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Submitted: February 22, 2017

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Submitted: February 22, 2017



EVP Danger : Oppression

February 22, 2017

12:02 am

 I tried to get some sleep about an hour ago,  but it was no good. The physical sensations were pretty bad. I kept feeling like I was getting jabbed by fingers coming up through the mattress. And then I was feeling the usual vibration sensations as well.

Also, the voices were getting close in tonight. It’s pretty warm out, at least it’s warm for February so I’m not running my heater, so their voices haven’t been jumping over the noise of that tonight where if they were, I’d be hearing them coming in louder.  But, I think to make up for that, they have been getting close up to my ears and chattering away. It’s one of their common and most annoying tactics.

The voices are fainter when they do this as opposed to how they sound when I hear them coming in over a background noise, but when they get real close, right up in my ear like this, there is this sharpness to the voices, it’s hard to describe, the voices are fainter in a way but sharp which still makes the quite audible to me unless I can train my focus away from them.

Also tonight, my neighbor in the condo below mine is being extremely noisy again. It’s just after midnight now and he’s been blasting his stereo all damn night. I’ve been hearing the noise of it coming through the walls ever since I got home from work at around 5:30.

So, tonight is proving to be very challenging as far as getting any sleep goes. I’ve got the usual bullshit from “them” to deal with, plus I have my neighbor being noisy as hell. 

I’m not sure if I’m going to get a break here tonight. I’ve been mentioning that it’s been a while since these entities have managed to keep me awake for an entire night from their harassment.

It’s happened plenty of times before, but it’s been at least a few months since it happened. I’d say that I’m probably overdue for it to happen but obviously I’m going to try and avoid this. I took a good amount of sleep-aid earlier but, I guess I’m going to have to take more if I’ m going to get any sleep at all.

There seems to be no end in sight as far as my neighbor blasting his stereo goes so that’s not a good sign. Tonight’s not looking good so far. The Battle for Sleep continues for me. These entities have been messing with my sleep a lot recently. But, I’ll give it another shot now. I’ve also been getting the ringing in my ears a lot this evening. That’s been happening a lot recently. I they that they are using this as a tactic of disruption again, just like they were when my oppression started.



February, 2017

  My own personal experience with the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) was brief, intense and sent me right down the rabbit hole from where I have yet to fully return from.  After capturing my very first EVPs on January 17th, 2015, I was hooked and I wanted to see if I could capture more. After that day, I did EVP sessions repeatedly for several days. Initially, on most of those follow up recordings, I heard nothing. But, within just a few days, I began to notice what sounded like very faint voices on my recordings. They were there, I was sure of that. They were speaking, speaking to me it seemed, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I had to listen to these recordings over and over to even start to make out what I was hearing, it was that faint at first. But, I knew that I was capturing something on recording here, something mysterious and fascinating and I wanted to find out as much as I could about this. So, I pressed forward with recording and made doing EVP sessions practically a nightly routine during the months of January and February of 2015.

  Sometimes these sessions would last for several hours a night. At this point, I was making doing EVP sessions part of my day to day routine. Whenever I started my first recording session for the evening, when I went back to listen to that first recording, I would always hear voices greeting me. All of these benevolent sounding voices that I was hearing led me to feel at ease and gave me a false sense of security.

 I admit, I let my own curiosity about what I was experiencing get to my head and within a short time, I essentially became addicted to doing EVP recordings. I suppose that there may be this feeling and this sense that if I keep going with this, I’ll discover something, I’ll have profound experiences, etc… What I did end up getting after experimenting with EVP for just those two months, was a condition of hearing voices. So, I’d say that allowing oneself to get pulled in by all of this is a danger in and of itself. One could find themselves straight down the rabbit hole.


A Hazard of EVP

February 19, 2017

 I’m hearing a few voices speaking over the hum of my refrigerator at this very moment. Their talking shit about me as usual. It sounds crazy and strange when I describe how I hear the voices this way sometimes, how they speak over the noise of everyday things. Of course, when you try and explain this, quite often people will just think that your crazy. But, that’s how it is. These entities that oppress me project their voices over existing sources of steady sound. If I remove the source of a particular sound, then most often the voices are still there, but they are then reduced to a much fainter voice, often just a whisper.

