University Lesson Of The Day: How To Chase Leprechauns

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Be very careful what you go to school for...

Submitted: February 22, 2017

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Submitted: February 22, 2017



University Lesson Of The Day;

How To Chase Leprechauns


Chasing leprechauns is like

Chasing the wind,

Then going right back to

Begin again.


Chasing leprechauns is like

Chasing the wind and skirts,

We men break our legs, backs and our banks

Until it outright hurts!


Chasing leprechauns is like

Chasing deer,

Except that we never know when

We are getting close,

With nobody around to cheer.


Chasing leprechauns is like

Chasing skirts, the wind and deer,

Or searching for opportunity in today’s America,

When all of the instructions for finding it

Are so damned expensive and unclear!


Chasing leprechauns is like

Searching for the rainbows end,

Or searching for American opportunity, right?

All of it is still much like chasing skirts, the deer, and the wind,

We just run around all over the entire nation in pathetic circles

In hopes of some rising son who will end these disgusting lies and this eternal dark night.


O.K. we might be free to say

That finding true opportunity in the America of today,

Feels like chasing leprechauns,

The wind,

Centerfold skirts,

the rainbows end,

And deer with huge racks;

All of the lies just send us running in huge circles

All over the entire country.

But no matter where it is that we choose to go

Our real prosperity always lacks...












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