Dead silence (ft Doria sanders )

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Submitted: February 21, 2017

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Submitted: February 21, 2017



Dead Silence (ft. Doria Sanders)

(Verse One - Sohail) I wait, In silence, So dead, It can be referred to as a corpse, The world told me that patience is a virtue, For the sake of you, my love, I'm willing to accept the thought...


(Verse Two - Doria) My conscience is eating me away, I tried to do right, I really wanted to stay, Temptation took hold, Told me this was a game I had to play, Even if it killed me each day, Seeing your sweet face always made my heart flutter, Knowing what I was doing to you, knotted my stomach...


(Verse Three - Sohail) Lifeless, Your neglect left me to die, In the ocean of pain, Drowning in my own sorrows, Unable to save myself, I offered my love, You responded with nothing, I gave you my heart, But you gave yours to someone else...


Written by Sohail & Doria

© Copyright 2018 Doria sanders. All rights reserved.

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