Ride or Die Gutta Girl- 2 of 3

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Continuing on from  part one of, R.O.D.G.G.

Where suddenly Amber high yellow skin tone quickly became in plain view.  "what the fuck!" Zack quickly raised his arm pointing the desert eagle towards the staircase. Recognizing doing that moment Bobby had then tricked him. Immediately zack pulled the trigger. Boom .boom. boom .boom. boom. boom. Releasing non stop ammunition at the pistol pointing Amber.  In the midst of Zack shooting, Bobby dove towards the floor landing hard for cover. While Covering his head and ears at the bass drum sounding, smoking spark flying heavy metal. Boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!  12 shots in all. Zack  intentions were to give Amber no chance to make the wrong move. Amber of course wasn't faze by it one bit. By the first sounding shot that went off. Amber had then already threw her body backwards tumbling down the staircase. Still holding onto the 38 revolver she gently grabbed from beneath Bobby's pillow. Which took place seconds after the door bell rung early on. Followed by multiple knocking. Cautious at this early morning hour. Amber felt the need to be protected  checking who Was at the door. So now at this apparent moment,Speaking of which the 38 revolver Amber held tightly.Bobby had no clue at the time when exiting the closet,that his pillow he tried rushing towards for his pistol wasn't underneath it. That being said,Bobby was in a fucked up position either way. Still unaware of Amber removing it, even though a slight thought came to  his mind Amber had custody of an familiar weapon. Catching a glimpse at the pistol she was holding. knowing from his understanding she had none of her own. Either way, only thing he contemplated was hoping Amber wasn't hit by a bullet.
" Fuck!" Zack blurted out. Still curious to what was going on. But knowing for dam sureAmber somehow became victorious over levy and  James. Zack then quickly scanned around the bedroom. Noticing Bobby whom still laid stretched on the floor. Bobby was shaking uncontrollably. Hoping Zack wouldn't kill him from the phony stunt he just pulled off once noticing Amber. Throwing Zack for a loop. Zack then began Back stepping towards the bedroom window. Making sure he paid closely attention to Bobby every move. Pointing his desert eagle continuously. With his right hand. Quickly looking over his shoulder. Pulling the string of the window blinds with his left. Guessing now maybe Amber was hit by his wild fire. Not yet receiving an reaction. Finally he drop his right arm.  Fully turning his body to face the window. Unlocking the window with his left to escape the house. An impatient decision he chose  making before  outweighing his options. Boom.boom. boom .boom. boom . Five shots  rung out from an double barrel shot gun. Rocking the bedroom like a vicious earthquake .Three of which entered the flesh of Zacks shoulder,neck,and lower back. Two of those missed shots shattered the window. "Aaah, !" Zack yelled out In the midst of his body being uplifted  five inches from the floor. His tight grip that held the desert eagel  suddenly loosened. Dropping the weapon onto the floor while being thrown half way out of the window.  Forceful power from the shotgun being the cause of it. Zack with out a doubt became lifeless in seconds. Half his body leaned out side of the window. From his waist down remained in side the bedroom. Bobby of course peeked slightly while remaining face down on the floor. Seconds away from catching a nervous breakdown down. Right along with a heart attack once glancing over at Zack. "Get up! We gotta go! Right fucking now!" The sweet voice of Amber was heard from behind Bobby.  Also with the sound of the shot gun being dropped to the floor. Slightly feeling at ease after hearing Amber voice. Bobby slowly stood to his feet. Turning his body to face Amber whom  stood at the top of the staircase. "Come on we gotta go!" Amber shouted once more. Noticing the shook up mind state Bobby possessed at that moment. Trembling nervously while taking tiny steps. Similar to a baby just learning how to walk. His eyes were widely open with a blank expression. "What the fuck Bobby!HURRy the fuck up!" Amber yelled at Bobby whom remained in fear mode.Bobby couldn't believe what just  transpired in his home. Not only that, Amber wasn't the same sweet girl he known for five months now. Suddenly changing over night to being a killer. At least, that's what he thought. Unaware of her seven committed murders, five attempted murders, and also 14 armed robberies. Over the past years Amber was a force to be reckoned with. Learning while being taught by her big brother Aaron the crime life. Which soon came to an end after the death of her brother. Draining her mentally and physically forcing her to give up the only life she knew.  