The Drop of Gold

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I started the story last year, I was really into writing it and I had fun doing it, I just want to see if this is even any good considering what it is, I want to write more and get better at making story's but I also want opinion of others so I can make content that other people would like to read

Submitted: February 21, 2017

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Submitted: February 21, 2017



The Golden Drop

Chapter 1



A long time ago, there was a ruin on top of a hill, the ruins used to be a castle for a greek demigod. He lived in his home for many years with his wife and two daughters. His wife was outside under an oak tree watching their two daughter play down by the creek, then all he seen was a splash and his daughters were gone. Instantly she got up and started running down the hill, then he ran outside and screamed “Do not go down there.” She didn't listen and just kept running soon as she got to the bottom, he seen a splash then ,  no one was standing there. He started to remember from when he was a kid, his mother told him about the creature that lived in streams, creeks, and rivers. It was a nymph, she was a very friendly nymph.


Chapter 2



Then one day she fell in love with a satyr, the satyr loved her back and they visited each other, and did things together. Then one day she woke up and their house was destroyed, everything was off the walls, flipped over, and glass was everywhere. He left a note saying “I used you the whole time, I got what I came for.” Then she sat there for a minute and thought “ what could he have took”. She thought of her grandmother's necklace, but it had no value to anyone but her. Then she thought of her father's imperial gold sword, she had to warn everyone so they can try to catch him. The imperial gold can easily kill any immortal, monster or demigod.


Then she ran outside, she went to check on her sister first but when she got there, her sister had just been stabbed in the stomach. She was on the floor crying out in pain, but she already knew it was too late. She tried to comfort her but she told her to just end the pain, so she took out her dagger and stabbed her in the chest, she turned into dust and vanished. She started crying then stopped and become full of anger. She ran out the door and never stopped running until she reached a nearby village. She was glad to see everyone was alive, she sat down with the leader of the village and told them to stay alert and on guard. They offered her a pegasi, she told them “thank you” and flew off to alert the other villages.


She looked down at the horse and he was solid black, with red eyes. Then she noticed a scar on his front shoulder, she thought it looked like an arrow struck him and his wound healed not long ago, it was still red and had no hair there. She got to thinking about the scar and got away from the task at hand, she looked down and seen a hill with small oak tree growing on it, she didn’t think much of it and then she turned her to her right and seen a creek. She flew down with her horse to get some water to drink. They sat the creek for about eight minutes to take a small rest, then she got up and they took off again. She flew to the west this time right over the hill and thought she should go warn the satyr’s in the woods, she hoped he hasn’t reached them and convinced them to help him. She said to herself “I hope he rots in tartarus”. The horse look up and whined at her. Then she looked down and seen she was above where the satyr’s stayed, she and her horse flew down slowly watching in case he had found them already. She landed and drew her dagger, while watching for any satyrs.


Then she seen a satyr come out and he asked what is going on, she told them about him and what he has done and they believe what he had done. They said they would stay on lookout for him but they warned her that he may be going to greece to kill a demigod of Zeus, they said he caused one of his cousins to be shot from a amazon. They said she needs to travel to greece and look for someone named Marcus. They said if she took the pegasi she would get there in around 2 weeks, she had no idea how he would get there. Then she forgot that her sister had two pegasi, one was white and brown, the other was solid white. She didn't remember seeing them in their barn, but she didn't have time to turn back. He done had the head start and she couldn't waste time.


Chapter 3



I wonder how long it will take me to get to Greece” then he looked down to see where he was and guessed around 10-11 days. I hope i'm strong enough to defeat Marcus he thought, he did have the advantage though because one strike from imperial gold is like getting struck 15 times. He kept thinking that Naida would come for him but he knew she wouldn't get there in time, Naida was very strong for a nymph she was good in combat with any sword or dagger and she was fast.  Then he realized he has to get there fast as he can, he just had remembered there was a village near their home and they had some of the fastest pegasi ever existed. He cursed under his breath and they took off faster. He knew then that Naida would get to Greece right before him, then her and Marcus would team up to kill me.


