The Wake Up Call

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The End of the World.

Submitted: February 20, 2017

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Submitted: February 20, 2017



As the end getting closer and closer,

All I see is people loosing focus on God.

Prosperity things are they main focus.

I’m asking myself, why?

Deep in mind, everyone wants to be rich.


To be rich, where they don't have to worry about this and that,


But not everyone wants to be rich in spirit.

Seeking after earthly things more than seeking after God.

We worried about earthly materials, but not everyone worried about where their soul will spend the eternity.

Heaven or Hell

Make up your mind


We are worried about what to wear to impress others,

but not everyone sees how naked they're Spiritually. 

Imagine how painful it will be for you to see yourself after all these years on earth


At the end for God to look at you and say

"Go Away, I Do Not Know You"

A lot us will ask, why?

But today I want you to know, " Why?" deep in mind, all your monkey business as your first priority in life.


He is the Provider,

The Giver,

The Alpha and Omega,

The First and The Last. 

As for today my brother's and sisters we all should go back and examine our spiritual life.

The wrath of God is not taste good at all.

Wake up

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