The Agreement

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Someone travels a dirt road to arrange a new future, he hopes.

Submitted: February 21, 2017

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Submitted: February 21, 2017



Part One of Two


As our story begins, we start by observing from a high place; maybe high in a tree. We are looking down at what might be called a road in the days of kings, knights, and damsels in distress.

For the most part, the road is just a well worn dirt path where people, animals, and wagons, have followed the same path from one place to another.

Along the road rides a rather handsome man, about thirty years old, and he rides a fine war-horse. However, neither the man nor the horse is suited for battle. No, they ride light on this day; just a cross-bow and a half sword are visible.

The man is singing and the horse seems to be trotting to the beat of the tune.


"The lady was lost in the storm that night --- So I summoned my steed to her delight --- Then I whisk her away to my castle at Cray --- and we ..."


The man's singing was cut short by a thunderous voice which bellowed, "Signing is not allowed in my forest! Who are you to disturb the peaceful sounds of the forest's stream gurgling, and the birds warbling in the trees?"

The man on the horse was startled and the horse was spooked, to say the least; it whinnied and rose up on its hind legs while doing so.

"Woo Charger," the man said as he patted the horse on the side of the neck. "It is safe boy, it is safe. Be calm," he stated further.

Then the man questioned the voice while looking up into the tree-tops, "Who are you to question a King?

I am Robert the Destroyer, Lord of Grannis and First General of the Grannis Alliance.

I am on my way to the City of Rivers on state business. And for your information, I travel this road, my road, through my forest, any time I so choose!

Now who might you be?!?"

At that moment a great eagle swooped down from above and landed on the road in front of the King. The eagle stood taller than the horse and it's seated rider.

"I am called Time," bellowed the eagle, "but some have called me Death and Destruction. Which name shall you find me to be, Oh Great King?" the eagle asked as it cackled with the cackling sounds of an old witch.

The King guided his steed slowly around the eagle in a clockwise motion, as if to seek a point of attack. Then he replied, "I shall call you a dishonorable servant if you do not acknowledge your King, --- you shape-shifting vixen."

With that said, the eagle morphed into an old hag of a witch.

"What gave me away, my brother?" The Witch asked.

"That laugh of yours, I would recognize it anywhere," King Robert replied while chuckling to himself. Now get out of that witch form and ride with me, oh sister by another mother."

The witch quickly changed into her natural state, this time into a beautiful woman that looked to be about 20 years old.

Her hair was long and flowing, and the color of Golden Wheat at harvest.  Her skin was black as the night and in the daylight it looked to be the texture of velvet. 

And what of her eyes?

Her eyes were ocean-green and were an emotional danger to anyone that looked into them for any length of time.


Up and onto the back of the horse she effortlessly sprang, leaning her back against the King's and placing her feet on the horse's rump.

"Are we really going to the City of Rivers, --- finally?" asked the woman.

The King replied, "Yes Kate, promises need to be fulfilled and there is no time like the present. War may be brewing and alliances need to be strengthened, --- or rearranged."

"War, war, war, honestly, sometimes I think that is all you kings think about," Kate said as she giggled. --- Then continued, "I have a fun idea, let us have a Grand Ball instead of a war! Everyone can come all dressed up in costumes.

We could decorate this forest and the surrounding fields with lanterns and flowers, and we could have orchestras and dancing too! The servants could dress up as well. It would be loads of fun! Don't you think?"

After all, when people are having fun they are less apt to want to kill one another." 

And so it went, Kate rattled on as the two moseyed down the road-way on the King's trusty steed. 


Part Two of Two

The Cobra Queen


The City of Rivers is built at the fork of two massive waterways.

Some say that the city is a thousand years old and its castle has never been successfully breached. The Queen that rules these lands, Cobrilla, is a half-breed Reptilian and her combined families have ruled these lands for 500 of those years; although, those successions have seldom been easy. One brother did away with the other; a son jailed his mother on charges of treason, just for the sake of the crown. A King stabbed in the back, literally, by his half sister and her lover. And even Cobrilla has a iffy right to the throne that she sits upon.

Cobrilla  is a tough nut to crack. She refuses to join the Alliance, as her father and his father's before him did. She does not want to pay her fare share of military costs, even though she enjoys their protection by sheer default.

Her kingdom borders three alliance kingdoms, so she is protected because they act as a barrier against her enemies. Aside from the Alliance, the two rivers are her only real deterrent against invasion.

"Halt, state you names and your business!" came the call from the guard tower. The tower being at the entrance to one of two bridges that leads to the City.

"I am King Robert, Lord of Grannis and First General of the Grannis Alliance; and this is my hand-servant, Merd."

Kate now stood on the ground and to the right hand of King Robert; she now looked like a boy of about nine years old.

The guard wrote a note and dispatched a Falcon to the city. Within minutes a flaming arrow was seen in the sky over the river.