He knew he had to get there fast has he could, but the pegasi can only take so much. They stopped at small pond, the sun was about to set and the water was crystal clear. You could only see the fish, the small dazzling rocks and the sunset on the water. Beautiful he said aloud, then he started pulling out his gear and setting up for camp. He knew they had to rest and Naida wouldn’t fly at night, to many dangers in the sky waiting for you. He dug a small pit for the fire and pulled out some small snacks he packed, then the pegasi whined and ran over and started to lick him in the face. He started to laugh then he fell over while he kept licking him, after a long time of getting licked to death, he sat back up and gave blackjack a peanut butter bar. He felt so bad that he killed Naida’s sister, but she wouldn’t let him have Blackjack. He started to stare at the sky till Blackjack came over and started to lick him for another Butter Bar.


He didn’t remember a thing except for waking up to the sun rise, he rubbed his eyes then looked around. He seen the 7 packages of paper where Blackjack tore open the Peanut Butter Bars, the fire was slowly burning now, he stood up and was looking for Blackjack and all he heard was a friendly whine. He jumped and tripped over a bag, and got a little frustrated for Blackjack scaring him like that. He put out the fire and gathered up all of Blackjack’s mess, then wrapped up all his stuff and put the saddle and bags on Blackjack. They both went to the pond to drink some water before they went up again.


He kept thinking of how Marcus let his cousin die, he got filled with so much anger every time he started to think about it. He said “I wish I was there to help him” then he wondered if Marcus even felt sorry. Blackjack whined and an arrow past a few inches in front of his face, Blackjack went as fast as he could to get on the ground. When they were about 14 feet from landing on the ground he heard another whine from Blackjack, except for this one sounded like he was in pain. They landed on the ground but not stable, he got off Blackjack fast as he could and pulled his saddle and gear off him. He looked and didn’t see an arrow on the right side of him, then he ran over to the left side and seen an arrow with a note in his right shoulder.


Chapter 4



She was gathering up items from her camp, she slept to long and rushed to put everything in her bags. She put the saddle on her pegasi and set off, she thought of when she rode her sisters pegasi, Blackjack, and Shadowmere. She felt that this pegasi was faster and stronger, she had her saddle and gear on it, that was wieght on the pegasi and it was still faster. She thought that they must train their pegasi, she wondered what kind of strength her pegasi has. She got the pegasi to go faster, but she didn’t want to push him to his limit. She got so much adrenaline from the speed, she looked down and the trees was passing so fast she couldn’t tell they was even trees. She got the pegasi to slow down some, she got worried he would get exhausted or they might lose some items/gear. She looked back and thought they must have traveled 10 miles in around 8 minutes, wow she thought. They kept flying for a long time until she reached a small farm, she flew down to the farm.


She got off her pegasi and started to look around and see who owned the farm, she searched the barn, the house, the shed and no one was in the garden. She heard the sound of metal, she turned around and looked at the shed the door was slightly opened now and the piece of sheet metal that was once leaning on the shed was on the ground. She slowly drew her sword, then she walked over to the shed and pulled the door open. She heard something on the floor move to the left corner, she looked around the corner and seen a small man, he pleaded for her not to kill him. She started to laugh, then the old man stopped pleading and asked what’s so funny. She said “I’m not going to hurt an old man like you, well unless you try to kill me.” He said “fair enough” they started to get into some questions with each other and she asked what are you doing out here all by yourself. He said I love farming and it’s in the middle of nowhere, i'm safe from people and monsters, well except for people with a pegasi. She grinned, then she said well what do you farm on out here. He looked at her odd and said I don’t farm, This farm and the shed outside was here when I decided to move here. Was anything ever in the field or shed? In the shed I found a 3 keys, a solid iron cube and a shovel, there is something at the back of the field made of stone, it’s something I have never seen in my life. She said take me there, the field was huge and it was hot outside. She called her pegasi over and picked up the old man and set him on the front then tied up the things he found, she then climbed on and he showed her where it was.


