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Submitted: February 22, 2017

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Submitted: February 22, 2017



  Chapter one - Jackson

I woke up to an aching back and sore neck, from the bench I had slept on that night. As I sat up I rubbed my bright green eyes and popped my back, I new my hair was in a dark brown halo around my head. Today was a new day, and I was in a new life, a new place, a new beginning, a new . . . Me. 
I got up and grabbed for my pack; My hand went through air. My pack wasn't there, I looked around frantically, my pack had everything I had with me in it, my extra shirts, the other pair of jeans, my money, the book, my wallet. 
I looked around the bench, then around the park, then over by the dumpster. I'd seen people, mean people, take homeless peoples stuff back at home and throw it away without even taking anything. Then later they would come back and laugh at the person while they searched, helpless and angry. I found my pack in the dumpster but it wasn't a practical joke, my book was still there, and so we're the clothes, but my wallet was missing, lucky I had forgot about the phone in my pocket. So I did have something. 
Good thing my pack is older than me, or they would have taken the whole thing without even looking at my stuff. 
My pack is an old, fake leather, fraying thing, looks like a huge book bag to everyone at school, or that's what they say.
I didn't know what I would do, my money was gone along with my credit card and all my identification, I would need to get a job of some sort. Maybe I would walk a ways find a store or a store where I could work out back for a while. Make some money. 
I had had over 50 bucks in my wallet and at least 2,500 on my credit card, that would have been plenty to keep me going for awhile.
But what am I going to do now?

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