 What does this tell me? That it would seem that these particular entities that harass me need sources of sound to make their voices more audible. They are not using any magic or sorcery here, they are manipulating sound waves. When there’s a steady source of background noise nearby, they can often make their voices sound very strong and very menacing. But they have no magic, they are manipulating sounds in ways that we just don’t fully understand.

  So, I must always remember, no matter what I’m hearing them talking about, no matter how much they try to get me to drink “the Kool-Aid,” I must always take everything that I hear from them with a serious grain of salt. They are masters of illusion, lies and trickery but, they are not masters of any hidden magic. They are not all powerful no matter how much they like to make themselves out to be. Many of their abilities are based on illusion. They cannot back up much of their own shit talk. Once one sees through their lies, then they will be able to begin the process of taking their power away from them.


February 20, 2017

  I’ve been getting the ringing in my ears again today. I think that these entities are probably somehow controlling this, it seems pretty obvious to me in how they tie it in with the harassing voices. I’ve been trying not to pay attention to their voices, but when I do find myself tuning in a bit, they’ve mostly just been complaining about me writing about them. They’ve also been going on about how they are “higher lifeforms” and I’ve insulted them. To tell the truth, I insult them practically every day, if not out loud, then in thought. They insult, harass and criticize me every day, so it’s hard not to return this sentiment in kind to some degree.

  But, I’m sure it’s all a part of some mind game as psychological mind games are really their cup of tea and they are always trying to come up with new ways to mess with your head. The way that I counter this is to be indifferent to everything that they say. In other words, I put everything that they say through a filter of indifference. Sometimes, I do hear them say things that catch my interest, but I always take it in with suspicion from the start. I always take everything that I hear them say with a serious grain of salt.

  During the early part of my oppression back in 2015, I wasn’t doing this and the things that they were saying to me and their psychological games were having an effect on me. By buying into what they were telling me, I was unfortunately allowing them to get their hooks into my mind.

 These days I am still troubled that I hear them, but the content of what they are saying has very little or no effect upon me at all because I have made myself indifferent to it. I have noticed that because of this, they don’t try and concoct as many elaborate mind games nearly as frequently as they once did. But, they do still try, perhaps it is ingrained in their very nature, I simply don’t know.


EVP and the Clairaudience Danger

February, 2017

 Are all EVP voices from malevolent entities? My opinion on the matter is….I simply don’t know. To state as much would be a speculation on my part. What I can say with certainty however is that yes, some percentage of these voices do originate from hostile entities. Some of these entities are extremely hostile and malicious. I know this because I’ve been exposed to their presence for the past two years, ever since I experimented with EVP for a short time back during the winter of 2015. During that time, I made a lot of mistakes and I did a lot of stupid things. Once I started capturing voices on my recordings, I essentially allowed myself to get carried away with doing EVP. I made recording a nightly routine for those couple of months because I had become so fascinated by what I was experiencing and I was in truth allowing myself to get pulled down the rabbit hole.

  It only took me a couple of weeks before I started hearing voices on every recording that I made. I was amazed at how easy it was becoming with time to record and communicate with these voices. This is the first potential sign of danger. Of course, I will never mess around with EVP again nor would I ever recommend that anyone else get involved with it, but here’s how my situation went down and what I think are some of the warning signs of danger.

  I’ve seen other cases like my own where one’s EVP experience went bad and they developed a condition of hearing voices outside of the recordings. It is essentially a clairaudience overload and can even become a clairaudience nightmare like it became in my own situation. In my own and in other cases that I’ve seen, the communication with these EVP voices became very intense rather quickly. What I mean by this is that once one starts hearing voices on practically any and every recording session that they do, then the contact and the communication has reached a level where there may be a possibility of danger.

