Trials of Ancient Alchemy

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Trials, are the complex events each Alchemist must pass before they can join the Archer Military, though for all most One hundred years No one has seen an Alchemist, after the equivalent massacre. After the King of Equality recipes a invitation to the three hundredth Alchemist Trail, he sends His son, Edward and a lonely palace servant in his place. Though on their way they encounter the Eternal Alchemist, who's planning a rebellion and the raise of the Alchemy Empire.

Submitted: February 21, 2017

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Submitted: February 20, 2017




Achingly the dust on the ground disseminates into bulky puffs of dust. The atmosphere in the chamber infuses with the stench of decaying, vintage, books enduring clumsy relocation . The collapsing chestnut floors blanketed in stacks of baking, agriculture, hunting, forgery, fantasy, religious, and the rarest alchemy journals. Categorized into their own push away stacks, flawlessly.


Analyzing the millions of textbooks  would amass years for numerous common caretakers to arrange, however this petite lass with golden hair moves at the velocity of light, almost not being able to behold her in the plain ivory dress with swirls of charcoal grey all over the silk . She doesn't break a sweat, still working, running around with the grace of a swan. Then all of a sudden she is pulled to abrupt stop, causing her to trip over the few books laying in the floor.  She looks up to see who stopped her. Standing above her is a young woman who is much taller than herself, has the same exact golden hair, but this young lady has a hint of  prosperity on her face, not the first thing you would see when looking at her, no you would probably first see that she has a tattoo of an alchemy symbol on her neck. The young lady lays out a hand out to help the girl up off the dusty book covered floor. Shrugging The girl swiftly leaps to her bare feet, then once stable pushing the young woman's hand away from herself.


The young woman looks at the girl with disappointment. The woman speaks with disgust," Well you could be a bit nicer to your sister," the girl rolls her eyes at the young lady, and walks to pick up the books she tripped over,"Alice why won't you just forgive me, it has been six years now." The young woman follows Alice though the stacks of books weaving their way through.


"Hum... Let's see, you left me alone at six years old after our entire family was massacred right in front of our eyes, also you only bother to check on me if you hear word that one of the princes or nobles sons are ready to be wed." Alice stops, turns to look at her sister with the glare. Alice has disowned her sister, I mean who wouldn't after what happened and what she did.

"At least I bother to show up every once in a while."her sister places her elbows on a short pile of books and grins at Alice. " For once I'm not here for the princes. Today the King received a letter."


"Get to the Point Aries!" 


She Laughs at Alice," Do you remember when you always dreamed of going to the Trails?" Alice tensed, the trails had always been her goal, he wanted to become a full fledged Alchemist just like her father, but before she was old enough to compete, the King killed all of the Alchemist Empire and shut down the Trails.


Alice didn't answer her sister.


"Well Congrats Sis, You are going to the Trails!" Aries Flipped her Silkily long blonde hair," But you will just be accompanying  Prince Trancy. You can't actually participate, because you know Alchemy is banned.




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