No Spark

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Is the spark gone? Have you ever felt you're walking in a dark tunnel that seemed endless, hopeless, lifeless?

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Submitted: February 21, 2017

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Submitted: February 21, 2017



Even fireflies may lose the tiny light on their back. Even a strongly lit candle shall have its light perished very soon. Even a battery-operated flash light would lose energy in time. Then, it's all darkness. It's all vacuum. It's virtually nothing. The spark is gone. No one would live to see that day. No one would even exist to tell that story. No one could even try to reach infinity. No one could ever reach forever and say, "This is forever."

Inside our mind, a lot of questions run. Inside our hearts, we often doubt. What we feel sometimes hinders what we want to be. What we want to be oftentimes obstructs what we feel. The spark weakens. We lose hope. We keep on running around in circles only to find nothing. We wander this world like innocent children, clean-slate, and ignorant. When this spark soon goes off, it's just the end of it. Our life ends. We may exist but we do not live anymore!

So, take care of your own spark--no matter how dim it may be unlike the others. Keep it kindling despite storms, wars, and blunder. Never let anyone steal it. You are accountable to yourself and no one else will be. Let you spark ignite with other sparks to light up this seemingly dimming world of ours. Even when forever may be unreachable, today is enough. Tomorrow is another day, and everyday we continue to live and not only to exist.

Yes, there's still a spark!

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