  For me, within about three weeks of doing routine EVP sessions, I was hearing voices on practically every recording session that I made. Most of the voices at first where rather faint, some were clearer, but I noticed with time that I was getting better at hearing these fainter voices. I got myself a good (and expensive) set of headphones to help me hear down into the lower layers of the recordings, to make out what these fainter voices were saying.  These expensive headphones did in fact help me to do this, but what they also did (I suspect) was significantly speed up the process of developing clairaudience (which I didn’t even know about nor would have wanted to at the time). Going over these recordings numerous times with these headphones began (I suspect) to change my hearing in ways that I could not yet fathom.

 My experience with EVP in the very beginning was not scary or disturbing in any way. The voices that I was hearing during that first month of recording were all seemingly benign if not outright benevolent. Whenever I started recording, they would always respond to me. They always seemed willing to participate in my recording sessions. Many claimed to be the spirits of local people that lived in my area that I knew of.

  Since my experience at first was in essence benevolent and fascinating, I kept delving in deeper and deeper into doing EVP recordings. On any given night during those two months, I would spend at least a couple of hours doing EVP sessions and going over the recordings. For me, it was as if it was becoming an addiction. I firmly believe that this just in itself is a danger zone. The more time that one spends experimenting with EVP, that is if you’re doing it on a regular and routine basis, then I do believe that you could potentially be putting yourself into a situation where you could eventually have a run in with malevolent entities and the effects of that type of encounter may catch you completely by surprise.

 If the communication becomes very intense rather quickly and the voices that you are hearing seem almost excessively benevolent, one should not allow themselves to get too caught up with this. Malevolent entities can be very masterful at deception. They want you to let your guard down. They want to lure you in by creating an atmosphere that entices you to keep interacting with them on a routine basis. All the while, they could very well be adapting themselves to your perception range so that when they are ready, they will drop the benevolent act and begin harassing you outside of the recordings.

  In my own case, I was harassed by hearing tormenting voices and also experiencing physical/bodily disturbances and abuses. I was not attacked by these voices overnight. In fact, it was a more gradual process that spanned out over the course of a few weeks. During the month of January (2015), I do not recall even once ever having an experience involving my EVP experimentation where I felt threatened or fearful in anyway. Quite the contrary, it seems in hindsight, that I was lured in with kindness, a deceiving kindness you could say.

It wasn’t until my second month of doing EVP sessions that “negative voices” began to appear on my recordings. This was also gradual in how it would all go down. At first, it was just a few unpleasant comments here and there. I would hear things like insults, profanity and threats. I remember one occasion when I heard a rather unfriendly sounding voice say

“the house is ours Brian” and “today you lose”

And also once I heard “they are all over you”

 After my first month of recording had been so fascinating and seemingly benevolent in nature, I was quite surprised and caught off guard when these malevolent voices began to appear on my recordings. Yet, these kinder voices were there all along and when I asked them what was up with these negative hecklers, they would tell me

“they aren’t here” and “just ignore them”

 And try to ignore them I did. But, as the days went by, it became harder and harder to ignore these hecklers because their negative comments were increasing on my recordings by the day. So here I think to is another sign of possible danger. If one notices that the nature of their communication is starting to change very rapidly and negative voices are becoming more and more of a presence, this could very well be an indication that real trouble lies ahead.

  While I was experimenting with EVP for those two months, on quite a few occasions, I experimented with various kinds of background noises in an effort to get these voices to come over louder on my recordings. I do recall that there were occasions while I was doing this when I would actually hear these voices speaking in real time over these background noises while I was recording. I would hear them with just my naked ears. This was a sign of things to come but, unfortunately at the time I was still too ignorant of that fact. But, looking back now after going through the hellish experience that I went through, this should have been a big red flag to me that something wasn’t right here.

  When I was later attacked by these malevolent entities and harassed around the clock with non-stop tormenting voices, one of the more common ways that I would hear them was hearing their voices coming in over a source of steady background noise, only it was much stronger at this point. It was truly a nightmarish thing to experience. Even to this day, two years later, when I do hear the voices, one of the more frequent ways that I hear them is coming in over a source of background noise. Only these days their voices aren’t nearly as strong when I hear them as they were back in 2015, when my oppression was at its peak. But, looking back now and remembering that I did on occasion hear them outside of the recordings in real time with just my naked ears, makes me realize that this was an early warning sign that there was trouble on the horizon. But, unfortunately at the time I just didn’t realize it.