Nightmares from the night of brothers homicide hunts her Still today. Even though two years was when the horrifying act took place. Mainly because she was in the presence of her brother when killed. Both who were setting in side Aarons car doing that time. Actually, Amber  Sat on the passenger side next to her brother whom drove the car. Coming up to a red light where enemies drove  up beside the driver side and fired. Aaron whom at that second tried climbing towards the passenger side. Hoping to shield his little sister from flying bullets whistling through the vehicle. Sending multiple bullets through the drivers side killing Aaron immediately. Amber whom wasn't even glazed by a bullet survived it all. Shockingly terrified as her older brother slumped over Onto her lap. Trying to save his little sister knowing he probably wouldn't survive. That night of course rocked the streets of the new Orleans.  Aaron being gunned down became a relief for  most street hustlers. Fearing Aaron whom made many of hustlers pay him draft. Also, maintaining a murder reputation of at least 20 people he killed. Surely Aaron death wish would soon come. After already surviving numerous attempts for his life. Being shot 1 to four times each three encounters he came across. Finally being taken out for good once approaching  his fourth deadly encounter. Aaron was gone but not forgotten. Especially at this exact moment.
Every crime Aaron committed with his sister amber came rushing  to Amber thoughts. Flashbacks of the life style she new so well of course. "Grab every thing you need out of here! Money! Clothes! What ever you need!" Amber screamed on continuously at Bobby. In the midst of feeling a sense Bobby wasn't going to cooperate. "Naw." Bobby said in a raspy voice. Still dazed and afraid from the  now happening moment. Then Bobby added in a crackling voice, "I think it's better for me to call the police." Sending shock waves through Amber body by his police talk. "Say what?" Amber asked as if she didn't hear the first time. "You heard me?" Bobby replied with an attitude. Seeming to be breaking out of his freighting spell.  " Why the fuck! Then again, you know what? Call the fucking police then!"Amber yelled in disbelief noticing Bobby grab his cellular from the bed. " I then killed three ponk rookie ass motherfuckers and you want to call the police?" Amber began feeling agitated at the highest degree. Watching as Bobby dialed 911 into his cell. Quickly approaching him while slapping the cellular from his hand. " Bitch is you serious!?" Bobby shouted at Amber. His cell flying towards the other end of the room. "Self defense bitch! That's all you going to get when the police come!" Bobby shouted. " They broke in my house and got what they was looking for!" Bobby added in a hurtful tone. Giving Amber justification on why he felt the need to call police. Beginning to  take steps towards the thrown cellular across the room.  Amber just stared at the backside of Bobby with a blank expression.
 Only if Bobby knew though, It was more to Ambers hidden lifestyle. And being wanted by the law for over two years was one. "That's just stupid to leave my own house!" Bobby said seriously. Bending down to grab his cellular from the floor."So stop with that paranoid ass shit!" Bobby added in the process of standing back straight. His attention glued down into his cellular pressing 911. Suddenly Bobby heard what seem to be a 'CLICK' noise. A pistol was being cock back from behind him. Causing Bobby to turned facing back towards Ambers direction. "911 operator!" " Oh Shit!" Was Bobby's Response to the 911 call. Dropping his cellular from his ear that hit the floor. Followed  behind, Boom!Boom!Boom! Amber sending three accurate bullets through Bobby's chest area. Killing him immediately in madder of seconds. "Weak ass bitch made mothafucka!" Amber spoke softly without showing no regrets about murdering Bobby. Wiping away her finger prints from the revolver. Throwing it on top of Bobby's lifeless body. " Now! Where was I about to do again!?" Amber asked her self. " Oh, I know! The shit your pussy ass didn't agree with!" Amber added while staring down into Bobby's wide open eyes. Seconds later Amber held on to 88,000 inside a back pack. Fleeing the scene of the crimes committed...To be continued

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