Wishing Pearls 2-Emerge From The Deep

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Submitted: February 21, 2017

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Submitted: February 21, 2017



Written with the helping hand and shared thoughts of my friend, Spyguy.

Thank you Spyguy for your time and encouragement. Means the world!!  Xoxo


Time had not been kind to me as I languished away, alone in the depths of my despair and the throes of my watery grave.

I'd often wondered, while I had been here teetering between an urge to self-destruct, & a desire to exact revenge... If I had just realized in time... If I had known his true intentions, would I still be alive? That day replayed itself in my brain, over & over again... Ridiculing me, shameing me, angering me!

Far away from the sight of anyone's eye, upon a rock I sat and cried!

What of my children, I questioned myself... What had become of them? Were they safe? Since he didn't care about me, would he carelessly get rid of them too? Was I ever to see them again?

I held the little white pearls in my hand, as I looked down at them. How damning they had turned out to be over my life...

I was being watched... I didn't know it then, but I had an audience!

Then, surprisingly, from before me did rise, an elder merman and his 3 maidens encircling me, shimmering in the afternoon sun! They circled me, smiling, as though we had been long friends.

"I have watched you for some time now, maiden of the deep." The kindly, yet regal merman stated. 'Where did you come upon the beads you clasp within your hand? They belong to one of mine, and I want her returned to me!"

"This one you speak of..." I stated with some anger. "It is she who has stolen my life from me with trickery! She bewitched my husband. Her deception is the reason I am here, and the reason why I hold these pearls... I too, want to see them come back, so I may exact my revenge upon them both! Long months, endless days, freightful nights, lonely and unloved! It's been a long time coming, the chance to right this wrong! In frustration, doubt of self, and aweful fear for the safety of my family, the children I have loved, I've had to wait, a tortured existence here at sea".

The dark haired, bearded, and chiseled facial features of this handsome merman, with the cerulean colored eyes, smiled gently. I could feel his caring feelings for the disposition of my plight! He blinked a single tear away. He very caringly then took my hand, thus making me release the pearls to him. He smiled, a smile that made my heart flutter, then raised himself higher up upon the rock... With knowing care, he leaned in and kissed me adoringly on my forehead.

"Perhaps, my sweet forgotten one, we can come upon an agreement." He whispered, "I know who you wait in vain for... I have seen him many a time standing upon a boat, casting his nets into the sea. If he will return with my maiden & come back to the sea, I may claim her again as mine! Then, once again, we can both have our hearts desire!"

He waited, patiently for me, as I contemplated how I would gain from this if he was determined to have her back... I wanted my chance with her! I really wanted to make her suffer...

"Suffer she shall, my sweet!", he replied, almost as if reading my very thoughts.

"What has she done, that you want her back?" I inquired of him.

Up to this point, his maidens had been silent and had listened to all that'd been said between us. Yet now, they chose to giggle and whisper amongst each other.

"Be silent !!" he demanded of them, reproachingly, & as they recoiled in fear, they held fast to one another.

"Go forth back to my cavern & bring back to me the Crown of Atlantis, little ones! Be gone, make haste to bring it quickly!"

The maidens dove back in beneath the oceans surface, as he again turned his attention to me.

"She was betrothed to me... Many times I sought with ardure the pleasure her company! A gift which she selfishly witheld from me, though rightfully the gift was mine! Every time I looked for her, she fled away, before we could copulate or consumate our bond to unite our souls in love! She would hide among the many large coral reefs, finding other interests, until I had expended myself and my will to seek her out further".

"I had nearly given up on ever having her, or having opportunity to share my love, when I learned she had received help to leave the realm of the waters, and had become human. She has shamed my honor and she must pay for that slight. Tell me, my beautiful maiden of the starry night. Would you join with me? What are the stirrings of YOUR heart? My maidens will assist us in our endeavors, they are loyal to me".

