The Kingdom

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The adventure of a young warrior, on a path to find a new kingdom

Submitted: February 21, 2017

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Submitted: February 21, 2017



One day, in the long ago. A Young Warrior set out on a journey to find the perfect ruler. He came across a kingdom filled with a tribe that had been lost for many years. He decided to become one with the tribe and make the tribe strong.

Zyanne was the leader, a strong and beautiful Queen. Her second was named Cloud, he would be by her side and protecting her throughout her journeys into foreign lands. Next there was Ricsii. I mean, he wasn't there often, usually passed out on the floor, but when he was there he would leave an atmosphere that many would call, joyous. Spartan was next, he was the stern and foolhardy warrior. He wouldnt say much, and mostly it would be serious if he did, but he was loyal, and loyalty meant everything. Fenwick was also a warrior, well... kinda. He was more like, the clown of the warriors but he never failed to keep morale high. Then there was The Fifth One. He was always on time to everything. Kind of a freak, but one that never gave up easily. 

Zyanne tried her best to keep her people in line with the few warriors she had but there were so few for the task that was ahead. The Young Warrior helped with the task and made the kingdom stronger than ever and relieved the stress off of the other warriors. He quickly rose to the title of knight under the rule of Zyanne. But then, out of nowhere a storm happened, and left Ricsii wounded and unable to defend the kingdom.

 The Young Warrior after countless days decided it had been too long without Ricsii. He went to Zyanne and gave her his sword, asking that he exchange life forces with Ricsii. Zyanne agreed and they prepared for the arduous ceremony. The Young Warrior was left weak and wounded by the ceremony, but it had worked. Ricsii was now able to take up his sword and once again fight for his kingdom.

The Young Warrior has a plaque made after him on the castle gates. "In Honor of the Fallen Knight, Forever Remembered."

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The Kingdom

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