Drenched Notes

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Its all about silent love.

Submitted: February 22, 2017

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Submitted: February 22, 2017



Ritu had been married for eight years . In these years, she had no complaints against her in laws family. She had been living very happily with her husband. Today, while she was washing the clothes, she noticed that she accidentally had washed some money in the shirt of her husband. When she took out the notes from the pocket, they were all drenched. The moment , she touched those notes, Ritu was in deep thoughts of her past.

She was a single child of her parents. So, she used to go to market for grocery and other things everyday. From her early age, she used to buy milk in the morning and evening, from a dairy (milk shop) which was near to her home. She bought milk from that dairy for many years. On that dairy, there was a boy who used to sold milk. He was of same age as Ritu. From around 10 years,  both of them were growing together and their eye contact brought them close to each other. The boy often gave some more milk to Ritu than others. His hands always got wet with milk whenever he put milk in utensils of customers and with the same hands he used to hold money from customers. By doing so, many of the notes get wet with milk. So whenever he gave balance to Ritu, she always used to get those wet notes. From many years, it was happening. They only met at that dairy for such a short time in evening and morning. Ritu had an affection for those wet notes and for the boy too. Nobody was aware of their relation. Ritu also knew that they can never be together due to religious barriers. One day she wrote "marriage" on one note and gave it to that boy. They both were unable to speak at that moment but their eyes could show that something was dying inside them. After some days Ritu got married . Today, after so many years she again had drenched notes in her hands with drenched eyes. 

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