" What of my husband? Him by whom I have been jilted? What will become of him?" I asked.

"I have nothing to do with him, just with my naughty Jessica. I wish to have her returned to my arms, so I may hold her to me one last time, as the true love I thought I had, & feel again what she once meant to me.

"You can do with the silly human as you wish. As I said before, My maidens will assist you in any way you see fit. Just bring me the girl".

In indecision I turned to look behind me, at the miles and miles of ocean. It was farther than the eye could see... Logically I thought carefully about this. The sun was starting to set and I turned to look back upon him, as I slowly nodded my head yes in agreement.

He cupped my face into his hands, lovingly, as he leaned in closer to me, & then his eyes closed, and with his soft salty lips he grazed upon mine ever so lightly for a second before he backed away.

It was at that moment that his maidens resurfaced. In the hand of one, was held a beautiful sea-shell encrusted crown with small carnations & pearls intertwined within it's twisted vines.


He beemed a smile in approval to his maidens as they frolicked in the water, then waited obediently their turn as he planted a kiss upon each of them.

On the other side of a small island not too far away a swim for us, lingers a small fishing boat. As luck would have it, my husband was not alone. His mistress accompanied him.

We five swam out to where they made their stay. It was under the boat the maidens began to cause it to rock. And it was his Jessica who became guarded as the girls came out of the water and lovingly put pressuredly, held her down as her merman surfaced before her to greet her. Her eyes became enlarged from surprise.

My husband fell out of the boat in fear and shock. The merman demanded the girl's release her unto him, so they laughed and dove underwater to bring my husband back up.

Jessica began to beg his forgiveness as he drew closer to her. Right on time, just as planned the girls resurfaced. Two holding my spouse, and the third handed me the crown. In turn, I placed the crown upon Jessica's head. She screamed the most horrific bloodcurdling scream imaginable.

Her merman embraced her and kissed her. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as only the whites were left showing. He stole her breath as she went silent and her skin began to petrify until she turned to stone. He pulled her into the ocean and disappeared with her.

My spouse was left to confront me when he regained consciousness.

"What will you have us do with him Princess?" the maidens asked of me.

"Bestow upon him the same treatment he gave me" I commanded. The girls exchanged knowing looks.

This was what they loved to do. He in turn begged for his life. I commanded them to stop a moment long enough for me to demand he tell me where our children were.

"They stayed with your mother...I'm sorry. I never went back for them. She didn't want them, she didn't want me to go back for them".

Disgusted by the sight of him, I waved him off and the girls took him down to the ocean's bottom to chain him down till he could fight no more for his breath and the lives of the oceans inhabitants sought shelter within him.

The boat had overturned when we emerged again from the water. The girls helped me into the boat after flipping it upright. With accelerated speed they guided my boat back to land's shore.

In that time, I had shed myself of my mermaid fin and slowly stood on my legs.

The merman had joined us. He too had legs, as he stood and walked out of the water to take my hand, helping me to step out and guide me to the sandy beach. He kissed me once more and wished me luck.

"Maybe if you see your children and find them well, you may think to visit if not return to me, Princess?" he asked with love and pride in his eyes.

My gown he placed upon me, was the purest of white shimmery irredescent beauty. He also placed upon my head a crown of the sea, in the hopes I think of him from time to time.

The girls splashed nearby and bid me a final farewell then swam away. The merman gazed upon me one final time before he too was to make his departure.

I asked him "How can I possibly thank you for helping me, I don't even know your name, merman".

He smiled and replied "It is Prince Caspian".

When I thought to tell him my name in exchange he held up his hand to stop me and say to me

"I know who you are my princess, I've known all along who you are. When you are ready to take your rightful place by my side to rule the deep, I will be here waiting for you". With that he swam away.

On the sands of that beach, I watched him a moment or two, before I turned and made my way to the road. I had a long journey back home to make, with everything I needed at my disposal.

I was going to find my babies.


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