller, the child, for hours, waiting for his mother to come, or father, or nanny, or for anyone really. For some reason I felt responsible for his safe return to his family, even if it was just because he was outside my apartment building.
I walked over to the stroller, as I had decided that it had been long enough to look for a phone number or a name, and, if I couldn't find either of those, I would call the police. Is that who you call in this situation? 
I looked at the child briefly and then looked for a diaper bag or just a snack bag. The stroller moved, hitting my head, and the kid made a strange noise, like . . . like well, nothing, it was like noise but no sound. I know I sound crazy but that's the only way I can descrie it. As I rose to look at the child I felt a sharp pain on my back, just under the shoulder blade. I felt something alien being forced into my back. Then everything went alien, shapes changed, colors blended together, then spots slowly started to blot out my vision. Black and white, then only black, my knees gave out beneath me, and as I fell, face first into the gravel out in front of my apartment building I thought about how Everything, all of this, could have been avoided, but for my single act of kindness for a child.

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