Lying Mirror

Lying Mirror

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


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Submitted: February 21, 2017

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Submitted: February 21, 2017



Lying mirror, your crime is base,

Your surface does not show my face,

I'm small and kind – you must be wrong,

For the picture here is mean and long,

And as I move my head from left to right

Your rebel phantom nods in sight.

I see – and know to be untrue –

A vicious visage must to me be glued.

Why, the sunlight gleams on my smooth cheeks

But you conjure me with a brazen beak.

No, you cannot mean that I appear

A beast whose horrid paws the world should fear?

Show me, I command, my self unvarnished –

Banish this monster, this man that you’ve tarnished!

Take him away, or I’ll make you regret

Your false, tricksy, devlish intent

To paint me as some hideous thing

That shudders when the church bells ring

Cease – or with my claws I’ll thrash

I’ll stomp and I’ll stomp and with my teeth I shall gnash!

Oh, I’ll rip you into little bits

That cannot reflect my frantic fits –

You’ll never see that I’m nasty and frail –

Nor catch the glint off my bloodstained nails.

I’ll be free to look as I wish


No one will say that I bubble like pitch.

© Copyright 2017 velcrofrills. All rights reserved.

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