Super Cougar

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A cougar is a big cat living in America also called puma, or American lion. But if there were women, they would be older, and chasing younger male for sex. You can call it: older female sex predator. Sharon was a cougar, “Running Wild”...

Submitted: February 21, 2017

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Submitted: February 21, 2017



A cougar is a big cat living in America also called puma, or American lion. But if there were women, they would be older, and chasing younger male for sex. You can call it: older female sex predator. Why is it considered by society as unconventional, and somehow a little bit suspicious? Women should date older men, or men about their own age. There's nothing wrong with older men dating younger women. Why the opposite make people talk? Maybe they are accused of looking for younger males only for sex, which is a typical male behavior. Would it be about a gender equality issue, or hypocritical patriarchal society values against economically independent women deciding upon, and taking the initiative about their sexual life? It's the typical prejudice women suffer in male societies. Whenever it's a man it's acceptable, whenever it's a woman it's not any longer.

Sharon was a cougar, "Running Wild". She lived every summer on "Blood and Sand" on the beaches of Acapulco, where she would go hunting for "fresh meat". She had violent "Basic Instinct" and considered it a "Deadly Blessing". She had a heart made of "Cold Steel" since her painful divorce for "Irreconcilable Differences" with her husband. She hated men who treated women with disdain, considering nobody was "Above the Law" of nature. She had a very progressive mindset, always looking "Beyond the Stars". She had a "Total Recall" of any events in her life that mattered. She realized as she became a mature woman she was a genius and said:

"If I Had Known I Was a Genius"

She would have had more ambition in life, especially in competing against men. She has been with many men since her divorce. She has slept with many "Fading Gigolo", she would throw away right after the act if they didn't live up to her expectation. She liked "Gods Behaving Badly", or if you want, "A Golden Boy" behaving badly in bed. Conventional "Mothers and Daughters" saw her as a slut. She preferred to see herself as an emancipated woman, enjoying the pleasures of the flesh. "Love in Vegas" was the best place for one night stand. You can be married for one day, and divorce the next. She is a woman who stands as an "Alpha Dog" on top, and taking on the submissive role can be very appealing for some men as a sex role playing.

She is "Mighty", "Diabolique", "The Muse", a "Catwoman",... And if you want to stay alive as a young man, stay away from her, or you'll be "Picking Up the Pieces". You'll end up "Where Sleeping Dogs Lie", and at the best at "King Solomon's Mines" where you'll be part of her "Total Recall".

"When a Man Falls in the Forest" at the hands of a cougar, he wakes up in a "Cold Creek Manor", the place where Sharon "devour" her victims. Michael "The Specialist", a "Last Action Hero", was investigating a crime of passion that led him to Sharon. The victim, a rock star, was stabbed with "Scissors" in his apartment. Michael graduated from "Police Academy 4" and was blessed with "Stardust Memories" that helped him to solve crimes. Sharon was about to have her "Last Dance" the day they met at the "Intersection" of their lives. When she got arrested for murder she invoked "The Burma Conspiracy". The young Burmese that followed her for weeks was in fact a spy working for Michael. She didn't pay much attention to him as she thought he hardly spoke any english and looked inoffensive.

She spent many years in jail, but was lucky enough to have her life sentence reduced for good behavior. She was released from prison as an old woman, and kept sleeping with younger men at the advanced age of 70. People were so amazed she still had sexual drive, and managed to attract younger men at her age. A reporter wanting to know more about her incredible longevity set up an interview with her. She took the opportunity to talk about her long experience about sex and relationship, as with women is never only about sex.

"Women can fake an orgasm, but men can fake an entire relationship."

Maybe her longevity secret was her ability to fake so well. It's obviously much harder for men, as it would be really hard to fake an erection, not to mention faking an ejaculation.

"Men can not stand the explosive mixture of beauty and intelligence."

With an intelligence quotient (IQ) of 154 she knows what she is talking about. When you think that Albert Einstein, genius among geniuses, only scored 160, you understand better how she managed to attract younger men. She used her mind more often when her beauty was fading slowly but surely.

"This idea that being youthful is the only thing that's beautiful or attractive simply isn't true. I don't want to be an 'ageless beauty.' I want to be a woman who is the best I can be at my age."

That's with this kind of statements she kept a man interested. Her self-confidence and her wit became her best assets. Sometimes, smart men get tired with younger, immature and stupid blond beauties. They need a challenging and interesting conversation. Sharon was so bright, it made them forget her age. And once in bed, she would surprise them with a sex drive of a woman half her age.

"I think I am aging, but I'm enjoying the process."

This is the best advice she can give to any women afraid of the aging process. Your beauty may fade, but your mind can become an asset. Never stop reading and studying, no matter how sexy and beautiful you are. When you get old, you'll still be an interesting and attractive women like Sharon.

"So, goodnight Sharon. The years passed in jail helped you focus on your mind. And together with your strong sex drive (energy), it keeps you fresh, slowing the aging process. Now you're ready for Basic Instinct 3."

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