Wishing Pearls

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What happens when the love of your life trades you for the love of his?

Submitted: February 21, 2017

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Submitted: February 21, 2017



Late one night, after a real bad arguement my husband grabbed his fishing gear and took off. 3 days later he returned and treated me sweet as honey. He didn't seem himself, and right away I became leary of his true intentions. He somehow managed to convince me that it was all in my head. He talked me into going camping with him.

That night, we had left the kids with my mom and we set out for our little getaway. We fished early into the morning, and spent the afternoon setting up camp. He never said how long we would be out there by the ocean, and when I asked he replied "Does it matter?".

"No,I guess not". The fact he was even wanting to spend time with me was a suprise. As night  fell quickly upon us, he built a small campfire and we ate the fish we had caught. I thought we were doing well, and all was good between us again. After all, couples fight all the time then make up. He suggested a few campfire tales before retiring for the night.

"Sure" I answered, knowing he was a mad genius at storytelling. He got this real far off look on his face before he began, like he was remembering something.

He wove this fantastic tale of a fisherman that was out in the deep one night, when a mysterious fog came rolling across the top of the water out of nowhere. It stopped a few feet in front of him. A beautiful woman dressed all in white and long black cascading hair, had emerged very slowly from the water. Her skin was as pale as the moon, and lips red as blood, her eyes were as blue as the heavenly sky. He was frightened of her, but gazing upon her eyes calmed him instantly. She caressed his face and kissed him sweetly on the cheek.

Whispering into his ear, he let go of his fishing pole and gave her his hand. Into the palm of his hand, she ever so gently placed 3 small pearls. Her touch was so light he didn't recall their skin ever touching. She gave him the pearls to make 3 wishes, and that he think of her when he did. She closed his hand around the tiny pearls, turned to walk back into the disappearing fog behind her.

Composing himself from his trancelike state, he walked back to shore, sat by his campfire and stared at the pearls he held onto so delicately. He thought and thought about what he could wish for. Plenty of fish to catch? A new boat perhaps, or riches beyond his wildest dreams.The ideas were endless, but alas, still there lingered a pain in his heart. Thoughts of her flooded his every being that he was smitten with her and was dying to see her again. Two nights later, she emerged from the water again as she had did before, and asked him what his wishes were. Instead, he professed his undying love for her.

"Foolish man, with your foolish heart you know not what you ask", she smiled so adoringly.

"I may be a fool, but the heart wants what it wants. I will do anything you ask of me, just say you will have me too", he answered her desperately. She asked him if there was anything that he cared to wish for, and he replied "I would give anything in the world just to have you by my side, that's all I want."
She kissed him gently on the lips and once again whispered in his ear. He knew then what he had to do. He collected himself and sped home.

My husband then looked up at me. I had to admit, I was entranced with his tale and asked him what happened after that, as any one intrigued with a story would. Ignoring my question, he led me by the hand to the shore, and dug into his pocket producing the 3 tiny pearls in his hand.

"Where did you find these?" I asked him in suprise.

"She gave them to me", he replied.

I hadn't realized we had walked that far into the water till we were waist deep. The pearls began to glow. Fascinated, I smiled and reached out to touch them. "They're so pretty". I looked up to face him.

"Yeah", he agreed then proceeded to toss them one by one back into the water. Throwing them as far out as he could into the deep.

"Why did you do that for? They glowed!! The kids would have loved seeing them", I chastised him.

"Yeah, see that was part of the deal", he said as he turned to look at me.

Confused,I asked him "What do you mean?".

Before I could utter another word, the fog was fast approaching across the top of the water, as depicted in his story before. Out from the deep, emerged the beautiful woman he had described.

Exchanging knowing looks, she caressed his cheek so lovingly. He then turned my way and held me under the water, till my last fight was spent. I stood up and watched them walk out of the water hand in hand. Feeling something warm in the palm of my hand, I looked down to see what was there.The 3 tiny pearls that glowed with a brilliant light, had appeared in my hand. I knew then what I had to do.

It was my turn to wait.

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