 Of course, before all of this happened to me, I had heard about various troubling experiences that people had after a run-in with negative entities, but not in a million years did I think that I would soon be stricken with a condition of hearing harassing voices at a psychosis level as a result of doing EVP sessions. At the time, I had simply never heard of this happening before, so when it did strike at the end of February (2015), I was caught completely by surprise and was very much knocked on my ass and sent straight down the rabbit hole by what I was experiencing.

  So, if one was having any incidents of clairaudience or just hearing voices with the naked ears them that may very well be a sign of danger and they may want to think about backing off from doing EVP sessions. I remember that while I was recording and experimenting with various background noises and I heard these voices, I was a bit surprised but at the time, I did not sense danger. Like I said, I had never even heard at the time of anyone developing a psychosis-like condition of hearing voices from EVP. Now, of course I was still very new to all of this and unfortunately, I did not take the time to research other people’s experiences with EVP. But, when the voices did hit at a psychosis level, I was caught completely by surprise and was not at all prepared for what I was about to experience.

  The voices attack did not all hit at once, but it was a gradual escalation until things finally did hit the fan. It was about a month’s time from my first incident of hearing these negative voices with just my ears (aside from those few occasions when I heard them while recording with various background sounds) to when I started hearing them at an extreme level all of the time. Just like with the arrival of the negative voices on my recordings, once I began hearing them just with my ears outside of my recordings, there was a gradual period of escalation and things kept getting worse (before they got better).

  Looking back now, I’m not sure if this was a deliberate tactic used by these malevolent entities or not. I admit, at the time I began to panic and feel a lot of anxiety over what I was experiencing. These entities seemed to do things deliberately to try and freak me out as much as possible. For example, during the month of March (2015), I would often go into work to find a message on the voicemail. When I played these messages, there were EVPs embedded on them saying things intended to cause me panic such as “we’re coming for you.”

  At that point I had quit recording for EVPs, realized that I had made a terrible mistake ever even getting involved with it and I just wished that I could get the whole damn thing off of my mind and put it behind me. But, this was not to be. While I was hoping to move away from the whole thing, these entities were escalating their harassment of me. Practically each day during the month of March (2015), I was having more and more incidents where I was hearing these voices throughout the day. I would sometimes hear them coming in over various background noises and other times I would hear them in a more quiet environment as whispers or voices that seemed to get right up near my ears, often I would even feel a faint breath on my earlobe.

  I remember occasions where I heard these voices coming in over the sound of my car engine while I was driving and also my car stereo and my stereo at home.  I heard the voices coming in over the sound of running water such as my shower for example. I remember once hearing a distinct voice call my name over the sound of my washing machine. And I remember hearing these voices speaking to me all the time through the noise of my computer (the tower) at my work, which was at my desk and literally right next to me, so I was forced to be around these voices for most of my work day.

 I remember that being extremely unsettling and aggravating. A feeling of “what the hell is going on here,” was overtaking me.  At first, it seemed that these voices wanted me to go back to doing EVP sessions again. They seemed to want me to keep communicating with them. And while I may have tired reasoning with them out loud on numerous occasions, doing EVP sessions again was not something that I was interested in returning to. But, when the oppression really got started, they would say that they were punishing me for doing EVP. The would often flip flop what they were saying and this is in fact a mind game tactic that they seem to employ quite often.

  The first incidents that I had of hearing these harassing voices outside of my recordings did happen while I was still doing EVP, so I feel that they were planning on attacking me with voices all along, no matter what I did. I don’t think that it would have even made any difference at all if I kept recording. Their schemes were in the works from the very start. Towards the end of my recording experience, my recordings were becoming so filled with negative voices that I would not have even been interested in the slightest in going back to it. My EVP experience went bad, very bad. I had foolishly opened the door for these deceiving and malevolent dark forces to enter my life. I had made a terrible mistake and I knew it, but it was too late it seemed to escape the aftermath and the consequences of what I had done. I was being forced to deal with these unknown and unseen hostile forces and things were about to get a whole lot worse.

