A Dragon Quest West

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
In a fantasy world controlled by war and fear, a groupe of heroes will travel west to sanctuary.

Submitted: February 21, 2017

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Submitted: February 21, 2017



??Author's note: This is a series of short stories. I apologizes for the grammar mistakes. This is made for fun and any similarities to people living or dead is purely coincidence. I with that, let the story begin:

Chapter 1

As the peasants and a knight climbed the cold mountain, kicking up the fresh layer of frost, the birds in the trees stop singing and looked down at the humans. They knew what was going to happen and did not want to be interrupted, so they waited patiently for it to be over. As they reached the mouth of the cave were the dragon lived, the knight, Arthur, prepared his speech:

“Dragon! In the name of the Holy Royal Emperor and of the empire of which…”


It was then that the dragon in question flew out of the cave with great speed, flying into the air and then coming down like a hawk. He shot one ball of fire at the knight and flew back to his cave, all in less then a second. It was over so fast. As the knight burned, the birds went back to singing.


The dragon, named Hal, flew deep into the cave to escape the man's cries. Guilt, like always, started building up in the young dragon.


“He was braver than the others. So sad that I had to end him.” Hal said to no one in particular.


Hal hated the sounds of pain. Even worst, it had become all so normal. Killing knights and adventurers had become...mundane, and Hal was afraid of that. He never wanted to kill intelligent creatures. He even felt bad when he had to kill sheep for food. But they had come to kill him. So it was in self defense, right? Still, Hal flew fast to make sure he never started to like those horrible sounds.


Hal stopped flying and walked up to the small pool of water at the end of the cave, lighten up by the fire he had made. As he walked to the pool, he stopped to pet his pet snake, who he never really gave a name beyond snake. The sleeping snake, a giant constrictor, lifted his head to let his master scratch his chin. The snake did not like to be petted but he knew that his master like to pet him.


Soon Hal finish petting and walking to the pool. In the water he saw his reflection: he was small for a dragon, only a little bigger than a large horse, he was red all over except his stomach which was grey and his eyes which were bright green. Hal jumped into the pool and then jump out and into the fire. As the water boiled away, Hal curled up into a ball. This was his favorite way of relaxing. Before going to sleep, Hal looked up at a wall where he had tried, and failed, to write down his life adventures. There were too many and they were all the same: someone wanted to kill Hal and then he killed them. Not a happy note to go to sleep on but it was Hal’s last thoughts before drifting to sleep.  


He was awoken some time later by the sound of angry peasants in his cave.


“Oh, they must be here to get revenge for that knight. They must have really liked this one.” he thought.

Hal flew out to meet the trespassing humans. One peasant scream when he flew in. Another soon started to yell at Hal:

“You shall never again steal our livestock, you monster!”

“Oh, you're going to sell me my food? Great! Tell me, has the price changed or is it still 3 gold coins a pound?” Hal asked somewhat sarcastically knowing very well what the peasant had actually meant.


“No self respecting farmer of the Holy Empire would dare sell a sheep to a non-human like some sore of Western city dweller, let alone a horrible dragon!” cried out a younger human, one who would have been taught in the NEW ways of the empire.


“Pardon, what was that?’ Hal asked.

“You're a horrible dragon?” answered a village elder.


“No, before that.” Hal specified.

“No self respecting…” another villager stated.


“No, no. About the western cities!” He asked once more.


Again the younger human spoke: “In those blasphemous cities, all creature that can so much as wright are giving equal status, even dragons! I hear that even some parrots can become citizen. “


As the other humans laugh, Hal rolled an idea around in his head. These western cities didn’t sound half bad. He was very unhappy here and it's not like the locals like him either. I mean, his only friend was a snake. Heck, what was he to do when it came time to chose a mate? But the humans spoke so poorly of the western cities. But then again, they were evil so that means that those humans must be good wright? Well, no but there was still a chance. As he thought this over in his mind, one peasant frew a rock which zipped right next to Hal’s head. That was it. Hal flew down the cave to grab his snake. After waking, the snake went around his neck. For most other creature, this was a death sentence but for a dragon, it just meante that the snake would not slip off while Hal flew.  


He then started to fly out of the cave but stop to tell the humans the good news: “Well, you’ve gone and done it! White your torches and pitchforks you've gone and gotten rid of me. Oh darkest day.” He then lost all sarcasm from his voice: “I will not mise any of you. Please don’t wright. Toodles!”


 And white that Hal flew out making sure to hit one of the peasants on the way out with his tail. He shot out of the cave at break neck speeds and soon he was flying over the valley, western bound. He made sure to steal one last sheep for the road. After all, it was going to be a long journey west.


To be continued…..

© Copyright 2020 David D. Cooper. All rights reserved.

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