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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: February 21, 2017

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Submitted: February 21, 2017



I prayed

To the God who gave me one of his fangs

Which was forged and made to a great sword

To protect me in this land

And I say to Him

“Thank you for giving it to me

But I think it is not enough

Foes were still able to defeat me

I might end up swimming in my own blood.

Make it stronger”.

He did not answer

But instead He sent a devious monster to slaughter me

The sword didn’t endure

So I let myself be swallowed

By that demon inside of me

The demon won’t let me die

He took over and killed the monster

I lost faith then

I hold on to the demon inside of me

He won’t let us die

I killed those who want to kill me

I’m invincible, I am my own God

But then

Something is wrong

My soul, its disappearing

Its vanishing

The demon devoured me slowly

He planned to drained off my spirit

The spirit that still binds me to the true God

To those I love

To those I am trying to protect in this land

No! He won’t succeed!

 I picked up the sword I have forgotten long ago

I must repair it

But the blacksmith said

“I cannot. Some pieces were missing.

We have to patch it with something similar to the original material”

I am doomed then,

 I tried to pray but prayer jumped off my head

 Part of me is already missing

I am hopeless

I can hear the demon laughing inside of me

“You’re mine!” he said

I bit my lip

Until it bleeds

One of my fangs got into it.

Yes! my fangs!

But it is not strong enough.

Who am I?

I am the son of my God

Yes! I am his Son

The hope is merely a glimpse

But is worth the try

I plugged it out of my gums and gave it to the blacksmith

The sword is new

But heavy, I can barely carry it

I cried! How much pain must I endure?!

Enemies came rushing at me

But still I fight

Not letting go of the sword

I am bleeding

I am dying

The demon is tempting me to let him out

But no

I’ll hold on to the sword that saves me

I was eventually surrounded with darkness

Voices moved out

I’m alone

Am I dead???

Then a voice said, “Not yet.

We still have to fight

Love me, be one with me

I am you and you are me.

Don’t be depressed for you are not perfect.

Don’t kill me, don’t bury me.

Accept me.”

Then I realized the voice is coming from me,

He’s the part of me that I hate,

The wicked, the blacksheep,

The same demon that keeps on tempting me all this time

But he is right. I am not perfect.

I can never be perfect.

I’m always been a bond of two.

He’s imperfection makes me perfect.

I am my Father’s son because of him.

The devil inside of me,

Makes me worth saving

Worth loving.

Then we fight.

I feel the strength.

The sword is becoming light.

I fight with the strength of a demon

And wisdom of an angel.

I am who I am now!

Then I looked up and whisper,

“I am not worthy of you; never will be”

All this time,

He wanted me to be responsible enough

I must now protect myself

Be one with myself

With my own fangs

I must become one with my sword

One with my God.

© Copyright 2018 The Queen. All rights reserved.

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