  Aside from the voices and the mysterious voicemails being left on the phone at my work, during that March, I also began to experience physical disturbances. At night, when I first went to bed, I began to feel what I can only describe as a finger coming up out of the mattress and poking me in my lower back very sharply. This made getting to sleep very difficult and I had little doubt that this is exactly what this stunt was intended to do. Then at random times of the day, I would feel these intense and localized vibration sensations on my body.

  In the beginning of April (2015), the shit really hit the fan and I began to hear these voices on a constant basis. The only reprieve I got from the voices at all was when I was asleep, but for several weeks during that time, I was probably only averaging about 4 hours of sleep a night. I also found that I completely lost my appetite and for about a two-week period that April, I had to literally force myself to eat. At this point, I found myself either losing touch with reality or in some strange reality that was unknown and terrifying to me.

  During this time, I would hear movement in my house, even though I was the only one living there at the time. I would often hear what sounded like people moving around in the very room where I had done the majority of my EVP sessions. On a few occasions, I heard what sounded like people running through the house and running down the stairs. I would also occasionally hear banging on the walls and once a door was slammed open right in front of me.

  At this time, there was no escaping the voices. No matter where I went, no matter what I did, the voices would always be there. On a few occasions, I experienced what I’ve come to call “the Stadium Effect.” This usually occurred when I was outdoors and essentially it was like I was being harassed by thousands of voices all at once. It was like being harassed by an entire sports stadium filled with people.

  I missed a lot of work during this time, but when I did go to work, things were not any easier for me there either (at least initially).  While at work, these voices would harass me throughout the day. I recall on numerous occasions, hearing voices shouting at me “this is really happening.” These entities would also call me on the phone while I was at work. Yes, I know that this sounds too hard to believe, but for several weeks this went on where I would be at work, pick up a phone call and hear these same harassing voices coming over a heavily distorted and static filled connection.

  This was I believe intended as a kind of “shock and awe” tactic. They were trying to freak me out by these phone calls and to reinforce the fact that this was really happening to me. On some days back then, I would actually receive more than one call a day from them. These calls always came in at my work and always over a land line. I owned a cell phone but I never received one of these direct phone calls from them on it. It was always on a land line. I’m not sure if there’s any significance to that or not. I admit, I usually don’t answer calls from unknown callers on my cell phone so if they ever did call my cell, perhaps it was just a matter of me never answering the calls.

  Many of the voices that I was hearing at this time had strange qualities to them. There was one voice in particular that I was hearing for a couple of weeks that had a very deep bass effect to it. It was a male voice and whenever it spoke, it was as if I would feel shockwaves hitting me from this voice. It was literally as if the intensity of this voice could make the very ground shake. To the best of my recollection, I only would ever hear this voice during the day, never at night. I have no idea why this was the case, but that is what I recall.

  Other voices that I heard at this time seemed to have strange distorted qualities that I find it difficult to describe with words. Other voices had very taunting and harassing tones to them. Some of the voices just sounded like regular voices. Some would often seem to sound as if they were originating from some distance away, others sounded like they were speaking right next to me.

  I remember hearing on a few occasions, numerous voices that seemed like they were right next to me saying “thank you for making us real again.”  I had no idea what they meant by this but I heard a particular group of voices saying this quite often for a few weeks

 There was one voice in particular that stood out among them all (and still does). This voice sounded like that of a young woman, probably late teens, maybe early twenties. During the first month of my EVP recording (January, 2015) a kind, younger female sounding voice was one of the most present voices on my recordings. This voice claimed to be the spirit of a young woman who lived in my area and had passed away only a few years before. During the second month of my recording (February), I began to hear another similar younger sounding female voice. But, this voice wasn’t nearly as pleasant sounding. This particular voice was a part of the group of negative heckler voices that started to show up on my recordings during that second month. Once my voices oppression truly began, her voice was one of the most present and the most tormenting.  To this day, two years after these events, I still hear her voice harassing me every day. Yes, my situation is not nearly as bad and as intense as it was back then, in a way I’d say that I developed an immunity to the presence of these voices to a degree. But, they are still there and her voice is still the most present.