"You may pass, King Robert," said the bridge guard, "my Queen awaits your arrival. However, I am afraid your servant and the horse must stay over there in the stable, until you return. We have had an increase in impostures lately, you understand."

The King replied, "It will be inconvenient, but I guess you can't be too cautious these days, Corporal."

Then the King turned to the child and said with an eye-wink, "Merd, take my horse to the stable and wait there for my return."

At about the same time a coach arrived from the city and two emissaries got out, greeting King Robert. Soon the three were in the coach and heading toward the city.

After accommodations were made at the stable for Charger, an Owl flew toward the castle as well.


"Robert, it has been a long time sense our last visit. You are looking well," said Queen Cobrilla.

Robert replied quickly, "May we speak alone dear Queen, there are spies throughout the land and what I'm about to say should be for your ears only."

"Of course," the Queen stated as she waved her people out of the room.

"It has been much too long, dear Queen," King Robert replied, "and it saddens me that I have to bring bad tidings to such a lovely woman as you."

"Oh Robert, your silver tongue still moves my

Emotions, --- but never enough to open my purse to your military needs," Cobrilla laughingly stated.

"War is certain without further troops, dear lady, and your participation is much needed at this time.

King Tagus and his power hungry brothers are about to amass an army that rivals the alliance's combined forces. If they breach our southern ranks your kingdom will fall; make no mistake about that," Robert replied with overtones of dread in his voice. 

Cobrilla laughed and said, "I have heard all this before and nothing has ever come of it. It is not my doing that my lands are surrounded and protected by those that mean me no harm. But honestly, should I pay for friendship and for what I have never asked for?

You should have married me before my brother's death, then our two kingdoms would be one and all this pleading would be unnecessary."

"I admired your strength and I personally liked you Cobrilla, but I did not love or trust you. But that is all water under the bridge now.

I plead with you Cobrilla, take a lesson from your Father and his Father's before him, and do what is right to save yourself. Your brother understood the need to belong to the Alliance and if he had become king, we would be united."

"That halfwit brother of mine never had an original thought, he did whatever was in Father's little rule book. On the other hand, I think for myself," Cobrilla stated defiantly. Then she continued by saying, "It may have been for the best that my brother was never king. His love for wine and the wrong women would have cost this kingdom dearly.

Buy fate stepped in, along with a great deal of wine in his belly, and he fell into the Sim River just before his coronation."

Robert smiled and said, "Did he fall, or was he pushed?"

The Cobra Queen looked scornfully at Robert, then laughed before replying, "I'm sure he fell. The servants said that they didn't remember anyone else in that living area. Besides, he was warned many times about the dangers of that balcony, the way it hangs over the river's edge. But I'll just repeat what you have said Robert, it is all water under the bridge, --- the Sim River Bridge to be exact.

I have saved this kingdom many Gold-Dalions by staying out of the Alliance, and that is the way it will stay."

King Robert grew angry and replied, "Some of your kingdom's people still starve, do they not?

It is common knowledge that those Dalions go into your purse, not to the kingdom's treasury! If your kingdom was of the Alliance then there would be work and prosperity for those people too, they would not go hungry.

Those in the Alliance share the wealth which makes for strong and prosperous kingdoms and very loyal subjects as well. So join us and prosper with us."

Cobrilla just laughed and once again shook her head, NO. That is when Robert stepped forward and hit her hard upon the head. But before she could fall to the floor he caught her.

King Robert quickly covered her mouth, bound her, and carried her to the balcony. As he opened the doors that great eagle descended and carried the queen into the obscurity of the clouds above. 

Within minutes Kate returned to the balcony and morphed into the likeness of Queen Cobrilla.

"Is the queen secured?" Robert asked Kate.

"I left her with the gypsy band, just as you instructed," Kate replied.

"Good," Robert said, "with a few gypsy potions in her food she will forget her past. And with constant reminders from those around her she will think that she is just another gypsy woman, living with her family. It is all for the best.

Now Kate, I mean Queen Cobrilla, you have your kingdom as I promised. And in return you will provide me with the military alliance that I have sought sense that unreasonable and unwavering woman was crowned.

"So what happens after this? I don't want to stay in this Lizard-skin forever," Kate stated.

Robert replied with a smile on his boyish face, "Over the next few months Queen Cobrilla will take ill.

You can act sick can't you?"

Kate laughed and turned her snake-like skin a sickly shade of green, "How's that for starters," Kate quipped.

"That will work," Robert replied. "Now, as the queen grows frailer she will begin relinquishing her powers to the newly arrived family member, Princess Katalina Montoyia.

The queen's closest advisers and her generals will be informed that you are her only daughter; this, by a secret union with an un-named king. You, sorry, I meant to say the Queen, shall have the necessary documents drawn up naming the Princess as the queen's successor.

At that point Queen Cobrilla, racked with unbearable pain, will take her own life by jumping into the river.

And of course, the Queen's daughter will be the only witness to the tragic event.


JE Falcon


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