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Submitted: February 21, 2017

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Submitted: February 21, 2017



'-though she or anyone could see or know about the greatness and splendor of something, never in the mind alone could they ever be able to experience the scene in a dream alone.'

-explaining what a dream is and why it differs from reality in Of the Stories of Loravale.


"Leaving a mark on the world is easy, but leaving one that surpasses your lifetime is of the harder tasks.'

-Lily describing downfalls and the life in a person in Of the Stories of Loravale


"Going to win and wanting to win will tear a hope apart."



“This path is so long, if the world was round, then we would have returned home by now.”

-Lily exclaiming her frustration toward her haste without patience in Of the Stories of Loravale


'In which they would have no home, or time, for there would never be such beings in nonexistence, as it is something unimaginable and different to existence in beauty itself.'

-showing non-existence in In and of the Deforis


"For a fantasy can't be called false, if it remains fictionally true."

-K.M.M in A Tale like no other


“Mr. Mortenimel, I won’t ever know what’s best when compared to you, I just know what’s better than that of which you give yourself."

-A young man named Journey speaking to Mr. Mortenimel who is older, yet who is hurting himself by over working. Journey tries to help him by telling him to retire. This is his ending phrase. K.M.M



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