Heart of the Ocean

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Heart of the Ocean

Bubbles bounce like cheerful jellyfish against one another, linking together as they rise, up and up, allowing more atoms inside the gas to explore their new colleagues. Air bursts from the little mouths of thousands of different species of sea life. From purple shining seahorses to yellow and black eels, everything produces light so bright that one would need to squint their eyes in order to see the beauty which lies in the depths. Little ripples form every time an octopus wriggles a tentacle, every time a piece of coral breaks off and is devoured by predators.

This life forms when water meets sand. When we aren’t too shut into our everyday lives, and we pay attention to the world beneath the heel of our foot. Somewhere, there are undiscovered species waiting to be found, creatures that we can only picture in our imagination. For all we know, there could be invisible fish with rainbow eyes somewhere in the deep blue H20, but no one will ever know because these days we shove our noses behind screens. There are those kind of people.

And then there are people who seek fame and fortune. Those who exploit the ocean only to achieve recognition for themselves. They don’t care what happens to the animals, if they become guinea pigs for scientists all over the world, or even became extinct. They just want people to know their name.

But Ethan was the kind of person who would explore for the knowledge. He used to look at the ocean with admiration, wishing he could dive into its waters and release all stress, all thoughts of his everyday life. There are also those kind of people. But ever since the day, he would glance at the ocean with horror and rage. He would never again explore the thing that took her, skewered her with coral and teeth. He won’t ever see beauty in such a horrible thing again.

He watched her die. He saw that shark crush her with it’s mighty tail, swaying it back and forth. He saw her neck at an impossible angle, lying on the reef, and coral trapping her body. Her skin grew, swelling more and more, until it burst. Blood filled the sea, the entire ocean, but no help came. He screamed, knowing that he didn’t have much time before the shark’s teeth found his flesh too. When he was about to swim back up, he saw her heart, pumping on the bottom of the sea. Diving faster that a penguin, Ethan grabbed her heart and brought it up to the surface. When he got onto a rock, he stared at it, with awe and disgust. The blue veins in it looked like her blue eyes. The strings dangling reminded him of her now red hair. He clutched her heart to his, sobbing, letting the tears hit it. He hadn’t been able to save her. And, now, his world was over.

Evelyn Solano, I am so sorry.

Submitted: February 21, 2017

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Adore Writing

I am sorry that this looks so weird. It is only because I copied and pasted it.

Tue, February 21st, 2017 7:25pm


A great short story. I think you want 'than' in the 'Diving faster......' sentence, otherwise it seems more or less perfect to me!

Sat, February 25th, 2017 5:03pm

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