Nothing More

Nothing More

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Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fan Fiction



“Get away from me.”
Ink couldn’t understand why he loved Error - but the reason didn’t matter. He kept his ground, ignoring Error’s demand. The glitching, dark mass screamed at him, an indistinguishable mess of warning words and terrified screeches. His body began to reform and he screamed, “You are the worst thing to ever happen to me.”
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“Get away from me.”
Ink couldn’t understand why he loved Error - but the reason didn’t matter. He kept his ground, ignoring Error’s demand. The glitching, dark mass screamed at him, an indistinguishable mess of warning words and terrified screeches. His body began to reform and he screamed, “You are the worst thing to ever happen to me.”

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Submitted: February 21, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 21, 2017




Ink didn’t know how to feel about Error.

He loved him, of course. Loved him enough to have a child, in fact. Paperjam, a less than perfect harmony of their powers. Granted, Error usually ignored the existence of the child he had a hand in creating. It wasn’t that he was uncaring - it was that he was always reminded of his relationship with Ink, somebody who should be his greatest adversary. Who was his greatest adversary, really. Besides, Ink cared enough about their son for the both of them, showering Paperjam in unlimited love.

Despite the child that would bind them together for as long as he lived, and even past that, Ink held a deep hatred for Error. The other Sans had destroyed countless universes. Ink had watched his creations get ripped apart at the seams. He had watched the residents screaming in fear, terrified of the incomprehensible destruction happening to their home. Ink had confronted him about it, and that bastard just laughed in his face, calling him an abomination. Error had said that he hated everything Ink stood for. Ink had said he hated everything Error existed for. He had said that he wished he could paint Error out of existence. He had wanted to kill the glitching mass in a raging vengeance for his creations.

It was the last conversation they had.

Ink hadn’t meant to hurt Error. The words had just tumbled out of his mouth, past every barrier of politeness and love he had put up. They had always come together, no matter how angry. Two of the few coherent minds in the void between the timelines, they could put aside their differences to have somebody, anybody, to talk to. Somebody who was real, not just a voice that you couldn’t distinguish as a fantasy.

Sometimes Error wanted to hear everything he had to say. Sometimes Error wanted to shatter his own skull just so that he didn’t need to listen to Ink.

Ink wanted, needed to see Error right now.


It was dead silent.

Error had never experienced silence before. Not the normal kind, anyway. It was always something - whether it was the loud, horrible voices of the timelines or the sounds of creatures that weren’t really there. Except right now, not even his invisible friends were asking him anything.

Error was experiencing silence and it was petrifying. Something was deeply, horribly wrong and he could feel it. It was more than the creation of another universe - this felt angry, malicious. It was bad enough that it made everything silent. His horrible, annoying, constant companions had been scared off. Error didn’t know what to do, where to go, how to think. Error was completely alone. He didn’t like it. He laughed, falling to his knees.

“Is this how Ink has to feel? I bet it is. Heh, he’s so dumb. I definitely got the good end of the deal - why would he want to be without friends? It doesn’t matter if he can’t hear them, they just like me more,” Error said aloud, trying to fill the unbearable quiet. It didn’t help - there was always more than just him, he was never alone, nobody would leave him. Did he do something? Did he make all his friends mad? He was so sorry, he just wanted them to come back c0me back pl3ase c0me back t0 m3 I’m s0 afra1d-




Ink heard screaming. No, no, Ink heard screeching. The horrid sound rattled in his skull, sending shivers up his spine. It was the sort of screaming one heard in nightmares. The kind that only existed when you were running from something that you couldn’t see. Error had screamed before, but that was a laughing, happy scream. It was to hear his own voice, to assure himself that he was real and that his body was really his.

Error had never been afraid before. He had always known that he could protect himself from anything that even dared to attack him. Error had doubted existence, but he had never been afraid of something. A corporeal creature that could hurt him - Error would never worry about something like that. So what was screaming?

Ink dashed toward the sound, only to find Error on his knees, digging his phalanges into his skull, causing the clear blue marrow, glistening with the dust of what used to be his bone, to run down the sides of his skull. The banshee scream was coming from him, but Ink saw nothing in sight. Of course - why had he thought Error was really being chased? Ink had seen Error have bad hallucinations before - but never like this. Ink didn’t know what to do. It didn’t matter that he had seen these situations in countless of his universes. Error could easily kill him in this state and have no idea of what he’d done until days later. Or ever.

So why was Ink walking towards him?

”Error?” he asked. The dark boned sans spun around grabbed Ink by the throat vertebrae and slammed the other into the ground.

”Where were you?” he screamed, “where the fuck were you?”. Tears, actual tears, dripped onto Ink’s face and Ink didn’t understand why. Why Error was so afraid, why Ink was supposed to help him, why he screaming in Ink’s face, angry about something that Ink didn’t do. Error lifted Ink’s head, cradled it, almost gentle, then slammed it back to the ground. He jumped off of Ink, as if he had just realized out the other was some disgusting creature.

”No! I’m not falling for that again! You’re just against me, right? You’re out to get me! Just like everybody. I couldn’t have an actual friend, they’ll just leave me, you’ll just leave me gain my trust so you can abandon me you fucking bastard,” Error was breathing heavy, words still falling out of his mouth, now incomprehensible.

”Get away from me.”

The first clear words Error had said in minutes were a warning to Ink. Ink didn’t care. He wouldn’t leave Error in this state - it would’ve been cruel to leave him to deal with whatever this was himself. Ink didn’t leave so Error screamed at him, a glitching, dark mass furious at Ink’s persistence. The creator didn’t understand - Error couldn’t control himself, had no idea what he was doing, and he was terrified of Ink.

”You are the worst thing to ever happen to me.”

He was afraid.

”This is your fault.”

No, no.

”You weren’t there.

He was petrified.

”Why won’t you say something?”

Nonononono this is all wrong you want him to go away get away fuck off get him away from me

Say something to me you fucking asshole.

Ink had no words. Ink had no idea what Error was talking about. Ink had no way to defend himself against an Error this furious. Ink had no fear.

”What happened Error? I want to help you…”

It was the wrong thing to say.


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