They landed right beside the stone, she got off then picked up the old man and set him down they had to keep their eyes closed for about 40 seconds to let the dust settle, she untied the items and set them down beside the stone. It was covered in dirt and moss, she grabbed her water and poured it all over the stone to clean off the dirt. She then started pulling all of the moss off of it, until it was clean and nice looking. She looked at all the different drawings and holes on it then she looked on the back side of the stone and it had a keyhole and under the keyhole there was writing in greek, it said life or death. She exchanged looks with the old man, then she grabbed the three keys and started to look at them, one key was made of stone, the other two was made of iron. She guessed it would be the stone key and then she put it in the lock and twisted it. She backed away from the stone as it slowly started to fall into the ground, then it dropped into the ground and dirt filled over it. Then they heard a large thud and in the middle of the field a staircase formed, they got the stuff together and went over to the staircase.


Chapter 5



He walked over to Blackjack and pulled the arrow out, Blackjack whined. He got some cloth out of his bag and a few other things. He got down and and patched up his wound. Then he walked over to the arrow, he took the letter off of it. Then he opened the letter, it had a pen in the middle of it, the pen rolled onto the ground. It had, with anger comes death, while it is also your greatest strength. He knew this had to do with him and Marcus, he just wondered who shot the arrow. He looked over at Blackjack who was now limping around and hiding behind objects. He reached into his bag and got out a Butter Bar, Blackjacks eyes went wide and he walked over and he gave him the Butter Bar. Once Blackjack finished eating it he licked his lips and started looking up at the sky, Jason was staring at Blackjack then he heard leaves rustle beside him. He pulled out his sword and was waiting for something to come out, then Blackjack whined, he turned around to see Blackjack hopping around a rabbit. The rabbit sitting there still, as if something happened and he is in shock. He walked up close to the rabbit while still keeping his distance, the rabbit let out a weird yelp and ran into the woods behind him. He looked over at Blackjack wbo was still looking around in the woods making sure he didn't come back out, Jason smirked and then said to Blackjack “It’s just an rabbit it won’t hurt you”. Jason knew that with Blackjacks wound he wasn't able to fly, he couldn’t get it out of his mind that Naida will catch up to him if he doesn't hurry up.


He finally started making camp, he started with a fire because they need it to cook food and stay warm. Once he got the fire going he went out to grab more firewood and see how the land was, once he got back he added the wood and went over to Blackjack to see how his wound was doing. The wound was healing up faster than he thought, it had already created a scab within 4 hours, it still was a deep wound and most likely hit one of his muscles. He grabbed his water and poured some on a cloth and wrapped it around the wound again to make sure it was kept it clean.


He looked towards the sky and figured he only had around 2-3 hours of daylight left, “Damn” he whispered. He went back into the woods again to find some vines or reed he could use to tie wood together, he saw a old oak tree, it had two long vines growing up to the top of the tree. He pulled out his dagger and went of to the tree and cut the bottoms of both the vines. He started to pull on the first vine and it stayed tangled and wrapped up all in the top of the tree, then he cut the second vine and pulled almost all of it out except for about 8 feet of it. He cut it off and just left the rest that was tangled on the tree. He got back to the camp to find the fire still burning slowly and Blackjack was laid down asleep. He quietly got some wood and set on the fire to keep it burning all night, then he pulled his vine over he had cut earlier. He cut a piece off it that was about 10 feet long and started to tie both ends to make a small 3 ? foot rope out of the vine. He was going to use this to help keep up a small shelter he started working on, because he knew Blackjack couldn't fly at the time because of his injury. He added the vine/rope to his shelter he started and  then grabbed his sleeping bag and set it near the fire. He sat down and took a drink of his water, then crawled into his sleeping bag and fell asleep.


Chapter 6



 She was looking down the staircase and seen nothing but dirt, stone and broken up cobwebs. She started walking down the stairs and the old man followed her, she was walking slower than she normally would so the old man could keep up. She stopped for a second and the old man bumped into the back of her, he asked why did she stopped and she said I wanted to ask what your name is. “Oh”he said, well just call me Kane. Kane she said looking oddly at him, i've never heard a name like that. That's what most people say, but I came from far away so it’s normal for there. She didn't care where he came from really so she kept on walking, they reached the bottom and they couldn't see anything anymore. She pulled out a flashlight from her backpack and Kane was looking oddly at it. He whispered “what is that” she replied it's a flashlight, it makes light once you push this button. It uses batteries,  its like small metal casings that hold energy. He started laughing and said “that’s something new to me”.




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