  Back in 2015, I didn’t put two and two together right away, but after the confusion of the initial assault began to clear so to speak, I began to realize that the always present kind female voice that I was hearing during the first moth of my recording, was one and the same as this malevolent female voice that has been present every day for the last two years. This whole damn situation is truly a murky bog of confusion in many ways, but this is the belief that I currently hold. In fact, for quite some time after my oppression began, I still didn’t suspect that the kind and benevolent voices that I was hearing during that first month of recording were one and the same as the malevolent voices that appeared during the second month.

  Of course, I was naïve, but those voices during that first month seemed so benevolent and so friendly that they completely deceived me. I didn’t suspect a thing at the time, which is why I made doing EVP sessions such a routine without giving it a second thought. During that first month, I did not suspect or perceive any potential danger at all. At the same time, I figured that if I ever wanted to quit recording for EVP, that I could simply just quit. I assumed that my contact with these entities was limited to doing recording sessions. I thought that if I gave that up, then the contact would cease and that I could go about my life with it all behind me. I could not have been more wrong.


When I did finally decide to quit doing EVP sessions, the situation itself at that point would not allow me to walk away. So, this is significant as far as the nature of the danger involving this type of activity goes. Sometimes attempting to simply walk away from the situation will prove to be in vain as far as ending the matter quickly. In a situation like this, events may not let you escape quite as easily as you would hope. I can certainly say this, reflecting back on how my own situation began, that though my stint as an EVP enthusiast was rather brief, I can say that in some cases, it’s the most benevolent sounding voices that can be the most dangerous. In some cases, these more benevolent voices are hiding their true nature. In some cases, these more seemingly benevolent sounding voices are using a classic Trojan Horse tactic. By this I mean that they can be deceiving someone with kindness or by claiming to be a particular person that they are not, all the while trying to gain your trust so that you in essence let them through the gates just like the Trojan Horse.

I’m not claiming that all EVP voices originate from this sinister element that are trying to attach themselves to a person’s life and abuse them by hijacking their perceptions. I cannot make this claim at all. However, I do claim that this terrorist-like element is out there and they are a percentage of the voices that are heard on EVP recordings and that come in over Spirit Boxes. Are they demons? I honestly can’t say anything regarding their origins, but just by their sinister behavior alone, I’d say that the term demon is as suitable a term as any.

  After dealing with this situation for two years now and after reading countless books and examining numerous opinions on the matter, rather than feel enlightened and informed about the matter, in a way I feel quite the opposite. I feel worn down by the whole subject. After all of this time, this subject still leaves my head spinning with confusion. I try not to cling to speculations but rather just accept the fact that in regards to this matter, there is so much that I just simply don’t know and will probably will never know the truth about.

But, what I do know is that this deceiving hostile element is out there and they seem to find clever ways to deceive people and lead them towards letting their guard down. They are masterful at mind games and they can get within your perception range, they can wreak havoc in a person’s life. They are in fact very dangerous and they should not be underestimated. They may not attack or abuse a person in ways commonly depicted in movies, they instead may go after your mind. They may seek to drag you down the rabbit hole.

  In my own case and in several other cases I’ve seen, they abuse people with voices, constant harassing voices. They can be both relentless and merciless. I’m not trying to sound all doom and gloom here, but engaging in activities like EVP is a very serious matter. You are essentially reaching out to the unknown, and when they strike it can often seem like you are losing your mind. If you try to explain your situation to people in this day in age, few will believe you and many will likely use terms like schizophrenia and mental illness and case closed in their minds. But, this is how these hostile entities often strike, they attack your mind. They can turn your world upside down and really scramble your sense of reality. They can sometimes, in some cases, make you hear voices.


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