Invitation Letter From The Blood Suckers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

An invitation letter for you from a group called The Blood Suckers

Dear Whoever-Is-Reading-This-Letter,
Hello. I hope everything was going right in your life till now, because from now on, it'll be only scary, distressed and sad. This letter which you're reading right now is an invitation letter.
This is Isis Rodolph. Nice to meet you. A century ago, I got a letter like this, too. To be honest, I was amused. And I guess you are, too. Well, don't be. Take this stuff seriously. Now, back to what I was talking about. But before I continue, I warn you. It's important, you see. We can't get you until we get your permission, and by dismissing this warning, you are permitting us to come and get you. So, my warning: Shut down this letter right now. Do not read anymore. If you read a sentence more, you'll be done with it.
So, you decided to dismiss the warning. Great-not-great. I did this thing at my time, too. Well, whatever. Now there's no going back. 
The letter I got a century ago was from our head, Candlejack. Yeah, strange name - but his personality is scary. Very scary, indeed. So, he invited me to his group: The Blood Suckers.
He told me (via letter) that it's not going to be very bad, which was obviously not true. He said that I'll be getting special powers that no human can get. Right, I thought that, too. How will I get those powers when I'm a human? This has to be a joke. A prank. But It's not. Wait and you'll see it yourself.
As for the question, he said it right. I never got to get those powers until he changed me. We'll get on this later - right now, let's continue my story.
He included a picture of himself in the letter, saying that i'll see him in person at midnight.
He also wrote in that letter that my life will become stressful if I'm not a violence fan. So it's good to change myself. How to do that? Don't worry, I'll tell you. The next time when you see a cat, hit it. Hit it with stones until it starts to bleed. Go to your school and beat up little children. Brake their noses! Bully people. Hurt them. Make deadly pranks. Doing these things will prepare you for what's coming ahead of you. After i read this part, i laughed. And I guess you're doing the same. Well, go on. Laugh how much you can until midnight. From then, there will be no laughing.
We are going to come at your house at exact twelve of night, the letter said. We'll fetch you and sink our fangs in your neck. We'll drink your human blood. And change you. Change you to be one of us. To be a dreadful, deadly, bloody vampire.
By the end of the letter, there was a feeling inside me. A feeling which i couldn't remember i had before. I felt insecure. I felt...frightened. Like they're really going to get me. I just shrugged the feeling off and made myself warm cup of coffee. It helped enlighten my mood. Then after a TV show, I went to bed. 
That's when i got that feeling again. I just closed my eyes and slept. It felt as if only a few minutes have passed when my eyes opened themselves. My heart was thudding. The Feeling, it was stronger than before. Ten times stronger. No, twenty times. I was covered in sweat. I glanced at the clock. Midnight. Exact twelve o'clock. My heart thudded faster. I heard our backyard swing's greasy noise.
But wait a minute, I thought. Our swing is broken!
I glanced out of the window. And there he was. Candlejack, along with a few other sillhoutes. He was tall with unnatural blue eyes and super pale skin, exactly like his photo. He, along with the other men and women with him, was wearing a dark black coat, despite the fact that it was summer. Dark black pants were stainless and he had a hood above his head. He beckoned at me.
That was enough for me to scream. I screamed my lungs out, but Candlejack only made a furious-looking face and, in a blur, he was standing by my window. I screeched and ran to my parents' bedroom. I rolled them off their bed. I took them to the window and showed them the sillhoutes. But they saw nothing. Because there was nothing! Those strange people, they were gone. Vanished into thin air. My parents were annoyed and told me to go back to sleep.
I obeyed. But, however hard I tried, I couldn't sleep. The same thing which is to happen to you tonight. Anyway, the next day was the worst one of my life. They happen to be everywhere. They stared at me when I was eating breakfast and I scream for my parents which only earned me a scold. Then I saw them on bus stop. I ran away from the bus and ran to the school. They were just outside my class, waiting for me to come out. I screamed and ran from there, too. It was horrible. When I got my lunch from cafeteria, I saw them getting lunch, too. I dropped my lunch and ran to washroom. I hid there, until a melodies voice called to me. The voice said, "Come out, Isis. We're waiting."
I saw them everywhere the next day until i entered my house. I wanted to tell all of this to my parents, but i knew they'll only punish me. So I ate dinner and went to bed. I saw the clock hour hand struck twelve. And my window broke. I couldn't scream. I felt like my voice was taken from me. Candlejack jumped in my bedroom and got me by neck. A few of his followers came in, too, licking their lips. 
Just then, I felt something very hard hit my head. And I passed out.
When I woke up, I wasn't at my house. I was in a den. It was very big and cold. But I didn't felt the cold. Infact, I didn't felt anything. Then Katropis, now a friend of mine, told me that my blood is taken from me. I'm a vampire now. From now on, I'll drink blood only. She told me about my new powers: being super strong, super fast, super beautiful in an unnatural way, super appealing, immortal and other stuff.
Jealous, are we? Don't worry, you'll get these powers soon. At midnight, we'll be at your house to drink the tasty blood of yours. Good luck in escaping - you need it! Because no one can run away from us. I was the only person from The Blood Suckers to run away from them for a whole day. No one took that long. Anyway, see you tonight.
Isis Rodolph
P.S: I attached a picture of mine, in case you want to see how I look like. You'll be seeing this picture's face in person tonight. Have fun till then!

Submitted: February 21, 2017

© Copyright 2020 Famita Zillions. All rights reserved.

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